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OSA Direct Archive for 2015 - Volume - 13

Issue - 1 | Monday, 12 Jan 2015

Kateeva and Sumitomo announce partnership to speed adoption of inkjet RGB OLED TVs

Kateeva and Sumitomo will cooperate to optimise OLED inks and OLED inkjet manufacturing processes to achieve optimum OLED device performance for customers

Heliatek announces start of pilot project for energy self-sufficient air dome using HeliaFilm

This latest partnerships opens up exciting new area of Building Integrated Organic Photovoltaics (BIOPV) that perfectly suits flexible, lightweight solar films

Osram presents OLED-LED hybrid rear light combination

The OLED-LED hybrid rear light combination has four basic functions - stoplight, reverse light, indicator, and rearlight

OLED panels are destined for the desktop as JOLED begin operations

JOLED begins operations with aim to produce 10-inch to 20-inch OLED panels in 2017

Thin Film Electronics signs distribution agreement with Cymmetrik

CymMetrik is the largest professional packaging and label converter in Greater China

Thin Film Electronics hires former NXP Executive to head sales efforts in Asia

Sales veteran and NFC expert to bring impressive track record of sales growth and organisational expansion

Issue - 2 | Monday, 19 Jan 2015

Universal Display and Sumitomo Chemical sign technology license agreement for OLED lighting

Leveraging the licensed technology, is expected to increase the luminous efficacy of Sumitomo's polymer OLED lighting panels

Thinfilm announces partnership with Xerox for mass production of printed memory labels

By partnering with Thinfilm, Xerox are leveraging their manufacturing expertise and ability to scale globally, and at the same time move into emerging new markets

LG Chem make 320 mm x 320 mm OLED lighting panel available commercially, and novel mounting solutions

LG Chem has developed two types of “Mounting Solutions” for easy OLED panel installation with magnetic connections: Rail Connection and Linear Connection

Holst Centre and Flex-o-Fab take the first step towards "lighting by the mile"

By demonstrating the first OLEDs on a high-performance, R2R-produced flexible barrier foil, Flex-oFab has taken a major step towards commercial production

Knitting yarn developed using organic conductive polymers

The resultant fibre has advantages over competing products such as metal-kneading-type and metal-coating-type conductive fibres, as it washable, durable, safe for humans, and light weight

Issue - 3 | Monday, 26 Jan 2015

Philips to spin-out their OLED Lighting Business

Philips timing for a divestment may be ideal as the market for OLED lighting is gathering momentum, and looks set to become a lighting technology with a long-term future

Pragmatic Printing secures £5.4m investment from Cambridge Innovation Capital and ARM

Pragmatic Printing will use the funding to hire more staff and to enable the scale-up of its production capacity to 100 million flexible integrated circuits later this year

CPI sells FlexOS IP portfolio to Neudrive Ltd

NeuDrive has negotiated patent and know how licences relating to organic thin-film transistor technology developed by CPIIS and secured additional investment

LG Chem announces the availability and pricing of plastic OLED and large area OLED panels

LG Chem have successfully maintained performance levels - efficiency, luminance, and CRI - and at the same time overcoming the key technical challenges of plastic substrates

Universal Display and LG Display entry into long-term OLED patent licence agreement

LG Display to pay license fees and royalties, Universal Display will supply phosphorescent materials to LG Display for use in its licensed products

Researchers develop organic circuits using novel coating technique

The research group created D-type flip-flop registers, these were used to form memory, and used to form 4-bit shift registers that help serialise the data to be transmitted

Issue - 4 | Monday, 02 Feb 2015

Plastic Logic splits into two independent companies

To address the full range of opportunities available in the many markets, the technology development and manufacturing parts of Plastic Logic will be separated

Heliatek and vTrium Energy sign partnership agreement

Heliatek believes this partnership will enhance the company presence in Southeast Asia

Planar announces large area transparent OLED technology

The vision of transparent displays, popularised for decades in science fiction movies and television shows, is now nearing reality

Philips launches OLED panels with mirror surface

The Brite FL300wm is available at three integration levels making it the ideal building block for many decorative OLED lighting applications

Issue - 5 | Monday, 09 Feb 2015

FlexEnable and Merck demonstrate major step forward in plastic LCD technology

The world's first demonstration of a plastic LCD with organic transistor active-matrix in-plane switching (IPS)

LG Chem announces major installation of OLED lighting for Seoul National University

University officials selected the OLED light panels because their slim and modern design conforms with the library’s cutting-edge architecture

Osram steps up their ambitions for OLED lighting

Osram expects to have OLED rear/tail light fixtures in luxury cars by 2016

LG Display plans to increase its commitment to OLED displays

LG Display will newly invest around 800 billion won ($729 million) in the E4 production lines for OLED panels in Paju

Samsung Display to invest about US$3.6 bln in new OLED production

The new production line will focus on manufacturing medium and small-sized OLED displays for consumer electronics

Issue - 6 | Monday, 23 Feb 2015

OTI Lumionics awarded CAD$5.7 million to build OLED pilot line

The new pilot production line makes ten modules next to each other at a time, cutting down the production time from an hour to minutes

OLEDWorks and Universal Display Corp announce OLED technology license agreement

This new collaboration will help pave the way for expanding the US OLED solid-state lighting ecosystem

University of Tokyo Researchers report fever alarm armband - based on printable temperature sensor

Constant monitoring of health indicators such as heart rate and body temperature is the focus of intense interest in the fields of infant, elderly and patient care

Diageo and Thinfilm unveil the connected 'smart bottle'

The technology allows Diageo to track bottle movements across the supply chain, in-store and to the point of consumption

Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association partners with CME

The new partnership between CME and CPEIA will explore ways to integrate printable electronics into manufacturing

SmartKem collaborates with CPI to support customer pre-production

This three year collaboration aims to develop customer pre-production prototypes featuring SmartKem’s tru-FLEX thin film transistors

Thinfilm receives NFR grant for project with SINTEF

The partnership aims to develop the building blocks for smart systems and related products, and to explore new methods of integration, assembly and manufacturing

Thinfilm to establish an ADR program

A US stock listing may boost the visiability of the company to a wider group of investors

Issue - 7 | Monday, 02 Mar 2015

Heliatek supplies HeliaFilm for Asia's largest BIOPV installation in Singapore

Heliatek organic solar films are part of a pilot project in Singapore focusing on future sustainable urban development

OLED Lighting is on track to become a serious competitor to LED lighting by 2016

Now in its 3rd year of publication "OLED Lighting: Products, prices, capacity, costs and forecasts" report is becoming an essential reference for those wishing to understand the current and future evolution of the OLED lighting industry

Thinfilm launches OpenSense technology to enhance mobile consumer engagement and improve product security

OpenSense technology enables the dynamic detection of a product's "sealed" and "open" states, while delivering smartphone-centric and NFC-readability of the tag

Universal Display announces fourth quarter and full year 2014 financial results

UDC continues to see increasing revenues for the foreseeable future

Issue - 8 | Monday, 09 Mar 2015

LG Chem rumoured to invest US$ 184 million to build Gen-5 OLED lighting production facility

The manufacturing facility could begin production in 2017 and once operational is expected to drive the price of 100mm x 100mm OLED panels down towards US$ 5

LG Display seeks to set up OLED alliance

Motive behind the alliance is to secure LG Display's position as the leading supplier of large-area OLED panels

Schrödinger and Kyushu University announce research collaboration

Schrödinger will work the Adachi group to apply and extend the software capabilities for next-generation OLED materials analysis to enable high throughput simulation and virtual screening to prioritise the most promising solutions

Thin Film Electronics Q4 2014 and full-year 2014 financials

Increased customer activities led to more than a doubling of revenues, and also increased headcount and resource spend as the Company increased efforts to take products to market and accelerate the development of NFC based products

Issue - 9 | Monday, 16 Mar 2015

Samsung and LG Display to make significant commitment to flexible OLED display manufacturing

Increasing demand for flexible OLED displays in a growing number of devices is key and shows no signs of slowly down for the foreseeable future

Ping Project consortium formally launched

The collaboration intends to establish, within three years, a standardised low cost and high volume manufacturing flow for embedding wireless identification and power transfer technology into printed objects

The Phebe consortium has announced the commencement of their project

The project aims to develop new emitters to enhance the cost performance and environmental-friendliness of OLED lighting

eMagin announces fourth quarter and full year 2014 financial results

Q4 revenues increased, full year revenues decreased by 8%, the product mix is changing driving up average selling price rose, shipments were lower and expected to grow

Issue - 10 | Monday, 23 Mar 2015

Haydale announce dedicated manufacturing facility for graphene inks

The development of graphene inks with performance better than normal carbon based inks has enabled a growing number of commercial applications

OLED emitting material market to grow into US$ 560 million in 2015

The expected growth between 2015 and 2020 is forecast to be 35% CAGR

New OLED Lighting Report

Pre-order your copy today and save 500 GBP

Samsung may be gearing up to spin-out its LCD and OLED divisions

Samsung is reported to be wanting to reverse recent decline in profits and defend itselve from increasing global competition

Flexible polymer threads set to light up clothing

The fabrication processes used to create the PLEC fibres are relatively simple and inexpensive and lend themselves to scaling-up

ITRI showcases new OLED Lighting applications

ITRI featured a variety of innovative OLED lighting applications, with the aim to make the application of OLED lighting, practical and fun

Thinfilm launches level 1 ADR program to Trade on OTCQX International stock exchange

The establishment of an ADR facility and inclusion on OTCQX provide the company's US investor base with a more direct means of trading and accessing information

Issue - 11 | Monday, 06 Apr 2015

Aixtron acquires OLED encapsulation company PlasmaSi

Aixtron believes thin-film encapsulation is an essential process for OLED high volume manufacturing, and want to add significant value in the production of OLED applications

LG Display rumoured to be considering acquiring Global OLED Technology

To remain competitive in the OLED space LG Display beleives it is important to hold key OLED patents in house

Samsung and LG are reported to have reached agreement to end all legal disputes on IP

In a joint statement the two companies have said they will also refrain from making further legal disputes and make efforts to settle issues through dialogue and consultation

Samsung Display is reported to be exploring the option to re-enter OLED TV display market

Samsung may be getting ready to adopt LG Display WRGB OLED technology

Smart-watch demand to grow this year - OLED display manufacturers see opportuntities

Overall smart-watch shipments forecast to reach about 30 million units in 2015

University of Houston researchers discover n-type polymer for fast organic battery

The discovery could lead to a cheaper alternative to traditional inorganic-based energy devices, including lithium batteries

Issue - 12 | Monday, 13 Apr 2015

Corning announces collaboration with OLEDWorks

OLEDWorks will use Corning's Willow Glass - flexible substrates with integrated out-coupling - to expands their range of OLED lighting options for lighting applications

BASF acquires nanowire technology from Seashell Technology

Seashell is an early pioneer in silver nanowire technology and has enabled development of multiple application areas and uses for these unique materials

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge curved AM-OLED display more expensive than iPhone 6 plus display

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge offer higher resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels, known as Quad HD) than the iPhone 6 Plus which features 1920 x 1080 resolution

KETI develops new electrode material and achieves world's most "foldable" substrate

The development of a new highly flexible electrodes opens the way to ultra-thin, foldable electronics

Thin Film Electronics appoints Kai Leppänen to Chief Commercial Officer

As Thinfilm continues to scale globally it is critical to establish a leadership team with proven industry expertise and a commitment to service excellence

Issue - 13 | Monday, 20 Apr 2015

LG Display to concentrate on UHD OLED production but cuts overall production output this year

This change in production is believed to be largely driven by increasing stock of FHD OLED TV, and low yields of UHD OLED-TV panels

Apple Watch pre-orders estimated at 2,300,000 units per month, below market expectations

Lower shipments are blamed on difficulties in the supply-chain of OLED displays and haptic linear actuators

FlexEnable has announced its participation in the Graphene Flagship

FlexEnable brings expertise in materials and manufacturing for flexible electronics to the developing global graphene value chain

eMagin appoints Dan Cui as VP of Business Development

The appointment is expected to accelerate the company's HMD effort

Issue - 14 | Monday, 27 Apr 2015

OLEDWorks to acquire key parts of Philips OLED lighting components business

Philips sees the merit of OLED as a light source for specific applications in its systems and services portfolio and will continue to apply OLEDWorks' panels in its finished products

Samsung ramps up production of curved S6 faster than expected

Adding the A3 production line enables Samsung Display to more than double monthly output to 5,000,000 screens up from the current 2,000,000 per month

Heliatek and AGC Europe announce participation at the forthcoming Expo Milano 2015

The combination of glass and active films is a joint product development by AGC Glass Europe and Heliatek

LG Chem participated in Euroluce 2015

LG Chem took the opportunity to showcase an updated OLED light panel line-up

Kaneka exhibits OLED Lighting panels at Euroluce

Increasing European consumers' awareness of OLED lighting is the priority assignment and the main reason for attending Euroluce

Issue - 15 | Monday, 11 May 2015

Molex acquires Soligie to gain foothold in printed electronics

Molex acquired Soligie to expands Molex's capabilities to offer a more comprehensive set of technologies and innovative electronic solutions

Schott, Tesa and Von Ardenne form new research consortium to develop rollable glass

The goal of the consortium is to refine rollable glass through lamination with functional adhesive tapes and by applying special functional layers

Thin Film Electronics and World Customs Organisation team to fight counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is a major global problem that impacts pharmaceutical, technology, food and beverage, retail and more, it affects more than 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies

DOE announces selections for OLED lighting awards

There are four projects focused on OLED lighting and five projects focused on LED lighting, with total DoE funding of more than US$ 8.2 million

Universal Display announces financial results for first quarter 2015

Revenues down due to lower material sales down 5% sequentially and down 24% compared to the first quarter of 2014, due to a decrease in host material volume

Aixtron reports financial results for Q1 2015

Aixtron management pursues growth across all technology areas in 2015 and therefore, expects full-year revenues to increase to between EUR 220m and EUR 250m

Issue - 16 | Monday, 18 May 2015

Heliatek and Reckli install operational organic pv solar on concrete wall

With an installed power of 1kWp, the south-west oriented wall will supply around 500 kWh of electricity per year, the energy produced will be used directly by Reckli

LG Display unveils wallpaper OLED panel

LG Display retained this year's sales target for OLED panels at 600,000 units and 1.5 million units for 2016

eMagin announces first quarter 2015 financial results

Improvement in financial results was due to lower manufacturing costs, better yield and significantly lower operating expenses

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q1 2015

The company is preparing to increase production capacity by development of roll-to-roll manufacturing processes that is expected to see up to a billion-unit scale

Issue - 17 | Monday, 25 May 2015

Ignis Innovation secures US$14 million in financing

The financing will be used to support product development using True Vision Display Technology

ATLASS - a newly funded EU research on printed electronics formally starts

The aim of ATLASS is to bring intelligence and communication to everyday objects

Indian Institute of Technology in Madras aiming to develop low-cost OLED displays

At IIT Madras, the engineers are trying to lower the barriers through a colour patterning technology that is extremely fast to manufacture

New OLED lighting production cluster to be established in China

The OLED lighting production facility is expected to be completed in 2016 and will see RMB 500 million of investment (about US$ 80,000,000)

Smartphones spur shift in small/medium display panel demand

Manufacturers shift production to new high-resolution, high-power-performance display technologies

Issue - 18 | Monday, 01 Jun 2015

FlexEnable and Plastic Logic appoint new CEOs

Indro Mukerjee to become non-executive Chairman

Riken claims 10% efficiency with organic photovoltaic devices

To achieve the 10% efficiency Riken made improvements to the semiconductor polymer as well as the structures of the charge-generation layer and device to be formed

Fujifilm and imec demonstrate full-colour OLED using a photoresist patterning technology

The research result paves the way to produce high-resolution and large area OLED displays using a novel and cost-competitive manufacturing method

Merck confident about Samsung joining OLED TV race

Merck is clearly excited about the future of OLED technology and has invested havily in positioning the company as the main materials and process company

Merck inaugurates OLED Application Centre in Korea

Merck aims to captures competitive advantage by better serving customers and helping to shorten their time to market

DuPont Displays and Kateeva collaborate to optimise inkjet printing for OLED TV manufacturing

The collaboration aims to streamline the decision making process for display makers and enable them to successfully manufacture printed OLED devices, at scale, sooner

FlexEnable and CPT aim to acceralate the industrialisation of truly flexible AM-OLED displays

The manufactured glass-free, full-colour, flexible AM-OLED display is based on FlexEnable’s low-temp process for plastic transistors and CPT’s RGB OLED technology

MC10 partners with University of Rochester to advance patient-centred research

Wearable sensors can enable objective, sensitive, frequent assessments of an individual’s condition to improve their health and advance new treatments for neurological conditions

Issue - 19 | Monday, 08 Jun 2015

Imec presents perovskite photovoltaic module with 8% power conversion efficiency

imec is improving the perovskite material, and adjusting the cell and module structure to enhance the conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells and modules by more than 20%

Samsung Display introduces first mirror and transparent OLED display panels

Transparent and mirror OLED display solutions to drive retail and digital signage leaders, and customers, to further innovate in order to deliver personalised customer experiences

New boron compounds for organic light-emitting diodes

Luminescent blue boron-containing nanographenes are highly promising materials for portable electronic devices

ITRI and Orbotech to cooperate on enabling manufacturing processes for flexible displays

ITRI and Orbotech will collaborate towards overcoming the production challenges and jointly develop solutions for the fast growing flexible display market

Siborg and University of Waterloo create physical models for simulation of organic devices

The end result is a prototype of organic semiconductor solar cell simulator that has been released

Optomec partners with Semitronics to expand market for aerosol jet systems

Aerosol Jet technology precisely prints electronic and functional components as small as 10um to as large as several mm in a single pass

Issue - 20 | Monday, 15 Jun 2015

OLEDWorks is expected to invest up to US$73.6M and create upto 100 new jobs in Rochester

Had OLEDWorks not received financial support from New York State, it would have been difficult for the company to increase the manufacturing base in New York State

Nantero closes US$31 million series E funding round

The company intends to use the funding to accelerate NRAM as the next–generation memory for storage class memory and as a replacement for flash and DRAM

Samsung push towards AM-OLED panels is affecting local touch panel manufacturers

Analysis indicates that Samsung's purchases have already dropped from KRW2.6 trillion in 2013 to KRW1.5 trillion in 2014, and expected to decline further in 2015

China small-to-mid-size AM-OLED capacity forecast to grow 373% by 2017

This increase is a result of Chinese manufacturers continuing to make investments into new production facilities and capacity expansions

LG Display reported to produce OLED displays for broadcast monitors in 2016

The segment is expected to have a higher profit margin for the company, which the reports say Samsung Display is also considering entering with a suitable product

Issue - 21 | Monday, 22 Jun 2015

Thin Film Electronics raises US$22 million through US focused private placement

Proceeds from the private placement will fund an expansion of Thinfilm’s PDPS (printed dopant polysilicon) manufacturing at its facility in San Jose, California

Merck to invest Eur 30 million in new OLED production plant in Darmstadt

Merck sees OLED technology having the potential to become the future technology for displays and lighting

AM-OLED display market accelerating growth reaching US$23 billion by 2022

The growth of the AM-OLED display market is accelerating, with the focus of the market is predicted to shift from mobile to TV as the profitability of LCD panels is on the decline

CPI install world leading atomic layer deposition systems

This allows companies working with CPI to develop and scale up a variety of device and encapsulation materials from laboratory scale right through to roll to roll pilot production

Issue - 22 | Monday, 29 Jun 2015

Samsung Display to develop flexible AM-OLED for next Apple Watch

Apple usually likes to have contracts with two or three vendors to keep manufacturers competitive with regards to pricing and to secure a stable supply

Belectric OPV releases Design-2-Module tool for easy customisation of OPV products

In addition to being able to offer fully customer-specific modules, Belectric OPV now wants to further reduce the barrier for adopting OPV in integrated products

University of Tokyo Reseachers develop novel conductive thread

In the future this could lead to printed sensors on textiles that that move and stretch more like skin

Universal Display shows advances in flexible, plastic and transparent OLED Technologies

The Loop Lamp represents one of many concepts in the application of flexible OLED lighting solutions in home décor, architectural design, art and sculpture

Issue - 23 | Monday, 06 Jul 2015

Henkel makes additional investment in Vitriflex

The investment will be used to expand the company's manufacturing capability as the company moves towards shipping commercial ready products by end of 2015

LG Display reported to be considering OLED display investment

LG Display would invest up to US$ 800 million to build a new plant to make small-and-medium flexible OLED displays

Issue - 24 | Monday, 13 Jul 2015

Imec makes steady progress on Perovskite PV modules reaching a record 11% PCE

imec believes that ultimately it should be possible to achieve a power conversion efficiencies of more than 20% for this type of thin-film solar cell

CEA-Liten announces fully inkjet manufactured flexible organic PV modules

Process results in a power conversion efficiency rate of 4%

Thin Film Electronics and G World unveil first "Smart Wine Bottle"

G World has placed a 7-figure unit order for NFC OpenSense tags as part of the agreement

Professor Henning Sirringhaus has been awarded the 2015 Faraday medal for physics

Henning Sirringhaus has greatly transformed the understanding and exploitation of charge transport physics in organic semiconductors

Issue - 25 | Monday, 03 Aug 2015

LG Display to invest in Gen 6 OLED panel manufacturing for flexible displays

G Display’s investment will help the company to push ahead with display technologies such as foldable displays and large-area displays for the automotive sector

JOLED to invest US$161 million in OLED research facilities

JOLED is also pushing forward with developing 10- to 30-inch Full HD OLED products for use in tablet, notebook and commercial monitor applications

German Heliatek Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

The Technology Pioneers were selected from among hundreds of applicants by a selection committee of 68 academics, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporate executives

Pixelligent launches new light extraction materials for OLED lighting

The product line includes two solvent-based and two formulated materials, available both as samples and at commercial scale

Merck and Nano-C announce enhanced materials for organic photovoltaics

These new C60 based fullerene derivatives solve critical thermal degradation issues

Issue - 26 | Monday, 10 Aug 2015

Mitsubishi Chemical to start selling organic photovoltaic cells in 2016

The initial product is a translucent film to be either installed in laminated glass or attached directly to window glass

LG reported to achieve 80% yields for 4K OLED TV panels in 2015

OLED TV pricing is expected to remain twice that of 4K TVs through 2016, which will influence the 120% on-year expected growth in UHD TV shipments in 2015

CPT and ITRI cooperate in key Flexible AMOLED technologies

The technologies transfer between CPT and ITRI are FlexUP, gas barrier, flexible touch sensor on FlexUP, flexible AMOLED and touch panel integration

Universal Display announces financial results for second quarter 2015

Numerous new product introductions utilised new red and green emitters, while demand for existing host material has seen a significant reduction

Aixtron reports financial results for Q2 2015

Management reiterates its February revenue forecast of EUR 220 to 250 million for fiscal year 2015

EU funded project - LEO officially started

LEO focuses on innovative manufacturing concept & routes towards high performance bendable and low cost OLEDs for general and mood lighting

OLEDWorks receives NYSERDA funding

OLEDWorks will receive US$ 500,000 and will use the funds to work on brighter OLED systems

Issue - 27 | Monday, 17 Aug 2015

LG Display announces its intention to move more investment to OLED

LG Display plans to put at least US$8.47 billion (10 trillion won) primarily into OLED displays for large area TVs, and flexible screens for smartphones and wearables

Polyera to launch flexible watch product

Polyera has transformed itself into a product company with a clear aim to enable the production of flexible electronics products at scale

Novel AMOLED materials set to surge in H2 2015

Rapid growth in the WOLED market continues to lead the growth in the overall AMOLED materials market as WOLED technology is used for large-area TV AMOLED displays

eMagin announces second quarter 2015 financial results

The improved financial results were due to increased contract revenues, and lower manufacturing costs and operating expenses

Issue - 28 | Monday, 24 Aug 2015

Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer develop bluelight-less OLED lighting module

The panel has a colour temperature of 1900K suitable for illuminating light-sensitive items such as paintings and antiques, as well for lighting of bedrooms and hospital wards

Heraeus and ITRI demonstrate new flexible technologies for touch panels and displays

Electronic materials play a key role in touch panel technologies, such as new flexible touch technologies, application know-how plays a vital part in the success of the new material to be used in device manufacture

Small-medium-size OLED screens expected to see annual shipment growth to top 15%

Shipments for wearable devices and smart home applications will exhibit the highest growths

Issue - 29 | Monday, 31 Aug 2015

FlexTech receives US$75 million to set-up a Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Facility

The FHE MII, which comprises 96 companies, 11 laboratories and non-profits, 42 universities, and 14 state and regional organisations

Panasonic announces 65-inch OLED at IFA

The Panasonic TX-65CZ950 OLED TV also supports the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, as per the standards recently announced by the CEA

BOE will purchase flexible OLED production equipment for its Gen 6 facilities

BOE aims to follow in the footsteps of LG Display in producing flexible displays

Huawei AMOLED smartwatch to be released in the next few weeks

The Huawei Watch will be released in three colours, including silver, black and gold, and will also include a 400 by 400 pixel display, equating to 286ppi

First look at the new £60m Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

The GEIC will be crucial in taking graphene to the market and addressing issues such as scale-up and infrastructure

Issue - 30 | Monday, 07 Sep 2015

OLED takes centre stage at IFA 2015

Large area OLED TVs are the main attraction - especially the 110-inch dual-sided displays

UK project to print low cost energy harvesting device for use in NFC applications

The project brings together a strong consortium with varied and complementary expertise in printing of electronics, logic circuitry, applications testing and final device integration

CPEIA and AIPIA establish intelligent packaging partnership

Partnership aims to explore ways to enable intelligent and active packaging with printable and organic electronics

LG is report to be close to finalising OLED alliances with China TV vendors

LG is expected to reduce pricing in order to establish manufacturing partners in the industry despite potential losses that may incur from the deal

Major Asian display manufacturer purchases system for the deposition of OLED barrier films

The novel deposition technology enables the thin-film encapsulation of OLED display, OLED lighting, organic photovoltaic and flexible electronic devices

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q2 2015

Sales revenue was largely related to product deliveries, technology access fees, product development projects, and delivery of prototypes and products to strategic customers and partners

eMagin enters into a sales agreement with Craig-Hallum to raise new money

In accordance with the terms of the Sales Agreement, eMagin may offer and sell an aggregate of up to US$4,500,000 of common stock from time to time through Craig-Hallum

Issue - 31 | Monday, 14 Sep 2015

OLED Lighting: Products, pricing, capacity, cost and forecasts 2015 - 2024

OLED Lighting: Products, prices, capacity, costs and forecasts report has become an essential reference for those seeking to understand the current and future evolution of the OLED lighting industry

LG Display planning to release 55-inch rollable TVs in 2016

The TV will come equipped with transparent OLED displays from LG Display and curved battery technology from LG Chem

Samsung rumoured to announce foldable smartphones as early as 2016

Samsung aiming to accelrate smartphone adoption with innovation and performance

FlexEnable partners with Flex to unveil conformed LCD for automotive applications

FlexEnable teamed up with Flex to design a flexible display that is incorporated into the A-pillar and paired with a camera attached to the wing mirror

Xerox adopts Thin Film Electronics' memory to fight counterfeiting

The printed memory solutions are aimed at supply-chain security applications and provide anti-counterfeiting capabilities for pharmaceutical products and governmental tax stamps

EU Project Treasores announces transparent silver electrode (TSE)

A transparent electrodes is required to replace ITO in applications such touch sensors, displays, OLED lighting, OPV, smart windows and EMI shielding

Issue - 32 | Monday, 21 Sep 2015

Foldable displays forecast to account for 51% of total display shipments by 2020

Foldable displays will grow to become the leading display type in terms of shipments by 2020

LG Electronics and LG Display continue to work to overcome differences

Rumours abound that cracks in their relationship are surfacing as the TV business of LG Electronics slows down, and each point the finger of blame at the other for the decline

Wide colour gamut displays to account for 25% of total display shipments by 2020

Display manufacturers are looking for emerging technologies to widen the colour gamut, and increase the high dynamic range of their displays, to gain a competitive advantage

Issue - 33 | Monday, 28 Sep 2015

DuPont Displays officially opens OLED materials scale-up facility

DuPont has been developing its suite of advanced OLED materials for the last 15 years, and these materials are suitable for both solution and evaporative applications

Belectric completes major OPV installation for African Union's Peace and Security building

Combining printing and coating processes with laser structuring has opened up a wide range of product options in terms of shape and design not previously available

Blackbody and LG Chem collaborate on a major OLED lighting art installation in the UK

The installation at Central Saint Martins Art School - is described as mixing traditional British classrooms’ architecture and contemporary lighting

Smartkem signs letters of intent with two Asian display manufacturers

The intention of these agreements is to transfer tru-FLEX technology into existing Asian production lines once process feasibility has been established

AMOLED market sees its largest quarter to date

Samsung Display’s AMOLED panel supply volume for Chinese companies and an increase in LG Display’s flexible OLED panel production for smartwatch drives growth

Ardeje launches OriginD100 digital printing platform

The Ardeje Origin D100 is suitable for a wide range of applications - printing research, process development and prototyping/low production volumes

Issue - 34 | Monday, 05 Oct 2015

Riken reaches 9% efficiency with polymer OPV and boosts thermal resistance

The research team have built on a previously developed organic semiconductor polymer PTzBT - originally announced in 2012

Cynora appoints Gildas Sorin as CEO with immediate effect

The appointment is expected to play a key role in taking Cynora forward to its next stage of commercialisation

Automotive OLED lighting enters production in 2016

BMW's new M4 GTS has two world-first technologies: OLED tail lights and a water-injected engine

Korea display manufacturers developing more AMOLED products as China ramps up LCD production

Large-area LCD panel capacity in China will increase 28.2% in 2016 and 17.7% in 2017, and growth driven by Chinese and Korean manufacturers building Gen 8.5 production in China

Issue - 35 | Monday, 12 Oct 2015

3M and Lotus Applied Technology complete ALD barrier technology license agreement

Lotus's product innovation will help 3M increase the performance of their ultra barrier films and offer cost-effective barrier solutions for customers in flexible electronics

Perovskite photovoltaic patent landscape report

Those companies that file early patents will clearly have a competitive advantage - understanding what patents are being filed will enable companies to avoid competition

Applied Materials announces two new thin-film encapsulation systems

These systems allow display makers to replace the rigid insulating front glass on the devices and bring to market bendable and curved displays

China panel manufacturers reported to make investment in flexible OLED display in 2016

China makers want to further compete with Samsung Display, which currently holds over a 90% share in the small- to medium-size OLED segment

SmartKem makes appointment to support technology transfer into Asia

The appointments follow a period of month-on-month growth for SmartKem that includes the signing of new business agreements in Asia

UK collaboration seeks to develop new ultra-barrier materials based on Graphene interlayers

Gravia will investigate the feasibility of producing graphene-based barrier films for next generation flexible OLED lighting and display products

Idemitsu Kosan opens Shanghai Office for OLED materials business

Shanghai has a well-developed national transportation network enabling the company to easily access OLED panel manufacturing and R&D facilities across China

Thinfilm receives pilot order of NFC OpenSense from Diageo

The order is scheduled for delivery during the fourth quarter of 2015 and continuing in the first half of 2016

Issue - 36 | Monday, 19 Oct 2015

LG Display to acquire OLED business from LG Chem

Consolidating OLED production of displays and lighting into a single company could enable LG Display to accelerate OLED lighting and reduce its costs

LG Chem launches 406mm x 50mm flexible OLED light panel

The new panel size was driven by customer feedback that longer length panels increases design options

Oxford PV raises £4.4 million of additional B round financing

The company now believes it is well capitalised to take our technology through the next stage of development towards commercial deployment

Panasonic sees Europe as key to developing its OLED TV strategy

If Panasonic adopts this strategy it may help the company remain profitable in 2015 and push Panasonic's overall TV shipments to an estimated 10 million by 2018

Korea panel manufacturers are seeing an increase in orders for OLED panels

Samsung will see its OLED display shipments to China increase six-fold in the fourth quarter compared with the four million it shipped in the first quarter of 2015

Dyesol receives funding support from ARENA for perovskite solar cell commercialisation

These targets were selected to demonstrate the technology-readiness of PSC for further commercially focused scale-up and development

Thinfilm Electronics receives project funding from FlexTech Alliance to extend sensor platform

Thinfilm plans to extend the scope and versatility of its proprietary technology and smart label platform, while maintaining alignment with established manufacturing processes

Issue - 37 | Monday, 26 Oct 2015

BMBF Research project focused on transparent organic photovoltaic gets underway

The first application system in this project aims to achieve a transmittance of 15-30 % at an efficiency of 8-10%

UDC Korea opens new headquarters and announces appointment of Soo Yung Jung as VP

UDC is making ongoing investments in Korea to support customer success and further expand and deepen the company's service capabilities

Samsung now supplying OLED displays for Apple Watch and may supply iPhone

Apple is seeking to diversity its OLED supply chain by increasing the number of providers of OLED displays for the Apple Watch

Corning Lotus NXT glass chosen for Samsung Display's LTPS-OLED Line

Samsung Display has selected Corning's Lotus NXT Glass as its backplane substrate because it enables higher-resolution, more energy-efficient displays

Metal oxide layers improve stability of perovskite photovoltaic

The researchers have extended the lifetime of perovskite by placing it between two layers of metal oxide, thereby stabilising perovskite solar cells exposed to air

Thin Film Electronics and Ypsomed partner to make medical devices "smart"

Ypsomed and Thinfilm are working together on the plans for the realisation of YpsoMate Smart as a further platform product of Ypsomed

Acuity Brands' Chalina OLED pendant wins "Lighting for Tomorrow Award"

The annual Lighting for Tomorrow competition was created in 2002 to recognize the best decorative, energy-efficient lighting fixtures in the market

Issue - 38 | Monday, 02 Nov 2015

OLEDWorks finalises acquisition of key parts of Philips' OLED light source business

OLEDWorks continues to offer the Lumiblade line of OLED lighting, committed to growing the market and delivering support

Thin Film Electronics and Ypsomed to deliver new generation of 'smart' medical devices

Ypsomed will invest more than US$ 51,200,000 in the coming years in the research and development of a new generation of injection and infusion systems

Stanley Electric to showcase OLED-based tail lamp that looks metallic when switched off

Stanley Electric considers that it is possible to commercialise the tail lamp by about 2020 especially if its thermal resistance can be improved

OLEDWorks expands product offering with the FL300L

The FL300L offers a rectangle panel that has the same superb performance of the FL300, but in a new format that provides the end-user a wider range of design options

LG Display is expected to finalise Gen 8 OLED investment plans in November

The reports suggest that LG Display will use the line to focus on the production of small- to medium-size flexible OLED displays in addition to large-size OLED TV panels

Issue - 39 | Monday, 09 Nov 2015

infinityPV announce the launch of their latest OPV product on Kickstarter

HeLi-on is a the most compact solar charger using organic photovoltaic devices that fits in your pocket

Xiaomi to receive production quantities of OLED displays from LG Display Q2/Q3 2016

LG Display is seeking to expand its OLED panle business and to relie less on parent company LG Electronics

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q3 2015

The company continues to invest in the development and scaling of sheet based and roll-to-roll production of logic, displays and batteries as well as roll-to-roll assembly

Universal Display announces third quarter 2015 financial results

Higher fab utilisation rates and new capacity coming on-line drives strong revenue, operating income and earnings in third quarter

Issue - 40 | Monday, 16 Nov 2015

Idemitsu and Doosan form cooperative partnership in OLED material business

Under this cooperative partnership, each company will be allowed to develop, manufacture and sell OLED materials in the area of the other company's material

Merck plans new investment in OLEDs

Korea is the first country outside Germany Merck has built an OLED research centre, increasing its commitment to technology firms like LG Display and Samsung Display

Samsung Display contemplates further investment in flexible OLED panel operations

The market opportunites for high-end flexible OLED displays is increasing beyond smartphones

Agfa Specialty Products enters into development agreement with MGI

The objective is to combine both Agfa's unique and complementary chemical know-how and MGI Digital Technology's industrial know-how

SmartKem announces high-level appointment to support business growth in Asia

The display marketplace is going through an important time as it makes the transition to flexible displays - an opportunity for SmartKem

Aixtron reports financial results for Q3 2015

Revenue growth was based on a wide range of different applications such as LEDs, laser, memory chips and power electronic

eMagin announces third quarter 2015 financial results

Financial performance did not meet expectations, but eMagin will further the company’s technological advantages in microdisplays to a view to generate profitable growth

Issue - 41 | Monday, 23 Nov 2015

LG Electronics installs world's large OLED signage

This one-of-a-kind OLED signage is installed at Incheon International Airport in Korea to introduce millions of travellers to the beauty of OLED

Dyesol is seeking to raise US$ 7 million of new investment

Dyesol will use this investment to pursue the scaling-up and commercialising of its Perovskite Solar Cell technology

SouthWest NanoTechnologies has filed for bankruptcy protection

In court documents submitted SouthWest estimated it had about US$5 million in assets and US$11.7 million in debts

Tandem solar cells using perovskite could reach 30% efficiency

Efficient solar cells are the key to low-cost renewable electricity and ancillary costs are reduced when the solar cells efficient improve which leads to smaller size photovoltaics

LG Display rumoured to be close to investing US$4.5 billion in new OLED production in Paju

What seems to be driving this decision is the possibility that Apple - the largest purchaser of display panels in the industry - is getting ever closer to adopting OLED panels in its devices

Heraeus and ITRI announce improvements in touch screen production

New stable industrial process for mass manufacturing using Clevios based films for touch screens and sensors improve manufacturing efficiency, and lower costs

Thinfilm announces changes to its executive management structure

The appointments are expected to accelerate Thin Film Electronics development and commercialisation strategy

Issue - 42 | Monday, 30 Nov 2015

Merck and Belectric develop new materials for OPV modules that open up new design options

Semi-transparent grey-coloured organic photovoltaic (OPV) modules are now available for building integrated organic photovoltaics (BIOPV)

Samsung is reported to be aiming to drop AMOLED pricing to within 10% of LCDs in 2016

China handset vendors are seen as the reason for this acceleration and are expected to be some of the biggest customers for Samsung in 2016

LG Display and LG Electronics planning to create large-area OLED sculptures

The sculptures will screen diverse content of artistic merit and aim to provide spectacle while advertising OLED’s astonishing picture quality

Belectric OPV and partners planning four organic pv building integrated installations in the South of France

Once feed-back from these communities has been made, follow-up projects in Ponson-Debats-Pouts, Pontiacq-Viellepinte and other villages will be carried out

Issue - 43 | Monday, 07 Dec 2015

EPFL researchers achieve 21% efficiency for perovskites solar cells

The rapid progress of perovskite photovoltaics demonstrates the extraordinary commercialisation potential of this revolutionary solar technology

Dyesol raises AU$8.1 million of new capital

The funds raised will be utilised to drive the commercialisation schedule of the Company

LG reported to be increasing development of OLED monitor displays

First products could hit the market towards the end of 2016

Rumours continue to suggest that Apple is likely to adopt OLED technology

The current rumours suggest the "iPhone 8" could be the first iPhone to adopt OLED technology with an expectation of a release date during 2018, although some believe it could be as late as 2019

Former AUO manager charged with leaking sensitive OLED technology to CSOT

Taiwanese panel manufacturers are being continuously put under pressure by Chinese panel manufacturers

Issue - 44 | Monday, 14 Dec 2015

Solliance and Holst Centre launch new R2R pilot production coating tool

Sharing investments on roll-to-roll manufacturing is an ideal strategy to enable low cost production of flexible electronics and seen as essential to remain competitive and ahead

Worldwide sales of mobile panels hit record in 2015-Q3

AMOLED reaches 18% market share of unit shipments

Samsung is reported to be starting production of transparent OLED panels this month

These large area transparent OLED display are reported to be heading to major US retailers and luxury hotels

Thin Film Electronics begins delivery of NFC OpenSense pilot-orders to key customers

The company expects to see NFC-enabled products with Thinfilm’s OpenSense technology to reach market early in 2016

Kyoto University develops new material that will push perovskite solar cells towards 20% efficiency

Perovskite solar cells manufactured using solution processing are expected to offer solar power at a dramatically lower cost compared to alternative solar cells

Issue - 45 | Monday, 28 Dec 2015

Thin Film Electronics and Jones Packaging form partnership

The partnership will focus on integrating NFC OpenSense technology into paperboard cartons for OTC medicine, Jones has placed a six-figure unit order for NFC OpenSense

AMOLED now accounts for 18% of the smartphone market - and is growing

Unit shipments of 5.0-inch-and-larger displays grew 21% to reach 247 million units in Q3, smartphone displays smaller than 5.0 inches fell 6% to 156 million units

eMagin to raise US$6.0 million in equity offering

The funds are expected to provide the capital to upgrade manufacturing equipment, balance production line and improve yield

Thin Film Electronics to create open-source "IoT" platform

The focus of TagItSmart is to create a global-scale IoT platform - built on open-source architecture - to support trillions of intelligent items and the data they generate