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OSA Direct Archive for 2013 - Volume - 11

Issue - 1 | Monday, 14 Jan 2013

Heliatek sets new world record for organic solar technology with a cell efficiency of 12%

Using two different absorber materials creates a stronger absorption of photons and improves energetic utilisation through a higher photovoltage

Sony develops the world's first and largest 56-inch 4K OLED TV

The OLED panel used in this prototype 4K OLED TV was jointly developed with AU Optronics Corp

Panasonic develops 56-inch 4k2k OLED Panel

Panasonic is utilising an all-printing method for panel production, allowing for the separate application of the red, green and blue OLED materials

Fraunhofer IAP commissions new manufacturing pilot line for organic semiconductor technologies

Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic solar cells can now be developed at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP in Potsdam-Golm

Pragmatic Printing and the Holst Centre extended their collaboration

Under the new work package, Pragmatic and Holst Centre will jointly develop qualified processes and materials, making the technology readily accessible to Holst Centre programme partners and other PragmatIC licensees

Disasolar announces the launch of its pilot production line for the fabrication of tailor made thin-film PV modules

The pilot manufacturing line will be operational from 2016 with an initial production capacity of 25,000m2, approximately 1.5MWp

Paul Heremans appointed Technology Director Flexible Electronics at Holst Centre

One of his key roles will be to steer the research portfolio and to be involved in the acquisition of new industrial partners.

Issue - 2 | Monday, 21 Jan 2013

LG Display aims to dominate the OLED display industry

LG Display is predicting future televisions will be defined by curved organic light-emitting diode displays

Goverment expected to steps in to end display feud between Samsung and LG Display

Korean Government policymakers are concerned that the conflict could escalate and distract managemens' attention allowing Japan and Taiwan a window opportunity to gain market share from Samsung and LG.

Global OLED Technology wins two key patent challenges in Europe

Global OLED Technology (GOT) recently won major victories by successfully defending oppositions from Merck KGaA to two GOT patents

Global OLED Technology sues Kodak over ownership of 18 patents

The company is seeking a declaratory judgment that the royalties and related receivables were assigned to it under the asset purchase agreement, as well as a constructive trust to ensure that the payments are transferred from Kodak to GOT

Fluxim launches paios measurement platform for solar cell and OLED research

By comparing measurement and simulation results, crucial parameters may be extracted and physical models can be validated, eventually leading to more predictive simulation results

Issue - 3 | Monday, 28 Jan 2013

European Commission announces €1 billion funding for graphene research

Graphene and Human Brain Project win largest research excellence award in history

PIOL showcases their latest OLED lighting panels

Commercial availability of the panels will be Q1 2013

EU project aims to take flexible OLEDs from lab to fab

Newly launched €11.2-million European project aims to help bring flexible OLEDs to market within six years.

Issue - 4 | Monday, 04 Feb 2013

Pioneer establishes OLED lighting company

Pioneer sets its sight on becoming a leading supplier of OLED panels

Samsung and LG agree to settle patent row

If the two companies do not find a solution it may seriously harm Korea's competitive position in the display industry

Public funded OLED project So-Light concludes

The So-Light project enable several of the participants aim to bring to market some of the promising innovations from the project

SmartKem launches ink evaluation and development kit for OTFT

The development kit will allow companies to create high mobility OTFT devices with a focus on flexible displays for use in smartphones and tablets

Issue - 5 | Monday, 11 Feb 2013

Samsung Display reported to have dropped injunction against LG Display

No official statement from Samsung on this matter

LG says OLED TV pre-orders top 100

OLED TVs currently cost more than $10,000

AM-OLED TV panel market likely to see limited shipments over the next few years

iSupply believes challenges need to be addressed as consumers wait and see

Evonik and Holst Centre partner to extend thin-film electronics

The partners will now work together to optimise Evonik’s n-type semiconductors and use them in CMOS processes to create circuits

Issue - 6 | Monday, 18 Feb 2013

New permeation measurement system breaks parts-per-million WVTR detection level

The launch of VG Scientia's new VacuTran is a major advance in enabling WVTR measurement by a factor of 50-100 compared to current instruments

Tridonic launches new OLED lighting module

Lureon REP achieves a system efficiency of over 50 lm/W in neutral white

LG Display to invest US$ 650 million in OLED TV line

The new facility is expected to start commericial production in the first half of 2014

Samsung to sell OLED TVs in first-half of 2013

Focus is on the premium end of the display market

Issue - 7 | Monday, 25 Feb 2013

LG Display drops Galaxy Note sales ban request

This action is considered another step toward both Samsung and LG resolving their battle over display technologies

Aixtron CEO Paul Hyland leaves by mutual agreement - Martin Goetzeler appointed as successor

Martin Goetzeler will focus on the task of leading Aixtron as a leading provider of semiconductor technology production solutions along the way towards industrial mass production

Issue - 8 | Monday, 04 Mar 2013

Toppan Printing and Plastic Logic announce world’s first large area flexible EPD 42” prototype using OTFT backplanes

Large-area and ultra-low power signage opens new market opportunities and is considered crucial for disaster-ready applications

EU project develops organic semiconductor based ADC

The development brings organic sensor circuits costing less than one euro cent within reach

Universal Display announces fourth quarter and full year 2012 financial results

Company reported revenues of $83.2 million, up 36% compared to revenues of $61.3 million for 2011, operating income rose to $13.7 million for the year, up 141% from $5.7 million in 2011

Aixtron reports financial results for Q4 2012 and full-year

A slow recovery of revenues but a virtually flat order intake throughout the year reflects a reluctant investment attitude by customers

Issue - 9 | Monday, 11 Mar 2013

NEC Lighting announces OLED Device with 156 Lm/W efficiency

The research team state this is the highest efficiency for a white OLED lighting device

Toshiba demonstrates transparent, wirelessly-powered OLED panels

The transparent panel when switched on transmits more than 95% is one direction rather than in both direction, this has a number of important benefits

Hitachi shows OLED lighting panel made with novel coating process

Using a techique Hitachi call "Spontaneous Multilayer Light-emitting Layer Formation Material" this enables OLED lighting panels to be made applying all three colour (RGB) in a single application

Interactive OLED data eye-glasses win award

The interactive data eyeglasses based on bi-directional OLED microdisplays of the Fraunhofer COMEDD wins the Innovation Award IT 2013 in the hardware category

Issue - 10 | Monday, 18 Mar 2013

Doosan is rumored to be considering acquiring Novaled for US$270 - US$360 million

However, Novaled declined to comment on speculation and rumour

Solar Press and Kroenert announce partnership for low cost, flexible organic solar cell manufacture

The aim of the partnership is to reduce the barriers to entry for OPV manufacture, extending the capability to all regions of the world

Thinfilm enters into commercial agreement for printed integrated system

Thin Film moves closer to commercialisation of their technology

Holst Centre brings spatial atomic layer deposition (ALD) to flexible electronics

Shared effort with industrial partners aims to broaden industrial uptake of Spatial ALD in flexible electronics applications

Fully roll-to-roll printable organic photovoltaic cells produce using no ITO

There use of PEDOT:PSS as an electrode in the layer stack contributes to the thin, lightweight and flexible properties of the OPV device.

Plastic Logic wins award for innovative colour flexible displays

Plastic Logic’s displays are fully commercially available for integration in today’s next-generation applications and products

Issue - 11 | Monday, 25 Mar 2013

LG and Samsung still to resolve their patent feud

LG Electronics asks Samsung to pay for patents

Thinfilm announces the company has received its first order for brand-protection system

Leading consumer packaged goods company trials Thinfilm MemoryTM to combat counterfeit products

US DoE honours PPG scientists for advances in OLED lighting

PPG develops low-cost integrated glass substrate for commercial OLED lighting

Issue - 12 | Monday, 01 Apr 2013

Japan Display develops 5.2-inch 423 ppi full-HD AM-OLED panel

The 1,920 x 1,080 OLED panel was fabricated by combining white OLED devices and colour filters

Growing adoption of HD displays for smartphones drives growth in AM-OLED market

The market share for AM-OLED displays is forecast to grow from 7.9 percent in 2013 to 15.2 percent in 2017

Thin Film Electronics see successful warrants exercise

Raising approximately NOK 26.8 million in new capital. following completion of the warrants exercise, Thinfilm’s share capital will amount to NOK 40,257,128.12 representing 365,973,892 shares

Issue - 13 | Monday, 08 Apr 2013

LG Chem exhibits 80lm/W and flexible OLED lighting panels at Euroluce 2013

Production is expected to begin in the 3rd quarter of 2013

Samsung offices searched by police in OLED technology leak probe

The latest investigation is related to "large-sized OLED TV panel technology", but the police have made the allegation themselves

Philips announces brighter OLED panels

New brighter OLED panels produce 200lm at 6,500 cd/m2

AM-OLED revenues to Pass US$10 billion in 2013

As long as the AM-OLED business model remains limited to a single source (Samsung Display) and single customer (Samsung Mobile), its future growth is uncertain

AUO debuts 5-inch FHD OLED smartphone display with the world's highest resolution

AUO hopes that its FHD AM-OLED will raise its share of the smartphone market

Fluxim releases new device software simulator SETFOS 3.3

New features includes faster multi-core, redeigned user interface, light scattering algorithm and solver for electrical impedence

Issue - 14 | Monday, 15 Apr 2013

Cambrios and Novaled produce metal-grid free 100cm2 OLED lighting panel

ClearOhm electrodes offer significant potential for cost reductions in comparison to ITO and are ideally suited for all sorts of flexible device applications

Harvard University's global grid computing project will help create more efficient organic solar cells

About seven million organic molecules have been analysed over the past two years the results should identify higher performing materials for organic photovoltaic cells

Colour of OLEDs can now be predicted thanks to new modeling technique

Until now it has been impossible to predict the exact light colour produced by a white OLED with manufacturers having to rely on trial and error

Samsung may delay launch of flexible displays due to encapsulation technical issue

Although Samsung is reported to have reduced the Vitex Systems encapsualtion process to under 2 minutes there is speculation they may adopt another technology

Cambrios expands scope of Japan office

Cambrios appoints Takashi Murayama as country manager for Japan

Thin Film Electronics share capital increase registered

Thin Film Electronics' registered share capital is now NOK 40,257,128.12 divided into 365,973,892 ordinary shares each having a par value of NOK 0.11

Issue - 15 | Monday, 22 Apr 2013

Organic photovoltaic solar modules to be evaluated for use in energy harvesting applications

The TSB funded project brings together partners in low power sensors, OPV and energy management to assess the potential for low cost ‘fit and forget’ deployment of sensors

NikkoIA extends its organic imaging technology to X-Rays and CMOS substrates

NikkoIA’s technology consists in depositing thin films of photosensitive organic materials onto active or passive reading substrates

Merck inaugurates new business R&D and application lab in Taiwan

Lab will provide timely and professional services for OLED panels, LED lighting, 3D technology, and flexible displays

Change of corporate structure at Lumiotec

Sales of OLED lighting moves to parent company

Issue - 16 | Monday, 29 Apr 2013

Polyera achieves 6.4% efficiency for all-polymer organic photovoltaic

The result was obtained in an inverted bulk heterojunction architecture combining new proprietary polymeric donor and polymeric acceptor organic semiconductors

LG Electronics begins sales of world's first curved OLED TV

The announcement makes LG the first and only company to commercialise both the flat screen OLED TV

Acuity Brands introduces new OLED lighting design concepts at LIGHTFAIR

Official launch dates for commercial applications of these concepts are planned to be announced later this year

Blackbody and Cibicworkshop presented at Milano design Week 2013

Bonzai design combines environmentally-friendy high-tech lighting and artisan craftsmanship

Heraeus and partners demonstrate 15-inch touch panels based on PEDOT:PSS

Further adjustments to the controller chips should make it relatively easy to produce larger than 20-inch touch panels

Issue - 17 | Monday, 06 May 2013

Samsung is expected to start selling OLED TVs in June

Rumours continue to circulate that Samsung is still experiencing low yields in production

Solliance researchers develop new low-toxicity OPV production process

These OPV cells deliver performances comparable to spin-coating from standard chlorinated solvents, both achieving about 3% efficiency for a P3HT:PCBM device

Manchester appoints world-leading academic to bring graphene closer to medicine

His appointment, along with his 15-strong team of scientists, will help bring graphene closer to medicine with collaborations across the University and with its partner hospitals

US DoE awards four SBIR grants targeting advances in OLED lighting technology

SBIR Phase I awards explore the technical merit or feasibility of an innovative concept or technology

Issue - 18 | Monday, 13 May 2013

LG Display and Global OLED Technology sign OLED patent license agreement

LG Display gains access to GOT’s vast AM-OLED IP portfolio, and seeks to secure other display manufacturers

Samsung and LG rumoured to be closer to settling their battle over patents

Both companies need to find a resolution soon, otherwsie competitors may start to benefit from the dispute

Universal Display announces financial results for first quarter 2013

The increase in commercial material sales due to greater demand for green emitter and host materials

eMagin announces first quarter 2013 financial results

Revenues increase by 39% driven by strong demand across all market segments and interest in new Digital SVGA, XGA, VGA displays and high brightness OLED technology

Issue - 19 | Monday, 20 May 2013

VICOSC prints A3 size organic photovoltaic devices

The A3 organic photovoltaic cells produce 10–50 watts of power per m2

VDL and Solliance join forces to bring R2R expertise to organic photovoltaics manufacturing

The partners will define and improve the specifications based on the experience gained during their cooperation, and a OPV pilot line will be built within the next twelve months

Japan Display Inc annnounces development of 5.2-inch full-HD OLED display

JDI has also decided to invest in a pilot OLED display manufacturing line in its Ishikawa Plant in Ishikawa Japan

Blackjack Lighting launches OLED table lamp - Aradess

Aradess is one of Blackjack Lighting’s first releases, and will be later this year

Samsung Display adopts RGB evaporation for AM-OLED panels

Samsung Display has become confident its RGB evaporation technology yields are improving

Issue - 20 | Monday, 27 May 2013

Panasonic develops 114 lm/W white OLED for lighting

The white OLED panels was 10mm x 10mm, also Panasonic achieved 110 lm/W for a 50mm x 50mm panel - key to this development was improved light extraction technology

Samsung sets up patent firm in US

Samsung Group said it invested $25 million to launch Intellectual Keystone Technology (IKT) in Washington

Blackbody opens world's first OLED Lighting showroom

The OLED Lighting showroom is based in Soho New York, and it make OLED technology accessible to everyone

Philips installs a large-scale OLED lighting luminaire at their US Light Application Centre

The need for technical expertise is eliminated by the modular system, which consists of base plates and connecting rods

Issue - 21 | Monday, 03 Jun 2013

Sumitomo Chemical shows printed flexible OLED panel

The company is planning to start volume production in early 2015

Philips to license OLED display patents

The patent portfolio excludes OLED lighting

CPI produces large area small molecule and polymer OLED lighting demonstrators

CPI used both vacuum deposition and solutionprocessing to fabricate the OLED lighting panel

DOE announces US$10 million of new investments to drive cost-competitive OLED and LED lighting

The projects announced today will help achieve significant cost reductions in manufacturing equipment and processes

Issue - 22 | Monday, 17 Jun 2013

ISORG and Plastic Logic co-develop the world's first organic image sensor on plastic

Organic image sensor on plastic, with the potential to revolutionise weight/power trade-offs and optical design parameters for any systems with a digital imaging element

Thinfilm demonstrates low-voltage display driver with complementary organic logic for printed electronics

Thin Film Electronics will start installation of a manufacturing line for up to 50 million integrated printed electronic systems

Fujifilm and Panasonic develop an organic CMOS sensor with wide dynamic range

Fujifilm and Panasonic plan to use the organic CMOS image sensor in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications

Dresden Elektronik and Plastic Logic unveil new integrated plastic display system for public transport

enables the user to change the content of a timetable at the push of a button, instead of having to manually replace paper timetables at stations and stops

Philips announces world's first all functional OLED lighting installation

Philips installs 15 Lumiblade OLED luminaires at the Audi Forum - each luminaire contains 36 Lumiblade GL350 OLED panels

Solar Press and FOM Technologies announce equipment distribution agreement

Solar Press has decided to make this equipment available to companies, academics and research establishments to meet their own research goals more efficiently

Laser Processing for customised OLED lighting

The innovation allows defined customization or grey scaling of encapsulated standard OLEDs. It also enables to optimize lighting density and is also suitable to isolate short circuits

Issue - 23 | Monday, 24 Jun 2013

Cambridge Graphene Centre and Plastic Logic announce strategic partnership

In joining the Centre Plastic Logic aims to participate in research aimed at revolutionising the commercial exploitation of graphene in flexible plastic electronics

New graphene spin-out from University of Manchester

The company sells graphene across the world as well as meeting the growing demand for the world’s thinnest material from academics at the University

Pixelate by Pablo Alvarez for Birot

Pixelate is inspired by the undulating movement of a manta ray sliding across the air

Universal Display announces new stock symbol and web url

A new name to align with their public persona

Issue - 24 | Monday, 01 Jul 2013

Highest efficiency for blue OLED device

The research has produced blue OLED materials that achieve 30.1% efficiency

Liquid X Printed Metals completes series A financing

Newlin Investment leads round and appoints forrmer Bayer President and CEO Greg Babe as CEO

FEDC produces largest flexible colour OLED display using mixed oxide based backplane

The Flexible Electronics and Display Center achieves key U.S. Army milestone -- delivers vibrant colours and high switching speeds for video

Sumitomo Chemical develops printed OLED panel technology

This development shows that ink-jet technology is capable of printing polymer OLED displays at a resolution of 423ppi

OLYMP project aims to make OLED as efficient as LED

The OLYMP project aims to make OLED attractive for the mass-market general lighting sector.

Universal Display and IDD Aerospace/Zodiac Lighting Solutions awarded DoE SBIR Grant

Project aims to develop highly energy efficient, lightweight white OLED lighting for aircraft interiors

Thin Film Electronics expands and strengthens management team

Company appoints new CFO and adds Vice Presidents for Sales and Business Development in Europe and Japan

Issue - 25 | Monday, 08 Jul 2013

Osram Licht AG becomes an independent and public company

Osram has a shareholder base of more than 700,000 investors at the start of trading

LG Chem develops plastic flexible OLED lighting panels

LG Chem is aiming to start initial production of plastic flexible OLED lighting panels during the first half of 2015

Linde Electronics' carbon nanotube inks to drive innovation in next generation electronic devices

This development improves the performance of transparent conductive thin films made from the inks

Samsung Display and Merck rumoured to extend joint R&D

Speculation is that the discussions focused on extending joint R&D of flexible OLED technology

Issue - 26 | Monday, 15 Jul 2013

Scientist synthesise first example of new carbon form

These individual molecules are referred to generically as “nanocarbons,” or more specifically in this case as “grossly warped nanographenes.

OLED 3D project prototypes the world's first 3D OLED for automotive rear lighting

During the three-year project the partners aimed to analyse and to improve the technology and the subsequent application of 3D OLEDs in automotive applications

Research project cyCESH set to develop cost-efficient printed OLEDs

The research of new soluble materials for the inexpensive production of organic light emitting diodes (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes - OLEDs) and the production of OLED devices with high efficiency are the main focus of the project.

China expected to move into second place in AM-OLED production capacity

Korea will retain their dominace in AM-OLED display production for the foreseeable future

Issue - 27 | Monday, 22 Jul 2013

Zumtobel takes full control of Ledon OLED

Tridonic extends its commitment to OLED technology and has acquired all the shares from its partners in the joint venture Ledon OLED Lighting

e-skin offers promise for sensory interactive environments

The interactive e-skin demonstrated an elegant system on plastic that can be wrapped around different objects to enable a new form of human-machine interfacing

Graphene-based energy storage and advanced materials receive £8m boost

The Manchester-Liverpool consortium aims to create an interdisciplinary centre of energy storage research focused on developing batteries and super-capacitors

Rolic Technologies opens centre for engineering solutions in Eindhoven

The new site in Eindhoven will initially focus on the transfer of barrier and encapsulation R&D into viable industrial processes

Feel Labs announce Paco OLED lights

Simple OLED luminaires that can be configured to suit the users needs

Ossila launches bench-side system for rapid testing of organic electronic materials

The Ossila FACT system was commissioned by researchers working in Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Issue - 28 | Monday, 29 Jul 2013

Samsung Cheil in discussions to acquire Novaled

According to news reports Samsung is edging closer to acquiring full control of Novaled

Researchers develop ultra-light weight organic sensors

The researchers believes that components directly attached to human skin that are light-weight, made from soft materials and do not cause discomfort will be in demand

Researchers develop highly-flexible OLED light source

All the individual elements necessary for wearable medical and healthcare sensors - using organic TFT and OLEDS as sensors - are now in essence available

Aixtron reports financial results for Q2 2013

Efficiency improvements and cost cutting measures resulted in reductions in both cost of sales and operating expenses, however customers remain hesitant to invest

Issue - 29 | Monday, 05 Aug 2013

LG Chem to debut a 55 lm/W flexible and 80 lm/W rigid OLED lighting panels

These new panels are expected to open the door for developing new applications as well as unprecedented luminaire designs

LG Display announced they intend to mass-produce OLED TVs from 2014

LG Display has recently developed a hybrid technology designed to cut costs and generate better production yields

Encouraging enterprise in the organic electronics sector

Cambridge entrepreneurship programme to train technologists and researchers to accelerate commercialisation and encourage venture creation in organic electronics across the EU

Rolic Technologies and Roth & Rau enter strategic cooperation

The partnership will bring together Rolic’s competences in materials and device fabrication and Roth & Rau’s expertise in integrated process equipment

eMagin announces second quarter 2013 financial results

Revenues where down compared to 2012 primarily due to fewer R&D contracts, and lower average prices due to product mix

Issue - 30 | Monday, 12 Aug 2013

Cheil Industries to acquire a majority stake in Novaled

The transaction values Novaled at a total enterprise value of Eur 260m including a Eur 30m contingent payment, which is conditional to reaching certain milestones

Samsung aims to dominate the curved OLED TV market and cuts prices by 34%

Improved manufacturing yield is the driver for lower pricing, and the company is reported to offer customers that paid full price a refund of the difference

Universal Display announces second quarter 2013 financial results

The OLED market continues to demonstrate significant growth again this year, primarily due to the widely recognised growth in smartphone adoption

Issue - 31 | Monday, 19 Aug 2013

Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer establish new OLED lighting company

Main focus will be on sales and marketing of OLED lighting

Printed graphene transistors promise high-speed wireless communications

Researchers at the University of Texas fabricate record-breaking 25GHz graphene transistors printed on flexible plastic

Large area TV will drive growth of OLED materials market

On an area basis, OLED TV panels are expected to account for 17% of the OLED display materials market in 2014 and will exceed the share of mobile phone panels by 2016

Manufacturing of individual OLED and organic solar cells with cloud-concept

The transition from mass production to personalised, customer-oriented and eco-efficient manufacturing is considered to be a promising approach to improve the competitiveness of European manufacturing

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q2 2013

Thinfilm is seeing growing interest in its brand protection solution, development of integrated printed electronic is ahead of schedule, and installation of printing equipment at its own production facility has begun

Issue - 32 | Monday, 26 Aug 2013

Samsung Display and LG Display step-up commitment to flexible OLED displays

The need for thin, light, flexible and unbreakable displays is growing they will reduce power consumption of smartphones and offer smartpads robust enough for the educational market

SLT Asia completes major OLED installation in Kuala Lumpur club

According to the club's owners - it is an investment that few would make but we believe in adopting new technologies in our clubs to enhance the VIP experience

The flexible OLED sector grows slower than expected

After experiencing runaway growth in recent years, the OLED display market is gearing up to make another big leap

AM-OLED displays are forecast to capture highest revenue share of mobile phones

Shipments of mobile phone displays are expected to grow 15% in 2013, reaching 1.9 billion units

Issue - 33 | Monday, 09 Sep 2013

Thin Film Electronics receives US$23 million investment from Invesco

The investment will acquire a 13.3% stake in the company and will provide capital to accelerate the company's ambitious technical and commercial roadmap

LG Display 77-inch Ultra HD curved OLED TV

However, no launch date and price has yet been announced

R2Flex successfully concludes and showcases flexible OLED luminaires

The aim of R2Flex included the development of essential components for highly efficient OLED made on a roll-to-roll process using cost-effective substrates - especially on metal foil

Osram says OLEDs will find use in production automotives by 2016

Osram has achieved OLED lighting suitable for automotive this year and will be offering initial special equipment based on OLEDs next year

Ignis Innovation confirms orders for its 55” AM-OLED evaluation platform

The evaluation platform is designed for display manufacturers and OEMs who want to evaluate the performance of MaxLife technology for use in their own displays and products

Pocketbook and Plastic Logic team up to develop the 2nd generation CoverReader

This 2nd generation CoverReader will use Plastic Logic’s flexible EPD product - the 4.8” display will be manufactured in the company’s Dresden facility

Ossila to develop lab-on-a-chip to accelerate nanotech research

The project focuses on developing of easy-to-use, compatible test chips with novel materials to allow a range of nanotech materials and parameters to be characterised

Issue - 34 | Monday, 16 Sep 2013

Global OLED Technology prevails in Kodak bankruptcy lawsuit

The Kodak bankruptcy court agrees to convey patents and a license agreement to Global OLED Technology

Japan Display is reported to be planning to IPO and raise up to U$2 billion

Japan Display IPO could raise as much as Y200 billion, valuing the company at Y700 billion to Y800 billion

Popslate partners with Plastic Logic to create the always-on second screen display for their Apple iPhone

In combination with the Popslate app, users can customise their case with the images, create dashboards with the information, and use their favourite apps in new ways

Colnatec partners with Novaled to test world’s first heated sensor system for pinpoint precision OLEDs

OLEDs need accurate layer sizes since without temperature compensation the device performance is directly affected

AUO President believes that large-size OLEDs still needs years before posing a challenge to LCD

Low yields and high costs are considered to be the main techncial barriers - OLED could fail to gain full market adoption like PDP, FED and SED technologies

cynora and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology launch cyFLEX project to develop OLED luminescent packaging

The objective of the project will serve as a basis for generating flexible and luminescent surfaces for smart packaging and advertising applications

Thin Film Electronics appoints Dr. Peter Fischer as Chief Product Officer

Dr Fischer has substantial experience in the commercialisation and scale-up of organic and printed electronics - Dr Fischer was previously CTO at Plastic Logic

Issue - 35 | Monday, 23 Sep 2013

Samsung Display and LG Display resolve their battle over OLED and LCD IP

The two companies will now focus their efforts on cooperation rather than litigation

Toray develops polymer organic photovoltaic and acheives efficiency of 10.6%

The researchers found that increasing the thickness of the active layer improved light absorption

Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron agree to merge

This is an all-stock transaction creating a new company as a merger of equals with combined market capitalisation of approximately $29 billion (2.8 trillion yen)

High manufacturing costs for AM-OLED TV panels not deterring investment in TFT capacity

Opportunities for equipment makers and materials suppliers to increase their business by lowering processing costs

Veeco to acquire Synos Technology

The acquisitons expands Veecos product offering to include fast array scanning ALD technology for flexible OLED displays

MGI acquires Ceradrop manufacturer of 3D and printed electronics

This acquisition will see MGI Digital Graphic Technology positions itself in a new high growth markets

Issue - 36 | Monday, 30 Sep 2013

Heliatek and AGC sign development agreement to integrate organic solar films in glass

Innovative BIPV will further help architects to design energy harvesting, zero emission buildings to meet worldwide directives to reduce carbon emissions

Fujifilm and imec develop new photoresist technology for organic semiconductors enabling submicron patterns

The new technology contributes to a cost-effective production of high-resolution organic semiconductor devices

AM-OLED shipments grew 16.5% Q-Q during Q2-2013

Global shipments of AM-OLED panels reached 53 million units in the second quarter of 2013

Issue - 37 | Monday, 07 Oct 2013

LG Display to mass-produce the world’s first flexible OLED panels for smartphones

LG Display's goal is to maintain an early lead in the flexible OLED display market by introducing products with enhanced performance and differentiated designs next year

MPOL to begin volume production of OLED lighting panels in 2014

Sample production will start in Sept 2013 and it is expected that volume production will begin during 2014

ENAB-SPOLED project targeting solution processed OLEDs for lighting

The goal of the project is to enable high performing cost competitive OLEDs for the lighting market and to develop a functional luminaire demonstrator

EV Group introduces roll-to-roll nanoimprint lithography for flexible electronics

Roll-to-roll nanoimprint is an attractive approach to manufacturing micro/nano-scale patterns at low cost, continuous high throughput and over large-area

Plastic Logic PaperTab receives runner-up for T3 Innovation of the Year

PaperTab behaves like a series of paper-thin, low-power flexible displays that can interact both with your gestures and with each other

Issue - 38 | Monday, 14 Oct 2013

Thin Film Electronics builds first stand-alone sensor system in printed electronics

Temperature tracking device is the start of a series of low-cost electronic systems that will enable the Internet of Everything

AM-OLED panel shipments surge in Q2

The growth in shipments has been largely driven by demand from premium Samsung smartphones, particularly the Galaxy S

Thin Film Electronics secures commercial order for brand protection solution

The Thinfilm solution will be used to provide both product authentication and assist in tracing grey market activity

Universal Display received EPO decision regarding key iridium patent in Europe

The EPO panel issued a decision in favour of the basic invention but narrows the scope of the original claims of the Iriduim L2MX Composition of Matter Patent

Issue - 39 | Monday, 21 Oct 2013

OLED Lighting: Products, pricing, capacity, cost and forecasts 2013 - 2022

This latest 110+ page research report from cintelliq analyses the OLED Lighting industry to understand how current products, pricing, capacity, and costs will evolve in the future and how this will impact market forecasts

Applied Graphene Materials seeks £25m flotation on AIM

Applied Graphene Materials plans to increase the capacity of its existing plant at Wilton, Teesside, to eight tonnes a year over the next 18 months

Cheil officially completes acquisition of Novaled

Cheil Industries has a strategic goal to become the world’s first materials company, and the acquisition of Novaled is a key step towards fulfilling this goal

University of Tokyo spin-out - PI-Crystal - adopts Silvaco's simulation environment for organic semiconductor device design

PI-Crystal is focused on commercialising organic semiconductor technologies developed by the Takeya Lab

Canadian Government commits $40 million to support the development of next generation printed electronics

The five-year Printable Electronics program aims to develop cutting-edge technologies and light-weight electronic devices for a smarter world

The China Patent Report: A review of organic semiconductor materials and devices patenting activities - 2008-2013

This report is aimed at IP professionals and technical researcher who need a comprehensive overview of the patent activtiies in China

Canatu releases next generation of transparent conductive films with ultra-low reflections and ultra flexibility

Carbon nanobud based films have 96% transmission at 150 ohms/square sheet resistivity, and near perfect colour neutrality

Dr. Ching Tang and Steven Van Slyke honoured

The discovery of small molecule OLED has led to a billion dollar industry

Issue - 40 | Monday, 28 Oct 2013

LG announces their latest curved smartphone with flexible OLED display

While no official launch date has been announced although key analysts believe the smartphone will go on sale in November 2013

ETAP Lighting launches OLED emergency lighting

By collaborating with external designers ETAp Lighting can ensure that OLED based emergency lighting offers an attractive solution

Aixtron reports financial results for Q3 2013

With no significant pick-up in the demand for new equipment even in Q3 2013, as a result it still remains difficult to give a precise forecast of revenues and EBIT margin

Aixtron generates gross proceeds of more than €100 million from capital increase

The proceeds from the issue will be used to further strengthen the Company’s technological leadership by selectively investing in additional growth areas

PARC increases its shareholding in Thin Film Electronics

Following the private placement PARC will own 2,900,000 shares in Thin Film Electronics ASA

Issue - 41 | Monday, 04 Nov 2013

Invesco funds invest an additional $24 million in Thin Film Electronics

In October 2013 Invesco acquired 13% of Thin Film Electronics through a private placement of shares, this new transaction represents 10% of the Thin Film Electronics

SBA Materials raises series B funding with Intel Capital

SBA will use the new investment to accelerate the commercialisation of its innovative porous dielectric materials for use in the manufacturing of advanced microprocessors

Japanese Court issues decision regarding Universal Display's phosphorescent patent

Oppositions against issued and pending patents are common and decisions by patent tribunals are subject to further review and consideration

Professor Andrew Holmes elected President of The Australian Academy of Science

Professor Andrew Holmes will assume the four year term after the Academy’s next Annual General Meeting in May 2014

Issue - 42 | Monday, 11 Nov 2013

Cheil Industries to spend US$ 1.7 billion on OLED and display films

Investment areas include organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), flat-screen film and materials used in rechargeable batteries

Ason Technology shows high-performance, multi-layer OLED lighting panel

The OLED lighting panels are based on MPE (multi-photon emission) technology - a stacked architecture of light-emitting layers

Merck leads research consortium on organic photovoltaics

The objectives of POPUP are to develop significantly more efficient and stable OPV materials for cost-effective industrial printing and coating processes

EU funded GLADIATOR project starts

Gladiator seeks to improve the quality and size of CVD graphene sheets, and to reduce their production costs

Universal Display announces third quarter 2013 financial results

Outstanding third quarter results that were directly attributable to the commercial adoption of its red emitter, green emitter and green host materials

BASF to set up Asia Pacific electronic materials R&D centre at Sungkyunkwan University

The new R&D Centre is scheduled to open in 2014 with around 40 scientific and technical professionals planned to work at the new R&D facilities

Issue - 43 | Monday, 18 Nov 2013

Kateeva launches YIELDjet an inkjet deposition system for manufacturing OLED displays

By using novel architecture and design, YIELDjet enables superior device lifetime and quality, ultra-low particle performance, and better process reliability and uptime

Applied Graphene Materials makes premium AIM debut

The spin-out from FTSE 250 IP Group was changing hands at 206p a share in early deals, a 32.9% increase on the placing price which saw the firm raise £11 million

Pragmatic Printing announces the launch of a standard range of flexible IC logic

These flexible ICs are designed to mirror the functionality of standard 7400 series logic

Merck increases its stake in Qlight Nanotech

Qlight Nanotech is making progress in developing quantum rods for novel displays and lighting applications

Plastic Logic and Printless Plans produce flexible display for the construction industry

The Zephyr E-portfolio meets the essential criteria of being lightweight, rugged, foldable, daylight-readable and having very low power consumption

Isorg demonstrates a working organic image sensor

Although the proof-of-concept device has a relatively low resolution, it demonstrates how two printed electronics components can be combined to create new products

Issue - 44 | Monday, 25 Nov 2013

EPO issues decision regarding Universal Display’s organometallic iridium patent

The EPO panel revokes the patent previously allowed by the lower EPO, which had upheld the broadest claim of coverage for organometallic iridium device architectures

PPG expands OLED production to support growing demand for materials

This investment furthers our commitment in this growing technology area and expands our partnership with Universal Display

Universal Display and Philips Technologie announce collaboration on OLED Lighting

Under this agreement, Universal Display will begin supplying Philips with its highly efficient phosphorescent OLED materials for solid-state lighting applications

Nikkoia secures participation and funding on major EU development project for organic imaging

Nikkoia prepares its product line expansion with FP7-funded program on NIR-photosensitive organic materials development

Prelonic presents a new Electrochromic display

The company's latest development aims to provide a fully printable electrochromic display that can be inserted into a variety of printing lines

Issue - 45 | Monday, 02 Dec 2013

OLED light-emitting materials market to brace for rapid change in 2014

By 2014, it will be not only Samsung Display but also LG Display, AUO and Japan Display Inc. (JDI), which are set to boost AM-OLED panel production

Clean-on-Demand film could boost yields for roll-to-roll flexible electronics

The new film features a protective layer that keeps the active surface of the film clean and free from particulate contamination until it is used, reducing defects

COLAE announces 2nd phase of feasibility studies for organic electronics integration

COLAE has developed a manufacturing methodology for a product or application concept in order to produce a realistic total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation

SmartKem signs joint development agreement with major Asian display manufacturer

This new agreement will enable the development of fully flexible display technology for consumer electronics applications such as smartphones and tablets

EPO published minutes of their meeting that revoked a key Universal Display patent

An update to last week's news article about the EPO decision on a key Universal Display patent

Issue - 46 | Monday, 09 Dec 2013

Solliance produce all-inkjet-printed OPV devices

These single-junction OPVs made up of a six-layer stack with each layer produced using industrial inkjet printing at roll-to-roll compatible speeds

Merck in unconfirmed discussions with LG to develop inkjet deposition for OLEDs

The market potential for OLED displays is increasing, with wide market adoption of large-area OLED TV expected to gather momentum during 2015

Researchers discover that conductive polymers can behave like semi-metals

The high Seebeck value, the metallic conductivity at room temperature and the absence of unpaired electron spins makes conductive polymer semi-metals

Optomec awared AFRL contract to develop fully printed carbon-nanotube transistors

Under this contract Optomec will engineer enhancements including advanced ultrasonic atomisation, new in-situ curing methods and new process controls

Issue - 47 | Monday, 16 Dec 2013

3M and Cambrios collaborate to produce flexible silver nanowire film for touch screens

3M plans to ramp up its total global touch sensor film manufacturing capacity to more than 600,000 square meters per month in 2014

Foxconn reported to start production of small-size OLED panels in 2015

Foxconn plans to have affiliated panel maker Innolux undertake production at its factories in northern and southern Taiwan

Novaled and Astron Fiamm Safety jointly received German-French economy award

The award is for their mutual development and achievements in the field of OLED technology lighting and automotive applications

Soligie receives two R&D awards to advance flexible and printed electronics manufacturing

They will develop a sensor platform of printed components and silicon-on-polymer technologies, and media cards capable of playing a 30 sec audio message