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OSA Direct Archive for 2016 - Volume - 14

Issue - 1 | Monday, 04 Jan 2016

CPI and Beneq sign collaboration agreement

The collaboration agreement follows on from CPI’s recent installation of two atomic layer deposition tools from Beneq for the development of conformal nano-scale coatings

LG Display unveils new OLED display technology at CES 2016

LG continues to offer the market and customers responding quickly to trends in the expanding OLED market, including the fast-growing automotive and signage sectors

Panasonic develops stretchable substrate for stretchable and flexible electronics

A novel insulating substrate that can be stretched to 2.5 times the original size and then return to the original form

Korean panel makers to invest US$12.8 bn in OLED equipment to supply Apple

The investments will be primarily allocated to equipment for flexible OLED displays - and could deliver between 60,000 - 90,00 substrates per month

Skyworth aiming to sell 200,000 OLED TVs during 2016

The majority of the TVs will offer HDR and 4K ultra HD display resolution at 3840 x 2160 pixels and will be equipped with OLED display panels from LG Display

FEDC and PARC develop world's largest flexible x-ray detector

The prototypes uses a-Si technologies on a flexible substrate and the flexible x-ray sensor was coupled to a tablet device for control and image viewing

Issue - 2 | Monday, 11 Jan 2016

AMOLED and LTPS to increase their share of the smartphone market in 2016

More manufacturers of mid-range smartphones are adopting FHD display, as panel makers continue to lower their prices for LTPS products while expanding their capacities

Applied Nanodetectors and CPI to develop a needle-free "breathalyser" for daily diabetes testing

Applied Nanodetectors is developing a simple breathalyser that will give diabetics a non invasive method for monitoring their daily glucose levels

New research suggests that OLED gaining traction in smart window market

Early markets include the US, Japan and Europe, and some early providers of the technology include Cardinal Glass Industries, Guardian Industries and PPG Industries

eMagin signs licensing agreement for immersive headset intellectual property

Our immersive headset has four times the resolution of alternative cellphone based VR headsets and provides a more realistic, 'screen-door'- free image

Issue - 3 | Monday, 18 Jan 2016

FlexEnable and ISORG reveal "first" large-area organic electronic fingerprint and vein sensor

The technology is capable of measuring not only the fingerprint, but also the configuration of veins in the fingers

Thin Film Electronics and Tata Consulting Services form global alliance

The partnership aims to create new retail experience by combining NFC technology and retail solutions

CPI announce acquisition of CIT Technology Limited's assets and know-how

This specialist rapid prototyping service enables clients to buy reliable conductive circuits for proof of concept and developmental work extremely quickly and at low cost

LG Display expected to reach 90% utilisation for 4K OLED TV panels

The report said that LG Display has already reached similar utilisations for Full HD OLED panels and expects 4K applications to rise by the end of 2016

EPFL scientists develop hole-transport material that lowers perovskite solar costs and still reaches 20.2% efficiency

To address this problem, a team of researchers at EPFL developed a molecularly engineered hole-transporting material, called FDT

Issue - 4 | Monday, 25 Jan 2016

Japan Display to produce OLED smartphone panels from 2018

Rumours continue that Apple is gearing up to adopt OLED displays in iPhones and iPads - Japan Display as a strategic partner to Apple is well placed to take advantage of this move

Xerox Research Centre and NanoIntegris advance flexible electronic devices

A thin film transistor package combines a novel dielectric ink with a high purity SWCNT ink that improves the overall performance of printed high-mobility p-type transistors

University of Tokyo develop flexible and transparent pressure sensor

These pressure sensors can wrap around and conform to the shape of the fingers while still accurately measuring pressure distribution at 144 location simulateoulsy

Applied Graphene Materials raises £8.5m in shares sale

The fundraising followed a year of good progress in developing our commercial pipeline, including collaborations with a number of blue chip international partners

New organic pv device architecture improves efficiency by 50%

Modifying the material composition at the vicinity of the electrode opens the possibility to enhance the energy gap between the electrodes and thus also the built-in potential

LG Display sees 2015-Q4 profits fall to lowest level as panel demand weakens

LG Display said the company faces a difficult environment in 2016-Q1 and is planning to invest 460 billion won to increase significantly the mass production of OLED panels

The University of Granada officially opens it new Graphene Laboratory

The new facilities will allow the fabrication of different types and forms of graphene as well as the development of electronic nanodevices for IoT, biosensors, and 'wearable'

Issue - 5 | Monday, 01 Feb 2016

Konica Minolta exhibits flexible OLED lighting panels at Lighting Japan 2016

Konica Minolta is expected to reach a global market share of 16.7% for OLED lighting in 2020, and LG Display to have a market share of 20%

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology develops a novel organic photovoltaic module architecture

Using an innovative series connection based on charge recombination that occurs at the contacts between charge transport layers large-area OPV modules can be easily fabricated

Smartkem achieves 529kHz for solution processed five-stage ring oscillator organic circuit

A stage delay of 189 ns is the shortest reported to date for a solution-processed p-type semiconductor and compares favourably with evaporated small molecules circuits

Nagase and Inkron collaborate to develop novel OLED and on-cell touch sensor materials

The collaboration relates to photo-patternable dielectric and light control materials, with unique optical properties and excellent processing suitability for OLED can be realised

LG Display announces world's first OLED lighting convergence with furniture

LG Display's OLED lighting business has plans to build on this collaboration

The CPEIA forms the IntelliPACK Leadership Council

The Council will organise project committees and seminars, provide assistance with education programs, and monitor government initiatives in respect of the intelligent packaging industry, with the goal of bringing to market new products and applications

Issue - 6 | Monday, 08 Feb 2016

Heliatek announces new world record for an organic photovoltaic cell of 13.2%

The newly developed cells corresponds to the output of conventional solar cells with 16% to 17% efficiency when both are operated under real world conditions

Haydales acquires invention from Swansea University

The new invention relates to heatable articles, in particular clothing and bedding, incorporating carbon nanomaterial-based heaters

Umeå University develops method that enables ultra fast charge transport in polymers

Their results, which enhance charge transport in polymers by more than 1,000 times, have implications for organic opto-electronic devices

A cost-effective method for mass production of printed flexible graphene-based electronics

This green, low-cost and versatile approach will enable in situ transfer of multiple electronic devices and it requires neither a clean room nor organic solvents

UK collaboration to develop printed sensing technology for metal tooling applications

The Intelligent Tooling project will seek to develop a prototype tooling insert with embedded sensing capability, designed to withstand and exceed the harsh environmental conditions that are present in metal machining

Issue - 7 | Monday, 15 Feb 2016

Sumitomo to exhibit OLED Lighting at Light+Building 2016 and start commercial sales in April

Sumitomo Chemical says that they are planning to start selling OLED lighting panels in April this year - with a view to further expand the company's OLED lighting business

Samsung Display moves full steam ahead with flexible OLED production

Samsung Electronics plans to secure facilities with a monthly production capacity of 9 million flexible OLED panels for the Galaxy S7 Edge

CPI and Heidelberg Instruments develop R2R digital lithography tool for OTFTs

The new tool is available on an open access basis, allowing companies to progress their current sheet processes towards roll to roll production of flexible OTFT arrays

Thin Film Electronics receives order from Global FMCG Leader for NFC speedtap tags

The Company expects NFC-enabled products featuring Thinfilm's OpenSense technology to reach the market in first-half of 2016

Issue - 8 | Monday, 22 Feb 2016

Woodford Investment Management invests US$ 42 million in Thin Film Electronics

Thin Film Electronics continues to raise finances as its pursues the development and commercialisation of printed electronics and smart systems

FlexEnable showcases "first" wrist-worn, conformable OLCD for wearable applications

Flexible displays are driving a paradigm shift enabling greater levels of innovation in wearable applications

Flexible AMOLED panel manufacturers expand production capacity in 2016

Unit-shipment share of flexible AMOLED is expected to grow to 40% of total AMOLED panel shipments in 2020

CPI Graphene Centre opens for business

The centre offers access to scale-up capability in the development of graphene, printable and formulation based products

Epson announces world's lightest OLED binocular see-through smart glasses

With OLED we can take advantage of reductions in power usage and weight, and improvements in response times, HD resolution, brightness and contrast

Thin Film Electronics and Constantia Flexibles partner to deliver smart packaging solutions to the beverages market

These collaborative efforts aim to position Constantia Flexibles as a leading Thinfilm preferred converter partner moving forward

Leo Burnett/Arc and Thin Film Electronics announce exclusive technology partnership

Technology affords people the opportunity to plan, shop, and buy on their own terms anytime and anywhere

Thin Film Electronics and SmartSign partner to combat counterfeit products in Vietnam

NFC OpenSense technology delivers product authentication and consumer engagement capabilities to brand owners and government agencies

Issue - 9 | Monday, 29 Feb 2016

Universal Display and OSRAM announce collaboration for OLED lighting

OLED with its ultrathin form factor and manufacturability on flexible substrates, means OLEDs can be made in almost any shape, and made transparent can emit light from both sides

Pi-Scale EU funded consortium gets underway to establish open access OLED lighting pilot line

An open pilot line creates an opportunity for a wide range of companies to get flexible OLED technology out of the research and development phase and into products

Kyushu University develops long lifetime TADF materials for OLED displays and lighting

TADF materials themselves can be very stable, making them really promising for future displays and lighting, and has the potential to solve the challenge of efficient and stable blue emission

Kyulux received US$13,000,000 investment to develop OLED materials

Kyulux aims to develop TADF materials for OLED displays and lighting for commercialisation by 2018

BASF announce new organic semiconductor inks for printed electronics

This recent development is expected to further reduce the size of transistors and enable higher resolution LCD or OLED screens on plastic substrates to be manufactured

Universal Display announces fourth quarter and full year 2015 financial results

Fourth quarter results were less-than-anticipated, primarily due to year-end inventory management by customers and product mix weighing more to our lower priced emitters

Barbadillo to use Thin Film Electronics NFC technology to authenticate bottles of rare sherry

Barbadillo family felt compelled to protect the sherry - given the rarity of this release and its significance to the family

Issue - 10 | Monday, 07 Mar 2016

EU project TREASORES concludes successfully

The project has since produced seven patent applications, a dozen peer-reviewed publications and provided inputs to international standards organisations

EU funded project CHEOPS gets underway

Perovskite semiconductors have generated great interest in photovoltaics research as they promise to enable the production of extremely efficient and very low cost solar cells

China panel makers striving to develop flexible AMOLED

The rapidly developing market for flexible AMOLE dhas triggered an grwoing and active interest from Chinese panel manufacturers

New research unveils graphene "moth eyes" to power future smart technologies

Solar cells coated with this material would be able to harvest very dim light, new types of sensors and energy harvesters would also benefit from this type of coating

Novaled, IAPP and Technical University of Dresden honoured by German Physical Society

The DPG honours these institutions for their success in developing scientific findings in the field of technologies and organic materials for the commercial production of OLEDs

Aixtron reports financial results for Q4 2015 and full financial year 2015

Excluding LEDs, Aixtron registered their best year in a long time by partially tripling the company's revenues driven by optoelectronics for laser and infrared LEDs, photovoltaics and power electronics

Issue - 11 | Monday, 14 Mar 2016

Merck, CPI and Polysolar collaborate on organic BIPV project

The output of the project will be to produce large-scale organic photovoltaic devices using sustainable, low-cost manufacturing processes

OLED materials used to produce OLED display panels grew 12% in 2015

Revenues from organic materials used to produce OLED displays also grew 12 percent year over year, reaching US$465 million in 2015, is expected to amount to US$1.8 billion in 2018

Panasonic joins Solliance on perovskite R2R production research programme

Panasonic will conduct feasibility studies on the possibility of large scale roll-to-roll production of printed perovskite photovoltaics

OLEDWorks announce new addition to the product range

The Keuka module uses Lumiblade OLED panels and will be available in several finishing levels allowing customers to have full control of the final design, look and feel of the product

LG Display to showcase innovative OLED Light products and solutions at Light+Building 2016

OLED light is already creating new markets and is set to become part of everyday life and will transform the lighting industry

LG Electronics launches 65-inch 4K ultra HD OLED digital signage

LG is now expanding the OLED reach to end-users in the commercial arena for a truly immersive viewing experience that's unlike anything they've ever seen

CPI announces new roll to roll slot die/screen printing and encapsulation capability

The new installation will allow companies to characterise and optimise coating capabilities using a range of different coating techniques

Issue - 12 | Monday, 21 Mar 2016

LG Display commits to building the world's first Gen 5 OLED lighting panel manufacturing facility

The ability to make large area panels will enable the company to penetrate the general lighting market

Aixtron reaches a key milestone on the company's way to large-format OLED production

The proprietary core elements specially designed by Aixtron for the OVPD process have been scaled and optimised for Gen-8.5 substrate sizes

LG Display expanding AMOLED capacity

By 2018 LG Display's total AMOLED production capacity will be more than 3.6x the production capacity operating in 2015

Issue - 13 | Monday, 28 Mar 2016

Photon recycling promises perovskite efficiency gains

Perovskite materials can recycle light particles – a finding which could lead to a new generation of affordable, high-performance solar cells

Thin Film Electronics Q4 2015 and full-year 2015 financials

The 20% increase in sales revenue year-on-year is a result of increasing product related revenue and technology transfer revenue

eMagin announces fourth quarter and full year 2014 financial results

eMagin shipped fewer displays in 2015 in comparison to 2014, but at a higher average selling price, reflecting the shift in demand to advanced, higher priced products

Issue - 14 | Monday, 04 Apr 2016

Kyulux raises US$ 13.5 million in series A financing

Samsung Display, LG Display, Japan Display and JOLED, Japanese venture capital funds, and a Japanese Government affiliated venture fund participated in the funding round

Taiyo makes investment in Jilin OLED

Through this investment, TNSC has acquired the exclusive sales rights to Jilin OLED's products in the global market

LG Display to build OLED display module factory in Vietnam

LG Display will invest US$100 million to establish a local office and begin construction of the factory later this year, with operations during next year

Foxconn Technology (Hon Hai) Group plans to invest 200 billion yen in OLED technology

The investment may go toward OLED production lines being set up by Hon Hai and Sharp in a flat panel plant - Sakai Display Products

OLEDWorks receives NYSERDA grant to research on energy saving lighting for healthcare

OLEDWorks will collaborate with the Highland Hospital, a team of doctors and nurses will provide feedback on the white and amber OLED lighting system

Silent Sensors work with CPI to develop printed sensor technology for automotive tyres

UK SME Silent Sensors has recently moved to CPI’s National Printable Electronics Centre in order to scale up their patented tyre sensor technology

Pragmatic validates model of their process for scaling up production of flexible ICs

The FlexLogIC system aims to offer the capacity for billions of flexICs per year at a capital cost between 100 and 1000 times lower than a silicon fab

Issue - 15 | Monday, 11 Apr 2016

Hong Kong Polytechnic develops Perovskite-Silicon tandem solar cells with 25.5% efficiency

Hong Kong Polytechnic's research team achieves this world record efficiency by making use of three innovative approaches

ITRI actively setting up roll-to-roll flexible OLED lighting production line

The front-end process of the OLED lighting panel production line is now installed and it is expected that it will initially produce around 700 panels a month at the beginning of 2017

Printed organic transistors pave the way for intelligent windows

Researchers at DTU Energy has found a way to integrate printed electronics and printed solar cells with an electrochromic organic sheet, resulting in a device which can operate without batteries

Sharp develops bendable OLED panel

Sharp plans to invest 200 billion yen (US$ 1.84 billion) into the OLED business over four years

Aixtron partners with Institut Lafayette on further advancement of OVPD technology

Institut Lafayette is ready for tests with potential customers and committed to further validate OVPD as the next generation deposition technology of choice

Haydale signs agreement for screen printable graphene ink aimed at the sensor market

Haydale forms joint development and supply agreement with Dowton to create screen printable graphene inks and pastes that can be customised to meet customer needs

Issue - 16 | Monday, 18 Apr 2016

University of Tokyo develops ultra-thin organic material for wearable e-skin display

University of Tokyo researchers have developed an ultrathin, ultraflexible, protective layer and demonstrated its use by creating an air-stable, OLED display

ITRI showcases innovative OLED lighting for automotive applications

ITRI aims to launch innovative LED and OLED applications, to create diverse smart lighting values and upgrade Taiwan's LED and OLED lighting technology

Idemitsu's OLED material to be used in LG Electronics' forthcoming large-area OLED TV

Idemitsu also has many related patents and manufacturing plants in both Japan and South Korea, and supplies materials to a variety of manufacturers

Samsung is reported to begin supplying OLED panels to Apple

Under the deal, Samsung Display will supply around 100 million units of 5.5-inch panels annually, the expected value of the order will be US$2.59 billion

Graphene sensor detects harmful air pollution in the home

The research group are aiming to bring the two technologies together to create ultra-low-power environmental sensor systems that can detect single molecules

Graphenea increases production capacity with Aixtron BM Pro graphene deposition tool

This new system is part of our large investment program to introduce graphene technology in commercial devices

Schott receives 2016 German Industry Innovation Award for ultra-thin glass

Schott using a variety of glass types and proprietary down-draw technology, can reliably produce a portfolio of ultra-thin glasses down to a minimum thickness of 0.025 mm

Issue - 17 | Monday, 25 Apr 2016

Flexible OLED/graphene smartphone makes its debut at a recent Chinese tradeshow

The assumption is that the flexible display is an OLED panel with a graphene based touchscreen

Korea government to provide subsidies so Korean OLED manufacturers remain competitive

The announcement aims to reduce the impact the increasing oversupply of LCD panels will have on the commercial performance of Samsung and LG Display

Fraunhofer FEP develops ultra- high micropattening for OLEDs - achieving 12700 dpi

The patented technology uses an electron beam process which takes place after finalising the OLED including the encapsulation

University of Illinois researchers develop novel 1-step graphene patterning method

This approach demonstrates a new possibility to overcome limitations imposed by existing post-synthesis processes to achieve graphene micro-patterning

Issue - 18 | Monday, 02 May 2016

Cynora announces significant progress in highly efficient blue materials for OLEDs

The TADF technology combines high efficiency (which the company claims is three times better than the state-of-the-art fluorescence technology) together with long lifetime

LG Display to invest US$ 386 million in building OLED production at Gumi

The company plans to use the investment to extend its technological know-how in smartphone and wearable device displays to foldable and automotive products

Completion of Flex-o-Fab project signals next stage of flexible OLED industrialisation

By developing reliable processes for manufacturing OLEDs on plastic foils, Flex-o-Fab has successfully taken flexible OLEDs from lab to fab

IHS says that AMOLED growth is a bright spot for the display industry

Many of the obstacles to AMOLED development, such as production inefficiencies, yield-rate management issues, higher investment costs and a short lifetime were also resolved in 2015

Issue - 19 | Monday, 09 May 2016

Solliance announces "first" scaled-up perovskite based PV modules with 10% efficiency

The challenge is to scale-up perovskite cells to larger size industrially process-able modules with high efficiency and long lifetimes at low cost

OLED displays can activate live cells that are genetically programmed to respond to light

Exposure to blue OLED light from pixels directly underneath cells enabled individual targeted cells to be stimulated, while neighbouring cells remained stayed inactive

Fraunhofer FEP fabricates glass-on-glass lamination for large-area OLEDs right from the roll

Fraunhofer FEP has had success not only in applying OLEDs to flexible ultra-thin glass, but also in encapsulating the devices using an additional thin glass layer in a single roll-to-roll manufacturing step

Acuity Brands launches new luminaires based on balancing LED and OLED technologies

By balancing OLED and LED in a single luminaire AcuityBrands has developed a cost competitive lighting solutions that neither technology could achieve alone

Universal Display announces financial results for first quarter 2016

Commercial emitter revenues grew 8% year-over-year, driven by strong green emitter shipments, while host material sales, in line with expectations, declined year-over-year

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q1 2016

The company is preparing to increase production capacity by development of roll-to-roll manufacturing processes that is expected to see up to a billion-unit scale

South China University of Technology researchers develop versatile electron transport/hole blocking materials

Preliminary finding show power efficiency of 41 lm/W @ 1000 cd m-2 and half lifetime t50 of around 40 hours at an initial luminance of ~10,000 cdm-2 for green phosphorescent OLED

Issue - 20 | Monday, 16 May 2016

Japan Display to mass produce OLED displays in 2018, and signs technology agreement with SEL

Production initially should be the equivalent of 3,000 smartphone screens a month, with output reaching 1 million per month later and 5 million in 2018

Screen starts commercial production of Gen 6 polyimide coating for OLED panel manufacturing

These machines can uniformly coat Gen-6 substrates with polyimide to a thickness of 10 microns in less than 120 seconds

Fraunhofer FEP showcases devarnishing by electron beam

The specialised properties of electron beam technology open up several important advantages compared to other processes for devarnishing layers

Thin Film Electronics and Hopsy deliver smart beer to craft brew market

Hopsy has developed a compelling service for the craft beer markets, and technology can play in growing its business and the businesses of its clients

Issue - 21 | Monday, 23 May 2016

Aixtron set to be acquired by Chinese Investors

The transaction values Aixtron’s equity, including net cash, at approx 670 million Euros and reflects a 50.7% premium to the three-month volume weighted average share price

Kateeva raises US$88 million in new funding round from Chinese investors

The funds will be used to accelerate new product development, expand manufacturing at the company's Silicon Valley offices, and strengthen customer infrastructure in Asia

Imec and Solliance partners announce the "first-ever" semi-transparent perovskite PV-module

Stand-alone perovskite solar modules feature excellent power conversion efficiencies and can be manufactured with simple fabrication technologies, such as coating and printing

Dai Nippon Printing to invest Yen 6.0 bn in facility expansion evaporation masks for OLEDs

Further expand the strengths of the world's top market share by raising the production capacity by 300%

eMagin announces first quarter 2016 financial results

eMagin are encouraged by expanding end markets for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Night Vision applications leveraging the company's OLED technology

Issue - 22 | Monday, 30 May 2016

Canatu and E Ink team up to make flexible touch displays for wearables

One-Plastic Solution (OPS) is an all-in-one touch solution incorporating a display window, touch sensor and decoration, and is specifically targeted to the wearable market

High frequency, stretchable circuits could yield new era of wearable electronics

The unique structure has been inspired by twisted-pair telephone cables - essentially, they contain two ultra-tiny intertwining power transmission lines in repeating S-curves

E Ink announces advanced colour ePaper for signage applications

This is the first time an electrophoretic display (EPD) can produce full colour at every pixel without the use of a colour filter array

Thin Film Electronics appoints new Chief Finanical Officer

Mr. Thorsnes will join Thinfilm's executive management team reporting to CEO Davor Sutija, and act as secretary to the Board of Directors

Issue - 23 | Monday, 06 Jun 2016

LG Electronics sets plans to sell more than 900,000 OLED televisions during 2016

By increasing product offerings, the company hopes to supply more OLED panels to TV makers outside the LG group, with the aim is to stimulate the market for OLED TVs

KAIST and POSTECH researchers develop graphene-based transparent electrodes for highly efficient flexible OLEDs

Under this approach, graphene-based OLEDs exhibit 40.8% of ultrahigh external quantum efficiency (EQE) and 160.3 lm/W of power efficiency

LG Electronics to ship dual-view flat OLED commercial display in July 2016

The Dual-View Flat OLED display offers a space-efficient view to provide customers a two-sided media experience in Full HD (1920x1080) resolution, and three different installation options – ceiling suspension, wall-mount and floor stand

eMagin announces ultra-high brightness direct patterned full-colour OLED microdisplay

eMagin believes that ultra-high brightness OLED-ULT technology is at the cusp of enabling the next generation of AR/VR applications which demand ultra-high brightness, full colour imagery with extremely high contrast, compact size and very low power

CPEIA and IEEE sign MOU to promote adoption of printable, flexible electronics

This MOU will open opportunities for the printable electronics industry to use IEEE's technical research, industry and standards development base for developing solutions

Issue - 24 | Monday, 13 Jun 2016

Alderley Park Ventures invests in NeuDrive's printable electronics platform

The APV funding will support Neudrive's proof of concept work in biosensors and commercialisation of the FlexOS organic semiconductor inks platform in flexible displays

University of Manchester spins-out new graphene company

Graphene Enabled plans to create a range of products such as composite materials, flexible conductive inks, high-performance electronic components and energy strorage devices such as batteries and capacitors

Picosun announces large-area ALD tools for printed electronics

Flexible, invisible, and practically weightless ALD films form dense and pinhole-free encapsulation over the components' surface, down to the smallest nanoscale details

Chinese display panel manufacturers actively establishing AMOLED production facilities

Chinese vendors are forecast to ship 88 million smartphones with AMOLED display panels in 2016, accounting for 19% of all smartphones to be shipped by Chinese vendors

Official opening of the Center for Organic & Printed Electronics - Hellas (COPE-H)

Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association (HOPE-A) and the JAPEC (Japan Advanced Printed Electronics Consortium) also signed a cooperation agreement

Issue - 25 | Monday, 20 Jun 2016

Universal Display announces strategic acquisition of Adesis

Adesis is a critical technology vendor to companies in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, biomaterials, and catalyst industries, and has worked with Universal Display over the last few years

IGNIS announces signing a patent license agreement with LG Display

The efforts of IGNIS over the last 10 years have been focused on circuit technology as a viable solution for material and device issues inherent in emissive displays

Heliatek deploys with Kandil Steel its first large BIOPV project on African continent

The company is working on new solutions for distributed energy generation because of rising energy prices and declining government subsidies

Samsung plans to increase production of OLED display panels by more than 50%

OLED production will account for around 80% of Samsung's capital investment in its panel business this year

IHS OLED TV shipments in 2020 to reach 5,800,000 units

IHS revised the forecasts down from 8,500,000 due in part to low yields and Samsung not entering the market

BMBF funded R2D2 project on flexible OLEDs concludes

Fraunhofer FEP was able to demonstrate through this project for the first time that ultra-thin flexible glass is able to be coated and processed roll-to-roll

Aixtron announces perovskite solar cell research project PeroBOOST

The aim of the project is to investigate the stability of the solar cells and to develop processes and materials to enhance stability

Issue - 26 | Monday, 27 Jun 2016

Universal Display acquires BASF's OLED IP for €87 million

Largely consisting of phosphorescent materials and technologies, BASF’s OLED portfolio has an average lifetime of 10 years

Raynergy Tek achieves OPV with power conversion efficiency of 11.51% using halogen-free ink

Raynergy Tek believes that going beyond 11% efficiency using halogenated free ink is an important step forward for both the company and the green energy industry

Samsung Display AMOLED shipments to increase to 560 million units in 2019

Apple is expected to launch iPhones with AMOLED displays in 2017, Samsung Display's could supply 40 million units in 2017, 80 million units in 2018 and 120 million units in 2019

Samsung Display and LG Display continue expanding AMOLED capacities

Demand for smartphone-use AMOLED panels from Samsung Electronics and Apple alone in 2019 will exceed 420 million units

Heliatek organic photovoltaic films installed on RWE Biogas facility

About 95m2 of HeliaFilm have been installed directly on profiled steel panels of the fermenter façade, and is considered to be a world first for such a technology approach

Thin Film Electronics and Mario & Donato make luxury handbags smart

The two companies are integrating Thinfilm's NFC SpeedTap tags into Maria & Donato's handbags to battle counterfeiting and address growing concerns of fraud within the broader luxury goods market

Issue - 27 | Monday, 04 Jul 2016

Perovskite photovoltaics could reach 31%

Scientists discovered a large difference in energy conversion efficiency between facets on individual grains, with poorly performing facets adjacent to highly efficient facets

LG to begin mass production of plastic OLED panels next year

The new equipment will be placed at the firm's E5 production line for which LG Display invested 1.5 trillion won in July last year in its bid to meet growing demand for flexible displays used for such products as smartphones and automobiles

Kateeva's OLED inkjet printer could be adopted by Samsung within two years

The printing system will improve production efficiency by two times compared to the current OLED panel production technology

Thin Film Electronics partners with global pharma company to create NFC technology platform for medical devices

The partnership with one of the world's leading pharma companies is focused on delivering such a solution by making medical devices smart

Issue - 28 | Monday, 11 Jul 2016

IHS forecast rise in flexible displays due to the growth in wearables and mobile devices

Flexible displays for tablet PCs, near-eye virtual reality devices, automotive monitors and OLED TVs expected by 2022

NHK demonstrates new OLED device with long lifetimes and high water/oxygen-resistant

The latest OLED device is based on the "inverted OLED (iOLED)" technology used a new organic material and an additive for the electron injection layer of the red iOLED device

SEL shows 8k OLED display features 120Hz drive frequency and 12-bit colour

To realise the 13.3 inch display with 8k resolution at 664ppi the numbers of transistors and capacitors in each pixel were reduced to three and one, respectively

NIMS achieves 18.2% efficiency using 1cm2 perovskite photovoltaics

The NIMS research group achieved energy conversion efficiency exceeding 18% using standard size perovskite solar cells by reducing electrical resistance within the solar cells

Issue - 29 | Monday, 18 Jul 2016

Ritdisplay files for IPO to expand production by 20% to meet growing OLED demands

Ritdsiplay see soaring orders as OLED demands for wearable devices and other emerging applications increases, its production capacities are running at high utilisation rates

Cynora appoints Dr. Andreas Haldi as Chief Marketing Officer

The appointment of the new CMO is a significant signal of Cynora's further development and its forthcoming market entry

Aixtron and researchers partners begin HEA2D project

HEA2D consortium aims to create basis for end-to-end processing chain for high-volume manufacturing of innovative 2D nanomaterial products

LG Display increases shipment of large-area OLED panels to 140,000 units

LG Display shipment of 65 inch OLED panels also increases to 28,000 units

Issue - 30 | Monday, 25 Jul 2016

LG Display to invest US$1.75 billion for flexible OLED display production line

LG Display aims to complete the new facility by 2018, with 30,000 Gen-6 OLED sheets per month, these flexible OLED panels are expected to be mainly used in high-end smartphones and smartwatches

OLED to become the leading smartphone display technology by 2020

IHS Markit believes that Apple's upcoming adoption of OLED displays will be a milestone for OLED in the display industry

Scientists make discovery that could lead to higher efficient perovskite solar cells

According to the researchers this discovery could also lead to new sensors for oxygen and water vapour

Samsung rumoured to be stopping transparent OLED panel production

Although everyone liked transparent displays not enough wanted to buy one

Issue - 31 | Monday, 01 Aug 2016

Universal Display and Tianma Micro-electronics enter into OLED patent license agreements

Additionally, Universal Display will supply phosphorescent OLED materials to Tianma Micro-electronics for use in its licensed products

NREL scientists develop technique to improve perovskite photovotaics

The researchers boosted efficiency to 19% by converted a low-quality perovskite film with pinholes and small grains into a high-quality film without pinholes and with large grains

DoE funds researchers to develop chalcogenide perovskite thin films for solar cell devices

The long-term goal is to produce chalcogenide perovskites solar cells that are highly efficient, and also able to be manufactured at a low cost at a commercially viable scale

Universal Display announces financial results for second quarter 2016

Universal Display expects strong revenue growth in 2017, as new OLED production from the multi-year capital expenditure cycle is slated to start

Issue - 32 | Monday, 15 Aug 2016

OSAD Direct was on holiday last week

The weekly newsletter was not produced last week as it took a short summer break

Pixelligent closes US$10.4 million in funding

Capital will boost capacity for North American manufacturing, drive Asian expansion, and continue innovation in solid state lighting and OLED display applications

Taiwan's Government to invest NT $100 billion (US$3.2 bn) in OLED technology development

The government working through Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) plans to support the building of a flexible OLED display supply chain

Kyulux licenses Harvard's deep learning artificial intelligence platform for OLED development

In addition three key researchers who developed the system have chosen to join Kyulux's computational chemistry group in Boston

Smartkem expands UK process capability to support its service offering to customers in Asia

The investment in state-of-the-art equipment and personnel enables Smartkem to focus on developing processes and formulations that speeds up the technology transfer process to customers

Issue - 33 | Monday, 22 Aug 2016

LG Display to build a business case for OLED interior lighting for automobiles

With limited space inside the car, the thinness and lightness of the OLED light panels are ideal, giving a luxurious and glamorous feel for passengers

Pragmatic Printing awarded Eur 1.6 million to develop production equipment

Flexlogic "fab-in-a-box" aims to scale production capacity to billions of flexible integrated circuits driving the mass adoption of flexible electronics

Fraunhofer FEP carried out cytocompatibility studies of OLEDs on cell cultures

Researchers studied the potential effects of toxic substances that may diffuse from OLEDs due to electrical or mechanical operations and could alter the characteristics of cells

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q2 2016

The increase in sales revenue, year on year, is primarily due to the kick off of a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with the announced global pharmaceutical company

eMagin enters into early warrant exercise transaction

A portion of the proceeds from the transaction will be utilised to fund the Company’s growth initiatives with consumer AR/VR partnerships and for the Company’s consumer product launch in Q4 2016

Issue - 34 | Monday, 29 Aug 2016

Mbraun Group acquisition of CreaPhys receives full board approval

The acquisition represents an important step as MBraun continues to transform its business to meet the changing needs of customers in today's worldwide markets

Heliatek announces successful implementation of 2nd phase of BIOPV pilot project

HeliaFilm is being rigorously tested under the tropical weather conditions of Singapore to provide new urban fit energy solutions for the ever growing cities of Asia

Enfucell to raise new sources of funds via crowdfunding campaign

Enfucell pursues this round of funding through crowdfunding instead of venture capital funding, as it aims to broaden its investor base in preparation for a potential IPO

Dyesol and partners awarded £800,000 EPSRC grant application

The background to this proposed research is the recent joint discovery by Dyesol and Cristal that halide modified titania (TiO2) surfaces in Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) devices can provide a significant performance uplift

Issue - 35 | Monday, 05 Sep 2016

Merck opens new OLED materials production plant in Darmstadt

This €30 million investment aims to strengthens Merck's position in the OLED materials business with a five-fold increase in capacity

LG Electronics showcases world's largest OLED exhibit

The LG booth consisted of 216 separate 55-inch curved OLED panels to create a stunning 5m tall, 7.4m wide and 15m long stunning and immersive OLED tunnel

Smartkem awarded €1.8m EU grant to speed-up adoption of organic semiconductor backplanes

The two-year project will focus on the industrialisation and transfer of their organic semiconductor platform over large area plastic substrates using slit coat processing

Evoled aims become a major player in OLED materials

Evoled is a Latvia start-up developing and commercialisation lanthanide aromatic carboxylates as emitters for OLED displays

LG Display showcases OLED light panels at IFA 2016 in Berlin

The 80 flexible OLED light panels were installed in the middle of the pavilion ceiling with 700 100mm x 100mm rigid square OLED light panels forming the OLED light constellation

eMagin announces second quarter 2016 financial results

eMagin remain encouraged by expanding end markets for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and military applications that can leverage the company's OLED technology

Issue - 36 | Monday, 12 Sep 2016

Canatu raises Eur 22 million funding to strengthen R&D and increase production capacity

The funding will enable Canatu to respond to market demand and to invest heavily in R&D and manufacturing expansion - including the construction of a new, larger factory

Lapp and Belectric OPV form strategic partnership to develop OPV connection technology

Lapp believes the process they have developed will bring about a big advance in the use of organic photovoltaics

Sarine to use Thin Film Electronics' SpeedTap solutions to create digital identities for diamonds

SpeedTap tags are thin, flexible labels that integrate with a product's packaging that are uniquely identifiable, virtually impossible to clone and can be read with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone

Iowa State engineers treat printed graphene with lasers to enable paper electronics

The researchers believe this work paves the way for not only paper-based electronics with graphene circuits, but also the creation of low-cost and disposable graphene-based electrochemical electrodes

Thinfilm progresses with expansion plans in US and China

The initiative aims to give Thinfilm a valuable sales and business development presence in China, enabling use local manufacturing support, and improves its ability to conduct business in the APAC region

Issue - 37 | Monday, 19 Sep 2016

Heliatek raises €80 million

The company will use the funding to expand manufacturing and support worldwide market development

Solvay divests key parts of its OLED patent portfolio to Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd

Solvay has decided to stop its research activities in this area and has started a value assessment of its OLED patent portfolio

Cynora and Juhua sign MoU to cooperate on printed OLED TV development

The companies will participate in an open technology platform coordinated by CSOT and Tiamm to accelerate printing technologies for OLED TV production

Fraunhofer FEP researchers develop OLED microdisplays in data glasses to improve human-machine interaction

Integrating an image sensor directly into the microdisplay, eye movements can be recorded by the smart glasses and utilised to provide guidance and control functions

Issue - 38 | Monday, 26 Sep 2016

Stacked perovskite/CIGS solar module achieves efficiency of 17.8%

According to the announcement this is the first time, this tandem module has surpassed the highest efficiencies of separate perovskite and CIGS modules

OLED on ceramic opens up new possibilities for durable, flexible lighting and displays

This new structure needs just the ceramic substrate at the bottom and a thin film top encapsulation deposited by PECVD and printing of a few layers on top of the device

Enfucell and Molex have signed a license agreement for manufacturing Enfucell SoftBattery

Enfucell guarantees capacity to deliver critical battery materials in sufficient quantities to manufacture a minimum of 1,000,000 batteries per year

Toppan and E Ink develop largest full-colour, flexible display

Toppan is reported to have not only overcame this issue of thermal expansion with its new filter technology, but also succeeded in creating more vivid, bright colors than its previous technology could

LG Display OLEDs used by Ron Arad and Zinoo Park in inspirational art exhibit at 100% Design

OLED lighting gives designers the freedom to disregard the limitations of traditional lighting, their structural flexibility and the similarity to natural light give a warm feeling to anybody who experiences it

AMOLED to surpass a-Si LCD as leading technology for small- to medium-size displays in 2016

The rise in flexible displays used in smartphones, tablet PCs and connected wearable devices, is driving growth in AMOLED which is set to become the leading next-generation display technology

Issue - 39 | Monday, 03 Oct 2016

EPFL and Panasonic find rubidium can push perovskite solar cells to 21.6% efficiency

This research was a collaboration between EPFL and Panasonic's Materials Research Laboratory

Cynora achieves a new milestone in efficiency and stability of blue TADF emitters for OLEDs

Cynora believes they are "on track" to reach the performance requested by the OLED industry, with the commercialisation of TADF materials still planned for the end of 2017

Non-toxic solvent with reduced toxicity lowers the barrier to commercialisation of perovskite solar cells

By combining methylamine and acetonitrile, researchers developed a clean solvent with a low boiling point and low viscosity that crystallises perovskite films at room temperature

E Ink, HTC and Palladio collaborate to develop smart label for IoT-based healthcare services

The collaborations aims to enable real-time medication consumption tracking, symptom and side effects disclosure, and treatment outcome evaluation

Issue - 40 | Monday, 10 Oct 2016

Researchers develop efficient organic solar cells with very low driving force

The researchers achieved PCE of 9.5% for organic photovoltiacs and are confident that they have developed a system with a huge potential to increase the power conversion efficiency in organic solar cells

Researchers develop organic solar cell with improved operation stability and 11.6% PCE

By applying a small amount of macromolecular additive to the photoactive layer the research team developed an effective and simple strategy to improve and stabilise the performance of OPVs

NREL researchers discovered how to make perovskite solar cells out of quantum dots

In addition to developing quantum dot perovskite solar cells, the researchers discovered a method to stabilise a crystal structure in an all-inorganic perovskite material at room temperature

Thin Film Electronics secures facility to house new high-volume roll-to-roll manufacturing line

In the short term, the facility upgrade enables Thin Film Electronics to scale existing sheet-based manufacturing of its NFC, EAS, and sensor label products

Issue - 41 | Monday, 17 Oct 2016

Pragmatic raises £18 million in new investments from AveryDennison and others

This investment in Pragmatic is expected to accelerate the mass deployment of intelligent packaging

OxfordPV raises another £8.7 million in first close of Series C funding round

A portion of the funding will be used to develop a demonstration line to showcase the technology to manufacturers, bringing the company one step closer to commercialisation

FlexEnable and Isorg reveal 500dpi flexible fingerprint sensor

Using organic electronics on a 0.3 mm plastic sheet the fingerprint sensor can also capture veins, providing a second level of security since each user's finger vein pattern is unique

Foxconn-Sharp alliance contemplates manufacturing OLED panels in China

The alliance will also mull whether to utilise plants in China owned by Innolux, a Foxconn group company in Taiwan and a major LCD panel maker

Hands-on OLED Lighting Workshop & Intl OLED B2B Forum

The events aims to increase awareness and understanding of the huge opportunities in product design and distinct advantages of flexible OLED technology

Issue - 42 | Monday, 24 Oct 2016

New perovskite solar cell design could outperform existing commercial technologies

Researchers have created a new type of solar cell that replaces silicon with a crystal called perovskite, this design converts sunlight to electricity at efficiencies similar to current technology but at much lower cost

Dyesol and CSIRO sign letter of intent to collaborate on perovskite solar cells

The LOI allows for individual projects to be the subject of specific binding agreements and also establishes a framework for the parties to combine their technical and commercial expertise in seeking to access various government funding sources

HaRFest project successfully develops printed energy harvesting device

Powered by near-field communication (NFC) technology, the device will draw energy from the user's mobile telephone, facilitating the wider adoption of NFC-enabled printed electronic components

Fluxim releases Large Area Organic Electronics simulation tool (LAOSS)

The LAOSS software is used to design optimal electrode lay-outs of any shape with and without current carrying grids

Issue - 43 | Monday, 31 Oct 2016

German government blocks takeover of Aixtron

The German Ministry of Economics has withdrawn the clearance certificate and reopened a review of proceedings of the planned takeover of Aixtron by Grand Chip Investment

Linkoping University researchers develop organic ion pump

Organic electronics components can conduct both ions and electricity - in this case PEDOT:PSS enables electrical signals to be converted to chemical signals the body understands

Fraunhofer FEP develops nenergy saving OLED microdisplay for data glasses

While ordinary data glasses require an output of 200 mW, the Fraunhofer FEP display only uses with 2mW to 3mW - a mere one hundredth of the original amount

Thin Film Electronics announces large order from leading Asian packaging firm

This order from the tobacco segment signifies the growing importance of NFC technology

Thin Film Electronics helps Italian olive oil brands to authenticate products

Launched in 2014, iOlive has created a comprehensive electronic guide and tracking system that catalogues vital data on more than 150 of Tuscany's extra virgin olive oils

Issue - 44 | Monday, 07 Nov 2016

Merck and Idemitsu sign collaboration agreement in the OLED materials

The companies expect this collaborative agreement will give them greater freedom to develop high-performance materials and expand the overall market for OLED materials

Major advance in solar cells made from cheap, easy-to-use perovskite

This first version of a new layered perovskite solar cell already achieves an efficiency of more than 20% - producing more than 0.5 volt of electricity

Successful Kickstarter campaign fuels interest in polymer solar cells

InfinityPV plans to increase its production capacity to meet future demands on flexible polymer solar cells for all types of products from DIY to full scale energy production

E Ink and Japan Display form a strategic alliance

This new alliance will cemented further their relationship, aiming to create new business by adding ePaper products in JDI's product line-up

Universal Display announces third quarter 2016 financial results

Third quarter 2016 results were in line with our expectations for the year, revenue growth expectations have been delayed until 2017

Issue - 45 | Monday, 14 Nov 2016

Oxford PV acquires thin-film development line for perovskite scale-up

Initial production is expected to begin within a few months, and by the end of 2018 the first cells would could be available on the market

Researchers push efficiencies of perovskite/silicon cells to more than 24%

The researchers have been able to achieve a record efficiency of 16.6 per cent for a semi-transparent perovskite cell, and 24.5 per cent for a perovskite-silicon tandem

JOLED getting ready to begin commericalisation printed OLED panels

JOLED is expected to use oxide semiconductor backplanes to produce 10- to 30-inch printed OLED panels and aims to fully utilise its production capacity in fiscal 2018

Demand for AMOLED panels from Chinese smartphone manufacturers rising

In response to changing designs trends Chinese smartphone manufacturers are buying AMOLED panels to develop new flagship models that are expected to be launched in 2017

eMagin announces third quarter 2016 financial results

Financial performance did not meet expectations, but eMagin will further the company's technological advantages in microdisplays to a view to generate profitable growth

Enfucell appoints Seppo Borenius as Vice President, Product Management

Seppo Borenius brings broad experience in R&D and product management in IT and telecommunications industry

Issue - 46 | Monday, 21 Nov 2016

Royole secures US$ 80 million in series pre-D funding with US$ 3 billion valuation

The new round of funding will help the company invest more resources into research and development, production, sales, and other fields in order to accelerate its growth

FlexEnable to showcase 500 dpi flexible fingerprint sensor in a smartcard form factor

The 500 dpi flexible optical fingerprint sensor uses high performance organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) on low cost plastics - it is the only flexible sensor technology that has achieved such high resolution

Thin Film Electronics partner Jones Packaging has certified as first 'preferred converter' for integration of NFC tags

Standardises process for high-volume, high-speed application of OpenSense and SpeedTap tags to OTC/Rx paperboard cartons for pharma packaging

Thin Film Electronics and Bedford delivers turn-Key solution for NFC mobile marketing

ElastiTag featuring SpeedTap technology aims to lower barrier-to-entry for smart packaging, making NFC solutions accessible to brands of all sizes

Issue - 47 | Monday, 28 Nov 2016

The PI-Scale OLED lighting open access pilot shows first flexible OLED panel demonstrators

PI-Scale made demonstrators on the S2S and R2R process flows of the pilot lines up to 15 m long OLED-stripes with an efficiency higher than 30 lm/W and with nearly 100% yield

Holst Centre moves closer to commercialisation and scaling up of sALD processes

Novel high-speed deposition process outperforms current techniques could soon become the preferred method for creating large-area thin-film and flexible devices

Samsung Display's AMOLED dominance to be challenged as early as 2019

Chinese AMOLED manufacturers are to collectively ship 2.4 million panels in 2016, increase to 2.6 million units in 2017, 3.5 million units in 2018 and 4.8 million units by 2019

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q3 2016

Thinfilm has maintained a high activity level through the first nine months of 2016, as the Company has taken further steps to becoming a complete NFC solutions provider

GCI's acquisition of Aixtron to be referred up to the President of the United States of America

Under the CFIUS statute, the U.S. President must render his decision to block or allow the proposed transaction within 15 calendar days

Nanoco Technologies acquires QLED electroluminescent display patents from Kodak

Nanoco's current focus is on driving near-term revenue from the supply of cadmium-free quantum dots, to the LCD industry manufactured and sold by them and their licensees

Issue - 48 | Monday, 05 Dec 2016

Oxford PV has received a further £8.1m funding and three key strategic investors

This additional funding will help accelerate commercial development activities as well as supporting the next generation product research in the UK

Large area perovskite cell achieves 12.1% efficiency for 16 cm2 cell the largest single to be independently certified

According to the researchers the new cell is at least 10 times bigger than the current certified high-efficiency perovskite solar cells on record

Oxford PV signs Joint Development Agreement with a major industrial partner

The JDA will focus on that path to commercialisation, scaling up the silicon/perovskite tandem PV technology and developing the necessary processes for manufacture

Researchers develop a simple processing technique that could cut the cost of organic photovoltaics

The researchers said that the simple solution-based electrical doping technique could help reduce the cost of polymer solar cells and organic electronic devices

US President prohibits the acquisition of any part of Aixtron's US business

The Order defines the US business of Aixtron to include Aixtron Inc. and any asset of Aixtron used in, owed for the use in or benefit of, the activities in interstate commerce in the US of Aixtron Inc. (including U.S. patents and patent applications)

Thin Film Electronics successfully completes private placement raising NOK 529 million

The funds will be used to prepare and equip Thinfilm's newly leased manufacturing site at North San Jose, California in order to achieve an expected production capacity of five billion NFC units

Thin Film Electronics share capital increase registered

The Company's registered share capital is NOK 81,978,502.87 divided into 745,259,117 ordinary shares each having a par value of NOK 0.11

Issue - 49 | Monday, 12 Dec 2016

Phillips 66 announced they have set a world-record for polymer organic solar cells

The 11.84% efficiency has been certified by Newport Corporation - a recognised centre for independent verification of solar cell results under standard testing conditions

Japan Display to raise its shareholding of JOLED with the aim to acquire full control

The deal will see the merging of Japan's two remaining display manufacturers in a bid to compete better against Chinese and South Korean panel manaufacturers

China panel manufacturers making strong investments in OLED manufacturing

The investment is being driven by the growth in AMOLED panel demand which could reach 2,600,000 m2 in 2016

Idemitsu set to expand Korean OLED materials production facility

The decision to expand production capacity is in order to meet the accompanying increase in demand for OLED materials and to fulfil its commitment to supply its customers

Organic PV in glass façades passes safety tests

In order to comply with building codes and safety regulations for vertical integration of laminated glass, shatterproof tests were carried out and passed for this specific project

IHS forecast that flexible display shipments to increase sharply in 2017

Tight supply conditions are expected to change in 2017 once Samsung Display and LG Display start operating their new fabs to increase supply capacity for flexible display

FlexEnable announces new 12.1-inch plastic LCD flexible displays for next generation products

FlexEnable said it is already supplying strategic partners with small and large area display prototypes for integration into the next generation of products

Issue - 50 | Monday, 19 Dec 2016

Smartkem secures additional investment

The investment will escalate the company's continued growth in Asia

Japan Display secures government investment of US$636 million

According to published business plans JDI aims to become the leading innovator in the medium-size display market based on printed OLED technologies

Kopin to enter the OLED microdisplay market

The initial markets be for mobile VR and AR products supported by a new technology and business model

Researchers at NTU and NTHU achieve high-efficiency near IR OLED at 740nm

Bright and efficient organic emitters of near-infrared light would be of use in applications ranging from biological imaging and medical therapy to night-vision devices

Thinfilm and Prime Vision partner to deliver NFC solutions to the mail and parcel industry

Partners will address security, communication, and ecommerce needs using innovative printed electronics technology