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OSA Direct Archive for 2012 - Volume - 10

Issue - 1 | Monday, 09 Jan 2012

Large area OLED displays on show at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

AM-OLED TV shipments expected to reach more than 2,000,000 units by 2015

Graphene Scientist receive knighthoods in New Year Honours list

Graphene is considered to be the world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive material – and the potential to revolutionise materials science

Lumiotec and Universal Display announce technology licensing agreement for OLED technology

In February 2012 Lumiotec plans to ship 145 x 145 mm square sized OLED panel, warm white colour, and offer sample volumes of 40 lm/W panels

Panasonic is reported to enter OLED TV production as soon as 2012

AM-OLED TV markets starts to attract more manufacturers

AM-OLED revenues to reach US$ 3.36 billion in 2011 and increase to more than US$ 20 billion by 2018

Samsung Mobile Display accounts for 97.5% of the market, but will drop as other AM-OLED display manufacturers are planning to enter production during 2012

Issue - 2 | Monday, 16 Jan 2012

BASF and Philips develop OLED lighting for use as a transparent car roof

OLED lighting concept for car roofs is a solar-powered light source, transparent when switched off

Samsung Group to increase spending to a record 47trillion won, with 7 trillion Won to go to OLED production

Samsung is now banking on logic chips and OLED displays to repeat its roaring success in flash chips, computer memory chips and LCD flat-screens

Holst Centre and imec launch research program on flexible OLED displays

The program will focus on next-generation printed, high-efficiency OLED displays, using mechanically flexible encapsulation film and TFT backplanes

Eight19 commissions OPV development and manufacturing facility in Cambridge UK

First commercial printed organic solar modules are planned to be available in 2013, the facility is believed to be the largest in Europe

Issue - 3 | Monday, 23 Jan 2012

Pragmatic Printing makes plans to scale-up their technology

The pilot line will also provide a platform for the collaborative PragmatIC Pilot Production Program - P4

DuPont receives US$920,000 state grant towards establishing an OLED pilot line in Newark, Delaware

DuPont will invest US30 million into the facility and which is expected to accelerate the development of their OLED technology, and support customers

Philips sets ambitious efficiency target for OLED panels of 120lm/W by 2019

Improving panel efficiency at this pace will ensure the OLED technology will have a secure position in the future solid-state lighting market

Thin Film Electronics and PST Sensors to jointly develop printed temperature tags

Disposable electronic sensor system to tap into existing, large and fast growing markets; improve food safety and reduce waste; enable the “Internet of Things”

DuPont reports US$20 million revenues from OLED technology licensing

Commercialisation of large-area AM-OLED TV moves a step closer to reality

Thin Film Electronics expands technology partnerships

Printed display and battery technology relationships offer components for Thinfilm's integrated systems for the "Internet of Things"

Issue - 4 | Monday, 30 Jan 2012

MicroOLED announces high pixel density OLED microdisplays

MicroOLED’s new 5.4 mega pixel 0.61 inch diagonal microdisplay gives users SXGA resolution in full colour at half the power consumption of competing products

Polyera achieves certified 9.1% efficiency for polymer photovoltaic devices

The availability of materials affording higher performance and lifetime is the key to unlocking the great potential of organic photovoltaic technology

Konica Minolta reorganises its business units to strengthen its OLED lighting commercialisation efforts

The Company seeks to expand the scope of operations in its functional materials and film businesses and accelerate development of new businesses

Corning and Samsung Mobile Display form equity venture to manufacture OLED glass

New business expands Corning's long-standing collaboration with Samsung

AUO and Idemitsu to form strategic alliance for OLED development

This alliance is expected to accelerate business growth in AUO's small-sized OLED displays for smartphones and tablets

Eight19 is expected to secure £5 million in series B funding

This next funding round is expected to close in Q2 2012

SmartKem signs materials testing agreements with unnamed Asian corporations

Evaluation agreements demonstrate the strong market demand for these types of organic materials in the highly technological Asia region

Cambrios announces series D-3 funding from Samsung Venture Investments, and appoints a new CEO

Samsung Venture Investment Corp to invest US$5 Million as the companies enters a new phase of commercialisation

Issue - 5 | Monday, 06 Feb 2012

IM3OLED project to develop multi-scale OLED modelling tool

The availability of such a tool will accelerate progress of OLEDs for lighting applications and allow the European OLED industry to strengthen its position

Plextronics recruits Robert Kumpf as COO

Dr Kumpf will lead the Company’s manufacturing and engineering operations with a focus on scaling capacity to meet increasing customer demand

Samsung Electronics has declared it may take full control of Samsung Mobile Display

Seeking to improve operational and commercial synergies

Smit Ovens enters into partnership with Holst Centre and Solliance

Cooperation is expected to accelerate development of thermal solutions for organic photovoltaic devices

Toray develops transparent conductive sheets based on dual layer carbon nanotube technology

The new carbon nanotube based conductive sheet offers improved performance to existing ITO (indium tin oxide) films

Durham Graphene Science receives £1.2 million in seed-round funding

IP Group plc and The North East Technology Fund lead £1.2m seed round in Durham University spin-out

Issue - 6 | Monday, 13 Feb 2012

Konarka organic photovoltaic cells become first organic photovoltaics to pass lifetime aging tests according to IEC 61646

Passing these tests at TÜV Rheinland allows BIPV glass application partners to facilitate integration of Konarka's organic photovoltaic devices

Tandem organic photovoltaic reaches 10.6% efficiency a world’s first for polymer organic photovoltaic devices

Novel tandem architecture and new infra-red absorbing materials key to record breaking power conversion efficiency

Konica Minolta introduces inkjet printhead capable of delivering 1 pico litre drops

Expected to find likely deployment in OLED display patterning, and OLED lighting thin film layer coating

Heliatek signs joint development agreement with Reckli to integrate Heliatek's organic solar panels onto concrete building façades

Innovative BIPV will enable architects to design energy harvesting, zero emission, green buildings to meet EU directive

The US DoE regonises Universal Display for it advances in efficient white OLED lighting

Award is for the demonstration of an all-phosphorescent OLED lighting system with greater than 55 lumen per Watt system efficacy in an under-cabinet application

Issue - 7 | Monday, 20 Feb 2012

EU funded project COLAE aims to foster better collaboration to fast-track success of organic and large-area electronics

COLAE will utilise the resources and know-how of the project partners to provide tools and services for existing and new entrants in the organic electronics industry

European funded project ORICLA fabricates a hybrid organic-oxide circuits that enables item-level RFID tags

The prototype lays the foundations for RFID tags that have a cost/performance balance suitable for intelligent item-level tags on mass produced retail consumer goods

Issue - 8 | Monday, 27 Feb 2012

Aixtron reports financial results for Q4 and full year 2011

Year end inventory adjustment reflects current difficult market conditions, dividend policy remains unchanged, profitable 2012 performance predicted with strong R&D investments planned

Universal Display reports financial results for Q4 and full year 2011

Growing demand for AM-OLED displays behind growth in revenues, cash position remains strong

Konarka announces organic photovoltaic devices certified at 9% power conversion efficiency

OPV device performance achieved using patented single-junction efficiency inverted cell architecture

Issue - 9 | Monday, 05 Mar 2012

Thin Film Electronics announces engineering order for passive array printed memory

Delivery of engineering quantities of Passive Array Memory to customer in Q2 2012

C3Nano raises US$6.7 million in series B funding led by Phoenix Venture Partners

Funding aimed at accelerating commercialisation of carbon-based transparent conductor as alternative to ITO

Taiwan form AM-OLED alliance to strengthen its competitiveness against Samsung

Industry executives estimate the expenditure at around NT$10 billion - US$333 million

Solvay, Holst Centre and several other partners demonstrate flexible 69cm2 30lm/Watt OLED lighting tiles

This achievement clearly demonstrates the potential for high efficacy OLEDs on flexible plastic foils, opening ways to a production of low-cost OLED lighting tiles

Issue - 10 | Monday, 19 Mar 2012

Two Chinese display companies expected to begin AM-OLED development

Rumours continue to circulate on who will next begin AM-OLED production in China

Thin Film Electronics completes private placement and raises US$7.9 million

Funding to enable printed electronic memory and systems for “internet of things”

Dow opens global OLED research hub at their Seoul Technology Centre in Korea

New R&D centre expected to deliver even more solutions for the fast-growing electronics industry and better serving customers in Korea

Novaled files for IPO on US stock market

Expected to raise upto US$200 million

Heliatek opens pilot line production facility for the manufacture of organic photovoltaic devices

World’s first organic photovoltaic production facility that utilises vacuum deposited small molecule materials

Issue - 11 | Monday, 26 Mar 2012

Heliatek selected as one of the most promising start-ups in cleantech at Ecosummit 2012

Expert jury at Ecosummit Award 2012 were impressed by the potential of organic photovoltaics, commercial progress to date and management team

Novaled AG appoints new Chairman of its supervisory board

Novaled readies itself as it makes the transition to becoming a publicly listed company

Commercial adoption of small size AM-OLED panels steps up a gear

Increasing adoption of smartphone behind the growing interest in AM-OLED

Sumitomo Chemical edges closer to commercialisation of polymer OLED lighting panels

Sumitomo Chemical are the fist company to successfully produce a large number of polymer OLEDs specifically for lighting

LG Electronics gets ready to launch 55-inch OLED TV at the Cannes Film Festival in May

Olympic Games seen as being possible reason to purchase large area OLED TVs

Pragmatic Printing announces formation of ecosystem for integrated printed electronics

Ecosystem aims to provide brand owners close cooperation for commercial rollout of complementary technologies

Issue - 12 | Monday, 09 Apr 2012

Novaled to unveil new OLED Luminaire Designs at forthcoming exhibition

Victory, the first commercial product of the Liternity® carbon fibre series, will be introduced in a wide range of colours

Thin Film Electronics share capital increase registered

Increasing number of ordinary shares to 329,819,086

Japan Display plans to enter into the AM-OLED market during 2013

Japan Display expects to grow sales to US$5.6 bn by 2015

Novaled cooperates with Marcus Tremonto on development of PAD - a new transparent OLED suspension light

OLED technology offers amazing potential for extraordinary lighting products today and for a wider range of area lighting applications in the future

AUO is reported to begin supplying AM-OLED panels to Sony before end 2012

AUO expected to increase production at Singapore AM-OLED facility

Polyera raises $24,500,000 in Series C financing

Polyera plans to use the funds to accelerate development activities while making a major investment in its Asia-Pacific operations in preparation for market launch

Thin Film Electronics receives contract for parts identification using printed memory

Printed memory originally adopted for toys and game, but now beginning to be adopted in industrial applications

Issue - 13 | Monday, 16 Apr 2012

Samsung announces they intend to launch large size AM-OLED TV before the end of 2012

Samsung Electronics at the recently held IFA Global Press Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, outlined its business strategy for its TV division

AM-OLED continues to gain market share from LCD in mobile phones

AM-OLED average prices remain steady and still command a premium of 15% to 20% over LCD

Thin Film Electronics announces full financials for 2011

Thin Film foresees two important revenue sources sales of its own manufactured products and licensing/royalty revenue

OLED lighting gathers momentum as European luminaire manufacturers embrace OLEDs

OLED lighting takes a greater presence at the recently held Light & Building 2012, as panel efficiency and availability of panels increase

AUO to launch AM-OLED panels by Q2 2012, AM-OLED to take 10% of smartphone market

Yield rates expected to fall and to be comparable to LCD with two years

Rusnano invests in thin-film coating specialist Beneq

Beneq plans to initiate activity centres in Russia, where Beneq will further develop specific applications and equipment for the needs of customers in Russia and the CIS

AUO and Sony rumoured to be considering forming AM-OLED joint venture

Joint venture is seen as a way to remain competitive against both Samsung and LG Display in the manufacturing of AM-OLED panels

LG Display opens new research and development centre in Paju

New centre brings together 2,500 employees from several dispersed research centres into a one single location

Georgia Tech publishes research on stable low-work function electrodes

This novel and inventive approach could be an important step towards realising low cost roll-to-roll production of flexible organic photovoltiacs and organic electronics

OLED lighting gathers momentum as European luminaire manufacturers embrace OLEDs

OLED lighting takes a greater presence at the recently held Light & Building 2012, as panel efficiency and availability of panels increase

Pricing large area AM-OLED TV will be initial barrier to widescale adoption

AM-OLED to account for 1% of global TV shipments by 2014

Issue - 14 | Monday, 23 Apr 2012

MicroOLED presents 5.4M dot bi-colour and tri-colour OLED microdisplays

Quad pixel architecture brings new advances in high-resolution image processing and power efficiency in digital image fusion for defence and medical applications

Heliatek announces new world record efficiency of 10.7% for tandem cell small molecule organic photovoltaic devices

These opv devices show a 15% higher efficiency at low light level extending their effectiveness across the day, and making them suitable for indoor applications

AUO establishes Gen 6 research line for AM-OLED display panels

AUO establishes dedicated R&D group staffed with hundreds of engineers for the development of AM-OLED products

Issue - 15 | Monday, 30 Apr 2012

LG Display shares fall more than 6% on reports of prosecutors’ raid

LG Display, the world’s second- largest flat-panel maker, is reported to being investigated in relation to a competitor’s display technologies

New graphene-based material outperforms any other carbon based transparent conductor

Adapted from graphene, GraphExeter is much more flexible than indium tin oxide (ITO), the main conductive material currently used in electronics

Issue - 16 | Monday, 07 May 2012

Clean4Yield project targets contamination and defect control in roll-to-roll organic electronics production

The EU-funded Clean4Yield project will be officially launched on May 1

LG to spend US$ 17.6 million on retooling pilot line to manufacture flexible AM-OLED displays

It will take a further one to two year to complete the development and verification of the process and to produce early prototypes

LG Electronics expected to announce AM-OLED TV later this year

The struggle to dominate the AM-OLED markets continues into the large area TVs

LG Display makes management changes and products cuts

To affect a turnaround of recently financial losses LG Display has announced product cuts and changes in management to bolster its efforts to return to profit

Samsung to launch 55-inch AM-OLED TV during second half of 2012

Samsung believes it will take at least two to three years for AM-OLED TVs to become mainstream in the global TV industry

Issue - 17 | Monday, 28 May 2012

Konarka and Dri Design unveil solar metal wall panel system

Organic photovoltaic panels have been integrated into metal rainscreen panels for building facade applications, this is the first commercial application of its kind

Japanese court invalidates a number of claims on two Universal Display Japanese patents

Japanese Patent Office (JPO) to invalidate the broadest claims in the patents, while validating narrower claims in the inventions

Plastic Logic announces new broader business strategy

Plastic Logic will move from being a fully vertically integrated company of e-readers to one that develops, manufactures and sells its flexible plastic display technology

Global OLED Technology revamps management team

Global OLED Technology aims to realise the potential of its significant OLED patent portfolio through licensing

Issue - 18 | Monday, 25 Jun 2012

Universal Display strengthens their IP licensing team with appointment of Mauro Premutico as Legal and General Manager, Patents and Licensing

The new appointment will lead the Universal Display’s strategic initiatives to manage, defend, and further enhance intellectual property

Cambrios Technologies establishes Taiwan office and appoints David Yao as country manager

As Country Manager for Taiwan and Greater China, David Yao will drive business development initiatives and oversee sales and distribution for Cambrios in Taiwan and Greater China

Meissen Manufactory and Fraunhofer COMEDD announce cooperation

The cooperation with MEISSEN offers the opportunity to combine the latest high-tech innovations with unique craftsmanship

Konarka Technologies files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection

Several large international companies are reported to be interested in financing or acquiring the company, and there is interest from the Chinese government

South Korea prosecutors charge employees of an Israeli company over technology display leak

The six stole OLED display technology from the display affiliate of Samsung Electronics and LG Display and relayed it to Chinese and Taiwanese panel makers

The Flexible Display Center produces largest flexible colour OLED display using mixed oxide TFT backplane

Flexible display achieves key U.S. Army milestone; delivers vibrant colours and high switching speeds for video

AGC introduces carrier glass technology to enable lamination of the company’s 0.1mm ultra-thin glass

Customers now can utilise ultra-thin glass using existing sheet production facilities a major step in the commercialisation of ultra-thin glass for next-generation displays

Smartkem appoints Bill Freer as Chairmen

This new appoint fits SmartKem’s strategy seamlessly and will help reinforce its position industry-wide and strengthen its connections to the venture capital market

Disasolar strengthens R&D through partnership with Holst Centre / Solliance Research Centre

Disasolar is focused on an ambitious research program to develop organic photovoltaic devices using ink jet printing techniques

Sony and Panasonic will collaborate on the joint development of next generation OLED panels for TVs

The companies will jointly develop printing method-based next-generation OLED technology, which will be suitable for low-cost production of large area OLED TV

Issue - 19 | Monday, 06 Aug 2012

Universal Display and Plextronics announce strategic alliance

The alliance aims to accelerate development of solution-based OLED materials for phosphorescent-based display and lighting

Disasolar announces three year R&D contract to develop bio-mimetic organic photovoltaics

Designing bio-mimetic organic photovoltaics is a highly ambitious research project with opportunities in both military and civilian sectors

Universal Display pays US$105 million to acquire Fujifilm's worldwide OLED patent portfolio

Universal Display is expanding its business for OLED materials and the licensing of its patented OLED technologies through this acquisition

Japan Display announces collaboration with Kyushu University’s OPERA Centre

Opera is a five-year research aiming to establish science Japan as a world-leading player in the emerging field of organic semiconductor technologies

Lumiotec begins shipment of commercial production OLED panels for lighting

These recently launched panels offer high CRI (>93) making them suitable for a wide range of commercial applications

SmartKem appoints Gary Tam as Business Development director for Asia

The newly appointed position will be responsible for managing relationships with Asian partners as well as developing new investment opportunities

UCLA researchers create highly transparent organic photovoltaic

Solution-processed solar cells incorporating near-infrared light-sensitive polymer and using silver nanowire composite films as the top transparent electrode

Panasonic expands its range of OLED lighting devices

The new OLED panels are expected to offer product specifications suitable for a worldwide market

Novaled and Samsung Mobile Display sign strategic cooperation agreement

This agreement covers the purchase of dopant materials used in the transport layers and proprietary PIN OLED technology for use in the production

COMEDD becomes an independent Fraunhofer research centre

Fraunhofer COMEDD is one of Europe’s centres for organic semiconductor and organic electronic technologies

Issue - 20 | Monday, 27 Aug 2012

Aixtron introduces Polymer Vapour Phase Deposition system for polymer based organic electronics

PVPD is a “dry” process this offer several advantages over solution based deposition – control of layers, contour conformity and continuous change of polymers

Eigth19 spins out Indigo and seeks to raise more than £5 million

Azuri to drive further Indigo expansion in emerging markets

Phillips 66, South China University of Technology and Solarmer sets world record for power conversion efficiency of polymer organic photovoltaic cells

The 9.31 % efficiency was certified by the Newport Technology & Application Center's Photovoltaic Lab in Long Beach, Calif.

Plextronics partners with Holst Centre to drive OLED lighting development

The shared effort aims to make flexible, affordable, and durable OLED lighting commercial products for future lighting solutions

Organic semiconductors used to develop room temperature MASER

This breakthrough means that the cost to manufacture and operate MASERS could be dramatically reduced – leading them to become as widely used as LASER technology

Issue - 21 | Monday, 10 Sep 2012

AU Optronics achieves 50% yield for AM-OLED and is expected to begin commercial production of small display AM-OLED panels

AUO will be the first company in Taiwan to mass production AM-OLED and rumours suggest that HTC is likely to be the first customer and possibly followed by Sony

Rolic joins Holst Centre research on protective barriers for flexible electronics

The program aims to develop this barrier fabrication technology for sheet-to-sheet application as well as roll-to-roll application

BMBF funded research project NEMO successfully concludes

The success of the project is reported to be an enormous and important step for printable material systems with very good performance data

Polyera achives 5.2% power conversion efficiency for all polymer organic photovoltaic with no fullerene

In the future it is anticipated that non-fullerene acceptors will enable higher efficiencies and better stability than can currently be achieved with fullerene-based cells

Issue - 22 | Monday, 24 Sep 2012

Imec and Solvay announce world-record efficiency for an organic photovoltaic module

The research team developed a process to integrate a novel inverted bulk heterojunction solar cells in an efficient module that uses 95% of the aperture area to generate electricity

Universal Display enters in to service and production agreement with Duksan Hi Metal in South Korea

In additional, both companies also announced they have mutually agreed to seek dismissal of all pending patent invalidation proceedings

Sumitomo Chemical joins Holst Centre OLED research program

The development of solution-based processes is a key goal for Holst Centre's printed organic lighting and signage program

BASF and Max Planck Institute Polymer Research (MPI-P) have opened a joint Graphene research laboratory

The CMIC is the first research platform to be operated by BASF jointly with a scientific partner on a BASF site

Carbon nanotube thin-film transistors made with flexographic printing technology

The research group made a carbon nanotube (CNT)-based TFT for flexible displays with a flexographic printing technology and achieved a carrier mobility as high as 112cm2/Vs

SmartKem appoints COO and expands technical team

The new team members will further support SmartKem’s mission of becoming the leading provider of ‘p’ type organic semiconductor materials

PARC increases its shareholding in Thin Film Electronics

Following this transaction, the Company's share capital will be NOK 36,372,863.12 divided into 330,662,392 ordinary shares

Issue - 23 | Monday, 08 Oct 2012

Fraunhofer IAP and Flexsolar agree to develop flexible organic solar cells in Brazil

The development project focuses on supplying renewable energy for villages in rural and remote areas, thus making an important contribution to meet the high energy demand in sunny Brazil

LG Display sues Samsung over OLED patent infringement

The company did not reveal how much it is seeking in damages, only noting Samsung's five products, including its global hit Galaxy S-series smart phones and tablet computer Galaxy Tab, infringed its patents

WAC Lighting showcases future of solid-state lighting with two new OLED based luminaires

Designed and engineered to stimulate curiosity and aesthetic appeal among the design and specification community, these next generation OLED luminaires raise the bar with a unique lighting experience

Novaled awarded European Company of the year

Novaled named in 2012 Global Cleantech 100 and awarded European Company of the year by international panel

Issue - 24 | Monday, 15 Oct 2012

Philips launches - LivingShapes - an interactive OLED mirror

OLED lighting moving ever closer to commercial reality

CSEM Brasil Appoints Dr. James R. Buntaine as Chief Technology Officer

This new appointment is expected contribute to CSEM Brasil and its strategy to deliver high value services and products now and in the future

The fight to achieve superior flat panel lighting continues

By using the company's own fluorescent material technologies, Rohm achieved a color rendering index (CRI) as high as 98

Thinfilm named runner-up for Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award

Thinfilm has received wide recognition for its contributions towards a world where virtually any item can have intelligence

ASML to acquire Cymer for 1.95 billion euros

The purpose of the acquisition of Cymer is to accelerate the development of Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) semiconductor lithography technology

AUO and E-Ink, Hydis Sign Patent Cross-License Agreements

The patent cross-license agreements will sharpen their competitive edge in the industry and introduce more chances for technological and business collaborations to pursue business opportunities together and expand market reach

Thin Film Electronics disclosure of large shareholdings

Simpson Financial Limited holds 9.78% of the expanded share capital

Issue - 25 | Monday, 22 Oct 2012

Merck to use Epson ink technology to manufacture ink for large area OLED displays

Combining these two technologies is expected to enable the mass production of large OLED displays possible, which until now has proven to be financially and technically difficult with current technologies

Samsung expected to postpone flexible OLED production this year

Samsung is likely to these pilots lines to manufacture glass-based OLED display

University of Warwick and Molecular Solar demonstrate an OPV cell with an open circuit voltage of over 7V

Organic solar cells with high electric potential for portable electronics

SCUT and New Vision Optoelectronic develop novel AM-OLED backplane technology

The research teams consider their independant research and development to be an important step towards becoming more reliant on technology developed in China and less on technology transfers from partners outside China.

Thin Film Electronics wins 2012 World Technology Award

Thin Film Electronics memory technology continues to win awards for innovative memory producti

Issue - 26 | Monday, 29 Oct 2012

Global TV demand expected to be flat in 2013 according to NPD DisplaySearch

OLED TV introduction delayed while outlook for 4K × 2K LCD TVs improves

Applied Materials introduces new production technologies OLED displays

The newly-extended range of Applied's AKT-PX PECVD systems can deposit highly-uniform LTPS films on sheets of glass sized from 1.6m2 to 5.7m2

Japan Display exhibits 4.5-inch high resolution AM-OLED display panel

Japan Display is expected to beging production of OLED panels for displays by 2014, with the initial target market most likely to be smartphones

Chimei Innolux changes name back to Innolux

The name change aims to reflect its broad product focus and less reliance on displays

Aixtron reports financial results for Q3 2012

Q3 Orders and Revenues improve sequentially 15% and 35%

Issue - 27 | Monday, 05 Nov 2012

OLED TVs to start shipping by the end of 2012

A Slow Start in 2012, but Shipments Forecast to Pass One Million in 2014

ITRI announces full roll-to-roll process on 100µm flexible glass

ITRI is the first in the world to successfully demonstrate a complete R2R process and ultra-thin glass touch module process developed for 100µm flexible glass substrates

Thinfilm consortium receives €1.4 million in Eurostars funding

Funding will be used to commercialise display logic for integrated printed systems

Universal Display Corp announces third quarter 2012 financial results

Revenues for the third quarter of 2012 were $12.5 million compared to revenues of $21.8 million in the same quarter of 2011

Issue - 28 | Monday, 19 Nov 2012

Stanford scientists build the first all-carbon solar cell

Researchers have developed a solar cell made entirely of carbon, an inexpensive substitute for the pricey materials used in conventional solar panels

Samsung files invalidation suit against LG's patents on OLED

Samsung asserts that seven cited patents OLED held by LG Display are invalid becasue they are not novel

Epson and Plastic Logic announce cooperation

The single chip Epson controller/driver electrophoretic displays (EPD) contains 480 TFT source driver outputs as well as a built-in memory and supports display resolutions up to 480 x 854 pixels

Disasolar receives Research and Innovation award

This prize rewards the company for its technological innovations, strategic partnerships, growth potential and technology transfer from one field of transportation to another

eMagin signs long-term exclusive supply agreement with Sagem

The contract extension frames a strategic partnership between Sagem and eMagin making eMagin the exclusive OLED supplier for FELIN and future Sagem Optronics products through 2017

Universal Display approves share repurchase program

Universal Display may repurchase up to $50 million of the company’s outstanding shares of common stock from time to time over the next twelve months

Thin Film Electronics share capital increase registered

Thinfilm's registered share capital is NOK 38,918,153.12 divided into 353,801,392 ordinary shares each having a par value of NOK 0.11

Issue - 29 | Monday, 31 Dec 2012

LG begins rollout of eagerly anticipated OLED TV

First product will be a 55-inch class (54.6-inch diagonal) WRGB OLED TV (Model 55EM9700) in South Korea

Small and medium display AM-OLED penetration to more than double by 2015

OLED display shipments are expected to reach 191 million in 2012

Osram shows new Rollercoaster luminaire

The OLED glass panels are intended for series-production from 2014 onwards

European project MOMA creates largest flexible memory arrays to date

Flexible electronics technology has developed rapidly and is now on the verge of commercialization, promising new applications from smart food packaging to wearable health monitors

Thinfilm demonstrates first integrated printed electronic system with rewritable memory

Linked multiple printed functions to capture data on temperature thresholds, and moves interactive smart tags closer to commercialisation

Hasbro and Thinfilm enter into commercial agreement

Toys and game company considers the potential of printable memory