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OSA Direct Archive for 2014 - Volume - 12

Issue - 1 | Monday, 06 Jan 2014

Thin Film Electronics and Brady Corp collaborate to bring electronic smart labels to market

Companies form strategic alliance to bring printed electronic systems to visitor and patient identification

Researchers make ultra-high mobility - 43 cm2 Vs−1 - transparent organic thin film transistors

The research innovation developed a process that had the effect of depositing a denser concentration of the organic molecules into a more regular alignment

cintelliq announces new pricing and options for OLED Lighting: Products, pricing, capacity, cost and forecasts 2013 - 2022

This report is an invaluable guide to technology developers, materials companies, licensing departments, business developers and equipment vendors

Larger area OLED TV continues to gather momentum

Big, curved, flexible and bendable OLED TVs are deemed the future of home entertainment

Aixtron and Manz form strategic cooperation for Gen 8 OLED manufacturing

The partners plan to develop processes for the efficient deposition of organic layers on large-scale surfaces

Sony and Panasonic end OLED TV joint development

For the foreseeable future Sony and Panasonic will direct they resources to LCD TV - 4K ultra HD - and will independently develop OLED technology

Thin Film and Bemis extend partnership to deliver printed electronics in packaging

The extended agreement widens the companies’ previously announced work together in intelligent packaging solutions.

Alkilu unveils new line of affordable OLED lighting products

By working with a number of very competent OLED manufacturers around the world, we are able to produce high quality, efficient and cost-conscious products that fit the everyday needs of consumers

Issue - 2 | Monday, 13 Jan 2014

Thin Film Electronics enters into conditional agreement to acquire Kovio NFC technology

Thin Film Electronics expands into the internet-of-things - combining memory and NFC technology for smartphones applications

Global OLED Technology sues eMagin for breach of license agreement

GOT is committed to defending its rights and patents portfolio

Annual AM-OLED panel market shipment forecast to reach 600 million by 2018

Samsung Display may be losing ground to LG Display, but panel makers from Japan, China and Taiwan are closing in on the leaders fast

IMAGE concludes and successfully demonstrates printed transparent electrodes for flexible OLED and OPV devices

The printed electrodes developed are expected to be a viable replacement of conventional transparent metal oxides, such as indium tin oxide (ITO)

Issue - 3 | Monday, 20 Jan 2014

Plextronics receives buyout offer of $32.6 million from Solvay

Plextronics enters voluntary chapter 11 - seeking to conduct auction and sale and solicit new competitive bids

Thin Film Electronics completes acquisition of Kovio Technology

Thin Film Electronics is plans to deliver NFC-readable sensor labels in 2014, combining sensing, memory, and RF communication all in a single label for less than US$ 1

Kateeva expands operation in Korea

The company will absorb the assets of Seoul-based OLED Plus Co Ltd - an OLED equipment design, sales, service and support company

AM-OLED TV panel shipments to reach 10 million units by 2018

Although previous AM-OLED TV initiatives have been stymied by production issues, these are expected to be overcome and sets are expected to enter high-volume production in the coming years

National University of Singapore and BASF form collaboration to push graphene research

Joint collaboration aims to develop next generation organic electronic devices

Issue - 4 | Monday, 27 Jan 2014

Thin Film Electronics provides more details about their Kovio acquisition

Thinfilm has through the agreement acquired certain of Kovio's assets, and the parties in the agreement are Thinfilm, Kovio and Kovio's bank

IP Group extends agreement with The University of Manchester to include graphene

The group also plans to commit a further £2,500,000 of funding under the revised terms of the agreement

The Centre for Process Innovation develops novel OTFT backplane fabrication process

Using flexible OTFT backplanes with a bend radius of 1mm will enable ultra foldable AM-OLED displays

cintelliq launches new patents services and patent reports

These services and reports are aimed at researchers who need to spend time focused on analysis and understanding rather than searching for relevant patents

Philips launches OLED emergency signage

These new panels offer high level of design freedom thanks to compact dimensions and printable surface

Tesa launches 3rd generation barrier tapes for OLED display and lighting

These new barrier adhesive offer superior water-vapour and oxygen barrier performance for OLED encapsulation

Pixelligent awarded DoE SBIR grant to develop nanocrystal dispersions for OLED Lighting

Pixelligent will partner with OLEDWorks for this nine month project

Issue - 5 | Monday, 03 Feb 2014

cintelliq announces its latest report - a review of Thin Film Electronics patents

This is a timely report for all those interested in the IP of Thin Film Electronics

cintelliq announces its latest report - a review of Kovio patents

This is a timely report for all those interested in the IP of Kovio

cintelliq announces its latest report - a review of Plextronics patents

This is a timely report for all those interested in the IP of Plextronics

Kaneka and Universal Display sign OLED technology license agreement for lighting

Kaneka steps up it commitment to becoming an OLED lighting manufacturer and product developer

Osram announces 70 lm/W OLED lighting panel

Osram expects OLED to become a strong competitive to LED by 2018

Brewer Science launches surfactant-free semiconducting carbon nanotube inks

These inks can be deposited easily onto a variety of rigid and flexible substrates with standard coating techniques including spray-coating and Aerosol Jet printing

Universal Display and IDD Aerospace exhibit OLED for aircraft interiors

The companies believe that the data generated by developing this shelf utility light may be applied to larger-scale OLED lighting aircraft projects

Lumiotec announces new OLED panel

The new P09 Series is expected to be relased in Japan in the first half of 2014

Issue - 6 | Monday, 10 Feb 2014

cintelliq announces its latest report - a review of Novaled patents

This is a timely report for all those interested in the IP of Novaled

cintelliq announces its latest report - a review of Plastic Logic patents

This is a timely report for all those interested in the IP of Plastic Logic

Plastic Logic and Novaled partner to demonstrate flexible AM-OLED displays

Truly flexible AM-OLED displays are expected to power the next generation of products for the wearables market

Researchers at the University of Tokyo develop a flexible organic RFID based moisture sensor

The consisted of an organic RFID tag - operated at 13.56MHz - with more than 30 organic transistors, organic diodes, and passive components

The Centre for Process Innovation sets out their technology roadmap

By expanding their roll-to-roll and encapsulation processing technology CPI plans to target the emerging printed electronics markets

Issue - 7 | Monday, 17 Feb 2014

Philips launches new OLED luminaire

Philips Lighting moves closer to bringing OLED lighting to the wider office and retail market segments

OLED light-emitting materials market to brace for rapid change in 2014

OLED light-emitting material makers are expected to compete in a more advanced market environment with increased demand and a broader base of customers

eMagin announces preliminary 2013 revenue results

Lower revenues due to shotfall in anticipated product sales and fewer government R&D contracts

Issue - 8 | Monday, 24 Feb 2014

Belectric and BGT present market ready OPV in glass elements

Following the successful conclusion of the joint technical development programme , a complete OPV system for architecture and facades will soon be launched commercially

Alkilu launches Kickstarter project to raise funds for OLED production

Alkilu is seeking funds to bring their newly developed line of OLED products to market

cintelliq see strong interest in their latest patent reports

These timely reports are for all those interested in accessing company IP in a comprehensive and easy to use data

Aixtron reports financial results for Q4 2013 and full year

Demand for Aixtron's production equipment remained at a very low level throughout the fiscal year 2013, equipment order intake was broadly unchanged year-on-year

Issue - 9 | Monday, 03 Mar 2014

Konica Minolta achieves 131 lm/W white OLED lighting panel

OLED moves ever closer to being a serious competitor to LED for general lighting

Panasonic exhibits 100 lm/W and 0.4 mm-thick flexible OLED lighting panels

Panasonic is placing greater emphasis on improving device efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric Corp exhibits a range of OLED lamps

New panel uses standard E26 socket to enable easier adoption at home

NanoMend develop pilot scale ultra barrier defect detection tool

The Wavelength Scanning Interferometer developed by the NanoMend consortium analyses defects and performs at the speed required at proof of concept scale

Universal Display announces fourth quarter and full year 2013 financial results

UDC continues to see increasing revenues for the foreseeable future

Thin Film Electronics Q4 2013 and full-year 2013 financials

Thinfilm has a unique and cost-competitive stand-alone memory product and Brand Protection Solution, and continues to work toward large-scale commercialisation

Issue - 10 | Monday, 17 Mar 2014

Konica Minolta announces world's first mass production facility for flexible OLED lighting panels

Construction will be completed during the summer of 2014, with production scheduled to begin in the fall of 2014

cintelliq launches patent data service

Each week we will publish a new patent dataset - either a company or theme and prices start from 100 GBP for a single company dataset

Aixtron brings demo cluster for OLED production processes into operation

The cluster, has been installed in a cleanroom at Aixtron, uses several process modules for the deposition of organic materials on "Gen1" substrates

Issue - 11 | Monday, 24 Mar 2014

Solvay completes acquistion of Plextronics

Solvay starts to accelerate its OLED display development with a strong presence in Asia

Need to track your competitors - start collecting your patent datasets - 100GBP

Each week we will publish a new patent dataset - either a company or theme and prices start from 100 GBP for a single company dataset

Heliatek achieves record efficiency for transparent organic solar cells

This lab development underscores the company’s strategy to supply its transparent HeliaFilm™ to glass manufacturers for both building integration (BIPV) and car roofs

Panasonic to present 132 lm/W white OLED device at SID 2014

Konica Minolta, UDC, First-O-Lite and OLEDWorks are also deliverying updates on technical progress

Consortium launches world's first flexible printed electronic multi-function timer

P&G provided insight into consumer requirements, resulting in the world’s first flexible multi-use timer based on commercially available printed electronics

Tokyo Electron begins accepting orders for Gen 8 - OLED printer

Elius 2500 inkjet printing system for Gen 8 OLED panel manufacturing is epxetced to facilitate larger substrates and lower costs

Issue - 12 | Monday, 07 Apr 2014

Plastic Logic and Solvay partner to launch low power solutions for organic devices

Solvay will integrate their high dielectric materials with Plastic Logic’s transistor technology creating low power electronics - ideal for wearable and ubiquitous sensors

Panasonic and Idemitsu dissolve PIOL joint venture

Panasonic expected to continue pursuing OLED lIghting independantly

Thin Film Electronics and PakSense to supply printed electronic labels to the food industry

Terms of the agreement authorise PakSense to distribute Thinfilm Smart Labels to food suppliers and retailers of produce, meat and seafood in North America, South America and Central America

Samsung SDI to acquire Cheil for US$ 3.3bn in an all share deal

The deal will enable Chiel to expands it customer based, especially into the automotive industry, and for SDI to strenghten its battery business

Thin Film Electronics and PST Sensors enter into purchase and license agreement

Thin Film Electronics continues to commercialise their technology and secures supply of key sensor components

Thin Film Electronics and Temptime collaborate to deliver printed electronic temperature indicators

the proper storage of temperature-sensitive medical products such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices is critical to a product's efficacy and patient safety profile

Universal Display appoints Richard C. Elias to its Board of Directors

Richard Elias bringing decades of experience in growing successful, global businesses that will support UDC strategic planning and execution

Issue - 13 | Monday, 14 Apr 2014

BMBF funded project PrintOLED successfully concludes

The project achieved a world first - high-quality printing of semiconducting LEDs at speeds of 3 m/s - as well as using gravure printing and slot die coating to make OLEDs

Growth of OLED material market is slower than expected

Continued delays in OLED TV shipments is impeding the growth of the materials market

MBraun and Beneq extend their collaboration on OLED R&D solutions

Collaboration aims to address the growing OLED market needs by offering complete turn-key R&D solutions

TV brands push OLED TVs

After spending almost two decades trying to make TVs flatter, curved TVs emerged again last year

Issue - 14 | Monday, 28 Apr 2014

eMagin terminates license agreements and settles litigation with Global OLED Technology

This final resolution extinguishes any apparent financial or legal uncertainty that may have arisen under the license agreements

Cheil Industries is reported to be preparing to enter volume production of OLED materials

The development of materials in-house is expected to play an important role in reducing Samsung's growing reliance on imported materials from Japanses and US material suppliers

New EU project MUJULIMA to improve OPV efficiency and lifetimes

The MUJULIMA project aims to bring multi-junction OPVs up to the performance and durability levels required for commercial applications

Sony and Panasonic to enter the AM-OLED TV using LG panels

If the reports are true then it adds weight that AM-OLED TVs are gaining momentum, and are expected to become the next generation of TVs

Holst Centre and NovaCentrix partner to advance photonic curing

The ultimate goal is to support application development and manufacturing of printed and flexible electronics devices

Issue - 15 | Monday, 05 May 2014

Samsung puts on hold plans for new OLED TV production

Samsung to focus on small and medium size OLED displays for the foreseeable future

Universal Display announces financial results for first quarter 2014

Revenues for the first quarter of 2014 was led by a 177% increase in material sales, reflecting volume growth in sales of red emitter, green emitter and green host materials

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q1 2014

The first quarter of Q1 2014 was a considered by ThinFilm to be transformational, with products containing Thinfilm Memory released in retail for the first time

Issue - 16 | Monday, 12 May 2014

Merck and BASF take greater control of the InnovationLab

Merck and BASF have increased their interest to 70% in order to continue the successful scientific research and transfer platform for organic electronics

cintelliq announces their latest report - OLED Lighting: Products, pricing, capacity, cost and forecasts 2014 - 2023

This report is an invaluable guide to technology developers, materials companies, licensing departments, business developers, equipment vendors and luminaire makers

AIST improves power conversion efficiency of organic photovoltaic

AIST succesfully formed an organic thin film in which the orientation of each crystal of the two materials is the same (heteroepitaxy) - using "co-deposition"

Heraeus and Toagosei form patterning technology partnership for touch screens and sensors

License taken by Japanese strategic partner for the high speed commercial scale patterning of functional materials used in touch displays

eMagin announces first quarter 2014 financial results

Average revenue per quarter for the remaining three quarters are anticipated to be higher due to improved status of the stop orders, and improved manufacturing processes

Issue - 17 | Monday, 19 May 2014

Samsung expected to invest US$ 3bn - US$ 5bn in OLED production this year

Samsung's OLED display to be primarily for wearable devices and tablet PCs

Acuity Brands announces OLED luminaires with next generation OLED panels

OLED technology allows us to design lighting that can be interactive with people because of its soft, glare-free illumination, which makes it ideal in applications close to the user

Pixelligent awarded CRADA with ORNL for roll-to-roll Fabrication of OLED devices

During this project, Pixelligent will optimise the formulation for ORNL’s roll-to-roll process

Aixtron reports financial results for Q1 2014

Aixtron sees order intake improve by 26% year-on-year to EUR 37.7m, however, sequentially, orders remained stable reflecting a slightly more positive market sentiment

Shanghai University chooses Aixtron for graphene and nanotube processing equipment

The system has been a workhorse for similar research for the last five years, giving us consistently good results, high uptime, ease of use and process flexibility

Issue - 18 | Monday, 26 May 2014

LG Chem cuts OLED panel prices by 66% to "kick start" the market

LG Chem decided to propose attractive prices to selective partners who are willing to stimulate the market with mass-production of OLED luminaires

Thin Film Electronics and Nedap deliver innovative loss prevention solution to retail market

These labels can be invisibly embedded into clothing, shoes, handbags, and other products, and are fully compatible with installed 8.2MHz RF EAS infrastructure

Sony and Panasonic considering OLED display joint venture with Japan Display

Companies are in early talks to form a joint venture in next-generation display panel technology for smartphones and tablets

Kateeva expands manufacturing space and appoints head of customer satisfaction

These developments aim to position YIELDjet for "smooth" near-term deployment

DuPont extends collaboration with Holst Centre

Research collaboration to include OLED lighting and printed electronics applications

New OPV EU funded project launches

The project objective is to make organic photovoltaics (OPV) competitive to their inorganic counterparts

Acreo announces low-cost printed device for UV-light monitoring

The new printed UV-detector could be used as a band-aid, as a wristband or as a smart label in a sun hat

Thinfilm Demonstrates First Printed NFC-Enabled Smart Label

Printed Electronics Leader Uses Proprietary PDPS Technology to Facilitate Wireless Data Capture Via Smartphone; Achieves Key Milestone in Mission to Power the Internet of Everything

Issue - 19 | Monday, 02 Jun 2014

Cambrios receives US$10 million strategic investment from Samsung Ventures

Cambrios sees this investment coupled with its recent commercial success as adding validation that silver nanowires as a credible replacement of ITO is gathering momentum

Acuity Brands announces new OLED luminaires

These fixtures use the next-generation OLED technology from LG Chem to demonstrate exciting advancements in both market-ready products and revolutionary concepts

Acuity Brands showcases novel application of amber OLED panels for healthcare facilities

This concept luminaire series features OLED panels from OLEDWorks, demonstrates use of an amber OLED at a 590 nm peak, and fixed luminance of 600 cd/m2

Plastic Logic unveils next phase in its organic flexible AM-OLED demonstrator programme

Plastic Logic show all-organic AM-OLED display made using a toolkit of processing capabilities already proven industrially

CPI and partners to develop printed sensor for the rapid test of bovine tuberculosis

The aim is to create a small hand held device that vets can use to give an almost instant diagnosis from a simple blood test at farm sites

Universal Display announces US$50 million share repurchase program

This new share repurchase program reflects the Board’s continued confidence in the company’s strong positioning and long-term growth opportunities

Issue - 20 | Monday, 09 Jun 2014

Sumitomo Chemical exhibits highly-transparent organic photovotaic device

The device is still in R&D, and its power conversion efficiency was about 50% that of OPV devices that where not transparent

Nokia and SEL show foldable OLED display at SID

The displays where 5.9-inch OLEDs with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 (249ppi) - using a white OLED device architecture coupled with a separate colour filter

Evonik opens Application Technology Centre in Taiwan

The ATC will develop new applications for its iXsenic product line and offer application technology support and solutions to the company's customers based in Asia

Issue - 21 | Monday, 16 Jun 2014

Nippon Electric Glass and Saint Gobain form joint venture for OLED glass

The joint venture will manufacture and provide the world market with high-performance glass substrates with an internal outcoupling layer

Holst Centre IP available to start-ups and SMEs

Under this new agreement BOM, with the Holst Centre, will actively approach organisations who can bring the IP to market

Talks between Samsung and LG Display over patent cooperation stalls

The reason for the failure of the negotiation, despite the government’s involvement, lies in their differences on the issue of patent sharing

DoE funds four OLED lighting projects

OLEDWorks, Pixelligent Technologies, UCL and Princeton received a share of the US$10.5 million funding available

OLEDWorks receives US$ 1,400,000 funding from DoE and NYSERDA

The goal of this funding is to help OLEDWorks reduce the high costs of OLED lighting manufacturing

Issue - 22 | Monday, 30 Jun 2014

Do you need to know how large the materials market is?

Join the development program to help shape the direction of the software for your own needs

Universal Display and BOE Technology Group expand evaluation partnership

AM-OLED display production in China moves closer to realisation

Belectric OPV and Schmidhuber partner to bring solar energy into the German pavilion

This is the first major international architecture project in which the new products on the basis of organic photovoltaic technology (OPV) are being used.

Taisei, Okamura and MHI to jointly develop OLED desk lamps for office

The newly developed OLED desk lamps will be installed in a Net-Zero Energy Building (ZEB) verification facility in Yokohama

LG Chem and Ab Rogers Design showcase the OLED Tree Bar

The basic structure was comprised of recyclable cardboard tubes and given life through Ab Rogers’ trademark colours

Issue - 23 | Monday, 28 Jul 2014

Taiwanese companies form OLED Lighting Commercialization Alliance

OLCA is confident that within three years OLED will be standard lighting equipment for every home

Isorg raises Eur 6,400,000 for the development of organic and printed sensors

The funds will enable Isorg to make the transition from pilot production to mass production

Innovation Network, Japan Display, Sony and Panasonic form new company - JOLED Inc

JOLED is scheduled to be launched in January 2015, and aims to accelerate the development and early commercialisation of OLED display panels

Universal Display enters into a materials supply agreement with Philips

Universal Displays says this is an important next step in its relationship with Philips adn builds on the initial relationship announced in November 2013

Korean Government to invest KRW30 billion to develop core display technologies

The investment with LG Display and Samsung Display will also be used to provide active support in growing SMEs

Thin Film Electronics and Evrythng collaborate to apply digital interactivity to physical objects

This agreement aims to bring together printed electronics, near-field communications and cloud-software to enable everyday objects to connect to the web

Fraunhofer COMEDD merges with Fraunhopfer FEP

The new organisation will bring two distinctive sets of competences into a single coherent business and able to offer its current and future customers greater choice

Issue - 24 | Monday, 18 Aug 2014

SmartKem raises series A funding

BASF, Octopus, Entrepreneurs Fund, and Finance Wales all invested - no disclosure was made of the amount raised - funds will be used for commercialisation of organic semiconductor technology

Korean Government to invest 30 billion Kwon in OLED Lighting

Korean Government to push OLED Lighting as key technology for Korea companies with the aim to become major worldwide competitors

Prelonic shows all printed EC displays on cardboard

Fully integrated and printed directly on to cardboard there is no need for any additional substrates – this is expected to enable mass production of low cost displays

Universal Display announces financial results for second quarter 2014

Growth in second quarter revenues was led by a 32% increase in material sales, reflecting solid volume growth in sales of red emitter, green emitter and green host materials

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q2 2014

Thin Film Electronics payroll increases by NOK 31 million as number of employees rise from 25 to 82

Issue - 25 | Monday, 25 Aug 2014

LG Electronics first to commercialise 4K OLED TVs

With 33 million sub-pixels working to produce the most lifelike colors and infinite contrast ratio, viewers will feel like they’re watching the real thing

Aixtron reports financial results for Q2 2014

Management reiterates its original guidance for fiscal year 2014 made at the end of February, for revenues to be in line with those of last year

eMagin announces second quarter 2014 financial results

The increase in product revenues versus last quarter is also attributable primarily to an increase in average selling price as well as an increase in units shipped

Issue - 26 | Monday, 01 Sep 2014

Philips launches the Lumiblade OLED Innovators Club

Philips is making the Lumiblade OLED Innovators Club and its members the central subject of an elaborate OLED brand campaign

BASF opens its first Korean electronics materials R&D centre at Sungkyunkwan University

The new R&D facility will focus on developing organic thin film transistors for future electronic devices like flexible and rolling displays, fluorescent and phosphorescent materials for lighting

BMBF funded project Polytos2 on printed organic circuits and memory successfully completed

The project work lead to new development in materials, ciruit designs and processing that is expected to acclerate the early applicaiton of organic electronics

Thin Film Electronics establishes partnership with Flextronics' Silicon Valley Innovation Labs

Thin Film Electronics's suite of printed electronics products and solutions will enable Flextronics to expand their Open Innovation Platform offering

Issue - 27 | Monday, 08 Sep 2014

University of Manchester to build 2nd Graphene Centre

The GEIC will complement Manchester’s existing National Graphene Institute (NGI)

Plastic Logic and Cambridge Graphene Centre demo "graphene-based" flexible display

The prototype uses solution-processed graphene electrodes, which replaces the metal electrode layer within Plastic Logic’s standard backplanes

Samsung Gear S Enhances the Smart Wearable Experience

The Gear S offers a beautiful curved design combined with 3G connectivity on the wrist

LG to mass-produce plastic circular PM-OLED displays

Opportunity for round and flexible displays are expected to grow rapidly over the next few years with wearable devices being the early market

Issue - 28 | Monday, 15 Sep 2014

Kateeva raises US$ 38 million in series D funding and Samsung Venture becomes an investor

The new funds will be used to support the company’s manufacturing strategy and expand global sales and support

LG Chem closes the gap between OLED and LED with 100lm/W OLED panels

High efficient OLED panels to compete with LED in terms of performance, and eventually price -- LG Chem could enter the automotive market as early as 2017

LG Display is set to become sole supplier of flexible AM-OLED for Apple Watch

Shipments expected to reach about five million a month in 2015

LG Display sees OLED profit and continues talks to supply other manufacturers

LG Display expects revenues to raise as talks to supply Sony, Panasonic Corp and a number of Chinese TV manufacturers continue

Aerelight Design launches consumer-ready OLED desk lamp

Powered by an advanced energy-efficient OLED light panel, the aerelight lamp provides a warm, natural light source unlike that of a traditional lamp or overhead light

Osram launches a portable OLED reading light - ideal for in-car illumination

Osram moves into consumer products and will be available from fall 2014 in a limited edition

CPI and European partners collaborate in EU funded "Flexibilis"

Flexibilis aims to develop flexible barrier and the replacement of ITO for OLED and OPV applications

Issue - 29 | Monday, 22 Sep 2014

Imec shows fullerene-free organic photovoltaics with high efficiencies

The introduction of a new acceptor material allows for the application of new classes of organic materials as photoactive layers to improve the conversion efficiency

Swansea University researchers develop graphene based cancer detecting biosensor

Newly developed graphene biosensor could ultimately help to provide a rapid diagnosis at the point of care

DoE announces selections for SSL R&D funding opportunity

This DoE initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of SSL technology through cost reduction improvements while maintaining product quality and performance

PARC is increasing its shareholding in Thin Film Electronics

Following the private placement PARC owns 4.3 million shares in Thin Film Electronics

Issue - 30 | Monday, 29 Sep 2014

Heliatek completes 18 Million euro in series C funding round

The funding round was led by Aqton, and the new money will be used to achieve operational and sales goals until 2016, including the introduction of transparent HeliaFilm in production by the middle of 2015

New organic semiconductor material from Kiel

By incorporating organic tin into the organic semiconducting polymers light can be absorbed over a wide range of the solar spectrum

Evonik extends their collaboration with the Holst Centre

Now the cooperation enters the next phase by extending the contract and introducing the revolutionary technology into mass production at a key customer

CPI and Crown Packaging announce winner of printed electronics design competition

The winning concept was the Smart Sunscreen, a sunscreen bottle that uses printed sensing and intelligence within the packaging

Issue - 31 | Monday, 06 Oct 2014

Crumpled graphene could provide an unconventional energy storage

Two-dimensional carbon "paper" can form stretchable supercapacitors to power flexible electronic devices

Molecular Glasses announces novel organic semiconductors

These amorphous small molecule materials are mixtures of compatible molecules with an infinitely low crystallisation rate - suitable for OLED and organic electronics

Kaneka reported to be developing long lifetime OLED panels to rival LEDs

The company expects that by 2020 it will have OLED related revenues of about 50 billion Yen (US$ 460 million)

Tianyi reported to be establishing LTPS and OLED facilities in Kaohsiung

Tianyi is reportedly renting capacities at Innolux's Gen-8.5 fab in Kaohsiung, with volume production expected at the end of 2015

Pugnale & Nyleve show new large scale OLED luminaire

Large scale OLED luminaire - art rather than functional lighting

eMagin receives US$6.8 million in R&D contracts

One of the three new contracts is a US$1.1M contract over 15 months to further enhance the full color brightness of its recently demonstrated ultra-high-brightness microdisplays

Issue - 32 | Monday, 20 Oct 2014

Thin Film Electronics receives US$ 23 million investment from Ferd

Ferd's investment strengthens Thin Film Electronics' cash position and fully funds the Company's current product roadmap

Mitsubishi Chemical doubles the lifetimes of its OLED panels

The new product will be manufactured by Pioneer OLED Lighting Devices, a Pioneer subsidiary, and sold by MC Pioneer OLED Lighting

LG Chem OLED panels light up pop-up restaurant

The simplicity of OLED panels enabled the architectural design firm, AL_A, to design and manufacture the lightings themselves

Atom-width graphene sensors could provide insights into brain structure and function

New technology funded by Darpa’s RE-NET program enables monitoring and stimulation of neurons using optical and electronic methods simultaneously

Korean scientists develop stretchable, transparent graphene based "electronic skin"

The research team believe it is possible to develop electronic circuits that easily attach to skin, glass and leaves by using the stretchable and transparent electrodes

Issue - 33 | Monday, 27 Oct 2014

Heliatek announces largest BIOPV façade installation

The installation will power office illumination in Heliatek, and the performance of the installation will be monitored

FabriGen - produces large-area (600cm x 50cm) roll-to-roll flexible organic photovoltaic - OPV

The EU funded FabriGen consortium has achieved a significant step in the development of low cost, flexible organic photovoltaics, next steps are volume manufacturing

Japan Display shows 5.2-inch FHD flexible OLED demonstrator

JDI continues to develop OLED technology and it is hoped that they will announce volume manufacturing in the future

eMagin provides further details about its recent R&D awards

OLED displays produced will meet the DMS& T mandate to impact joint service warfighting capabilities, from fighter and rotary wing aviation platforms to ground warfare systems

Issue - 34 | Monday, 03 Nov 2014

WiseChip Semiconductors to start production of OLED lighting panels

The company expects to enter volume production in early part of 2015

BMBF funded flexible OLED project R2D2 gets underway

Project aims to investigate production-related processes and technologies for the manufacturing of flexible OLED panels for lighting

SEL develops prototype tri-fold touch-sensitive OLED display

This high resolution and large size OLED display shows the future for smartphone interfaces

SEL demonstrates small OLED display with 1,058 ppi

This high resolution and small size OLED display shows the future for consumer electronics viewfinders

Aixtron reports financial results for Q3 2014

At the end of September, Aixtron received its largest ever multiple tool order from Chinese manufacturer San’an Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. for 50 next generation Showerhead MOCVD tools

Issue - 35 | Monday, 10 Nov 2014

Fraunhofer FEP fabricates OLED devices for lab-on-a-chip-applications

The combination of sub-um thick OLED and organic photo-detectors could play a key role in future sensing chips based on organic electronics

LG Display is on target to expand OLED panel production in December

This is expected to raise production output to four time current levels - resulting in lower panel prices

Solmates enables full transparent OLEDs with its patented ITO on OLED deposition process

Recent testing has demonstrated that the 80% transparent OLED shows similar functional specifications compared to standard OLEDs with non-transparent aluminium electrode

eMagin announces they are developing next generation immersive head mounted display

eMagin said it has taken this non-traditional approach to achieve a radically improved and unique form factor

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q3 2014

Increased customer activities led to increased revenues, and also increased headcount and resource spend in order to meet current and future needs.

Universal Display announces third quarter 2014 financial results

This quarter's sales were softer-than-anticipated due to industry dynamics resulting from weaker-than-expected high-end mobile phone sales and lower host material sales as the result of our host materials not being used in certain new product offerings

Issue - 36 | Monday, 17 Nov 2014

Eight19 secures £1,000,000 in further funding

Investment to develop production technology and expand commercial activities for organic photovoltaics

Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA) is officially launched

The CPEIA’s mandate is to bring together key Canadian and international players in industry, academia and government, to build a strong domestic PE sector,

HKUST develops materials for high-efficency polymer photovoltaics

The research led to three new polymers and over ten high-performance material combinations yielding solar cell efficiencies of up to 10.8%, a new record for single-junction polymer solar cells

Armor and Cambrios enable next generation OPV modules

The implementation of transparent, flexible and highly conductive ITO-free electrodes is a high priority for Armor and a major step for the OPV industry

Kateeva introduces the Yieldjet Flex

High-performance mass-production thin-film encapsulation (TFE) solution for flexible OLEDs

Kaneka announces they have begun shipping their latest OLED panel

Kaneka aims to achieve sales of 50 billion yen in 2020

Colnatec unveils all-inclusive thin film controller Eon-ID

Eon-ID will specifically benefit industries using atomic layer deposition (ALD), optics, OLED, and any other process that requires precision control over very thin layers, especially at temperatures higher than 100°C

eMagin announces third quarter 2014 financial results

The clean room improvements and the OLED deposition tool maintenance have contributed to improved yield and emagin expect improved yield in the coming quarters

Issue - 37 | Monday, 01 Dec 2014

Flexible display growth expected to accelerate in 2015

Exponential growth is being enabled by rapid flexible manufacturing capacity growth as LG Display and Samsung increase capacity on current production lines or add new ones

The Korean government announces 100% increase in funding for OLED R&D

Korea plans to get ahead of China and Japan, and to strengthen international competitive power through pre-emptive R&D on the next generation display field

UniDisplay delivers lightweight and ultra-thin touch sensors for consumer devices

UniDisplay successfully mass produces and ships touch screen modules based on UDI’s One-Film-Solution (OFS) using Cambrios' standard ClearOhm silver nanowire material

Haydale announces partnership in BIOGRAPHY project

Utilising Haydale’s graphene-based conductive inks, the project is set to establish a highly cost-effective mass fabrication process for graphene-based biosensors

Graphene produces more efficient transport of a semiconducting polymer film

Umeå University, shows that semiconducting polymers placed on a layer of graphene transports electrical charge more efficiently than when placed on a substrate of silicon

Issue - 38 | Monday, 05 Dec 2014

Holst Centre and partners produce organic/inorganic CMOS 8-bit microprocessor

The organic/inorganic microprocessor has the potential to be produced in a "cost-effective" way using large-area manufacturing processes on plastic substrates

Organic electronics could lead to low-cost wearable medical sensors

Future fitness monitors could soon add blood-oxygen levels to the list of vital signs measured with new technology developed by engineers at the University of California

LG forms new dedicated OLED division

LG has refocused on bringing OLED screens to market, forming a dedicated division exclusively focused on the display format

Philips Lighting OLED panels go to the theatre

OLED lighting continues to gain acceptance in a growing number of commercial applications

Issue - 39 | Monday, 15 Dec 2014

Royole develops world's thinnest 0.01 mm full-colour AM-OLED flexible display

Royole has - over the past two years - accumulated hundreds of IP rights including know-hows in technologies covering all the aspects of display manufacturing

Heliatek enters Chinese market with the world’s first BIOPV concrete façade installation

The installed capacity of around 20 square meters amounts to 0,62 kWp and the generated energy is used internally

Seiko Epson is planning to develop high resolution OLED inkjet printers

If achieved would open up the market for solution processible OLED display at 400 ppi and above

Thinfilm receives follow-up production order for EAS

The ordered volume totals 13 million units and is to be delivered primarily during the first three quarters of 2015