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OSA Direct Archive for 2010 - Volume - 8

Issue - 1 | Monday, 04 Jan 2010

Doosan Corp and KITECH to develop OLED lighting technology

White phosphorescent materials OLED lighting

Philips aims at 30% of Taiwan lighting market by 2014

Solid-state lighting to outperform conventional lighting

UK OLED start-up Lomox receives grant from Carbon Trust

OLED start-up aims to develop new materials

Innolux acquires CMO and TPO

OLED industry consolidates

OLED shipments accelerate in Q3-2009, and revenues reach $252 million

Samsung Mobile Display dominates with 71.4% markets share

Issue - 2 | Monday, 11 Jan 2010

Thinfilm Electronics strengthens management team

Commercialisation of polymer memory continues

The number of OLED displays on show at CES increases

Consumer based products continue to adopt OLED displays

BMBF funded OLED lighting project TOPAS 2012 launched

TOPAS 2012 is the successor to OPAL 2008

Plastic Logic reveals the prices and specification of the QUE™ proReader

World’s first large format ereader aimed at the professional market

Issue - 3 | Monday, 18 Jan 2010

DoE announces selection solid-state lighting funding

Five of the 17 projects are focused on OLED lighting

Issue - 4 | Monday, 25 Jan 2010

Unidym completes licensing of carbon nanotube IP

IP licensed for non-core applications

Lumiotec begins shipment of sample OLED lighting panels

Potential customers prompt Lumiotec to offer samples

Issue - 5 | Monday, 01 Feb 2010

Unidym announces joint venture to market carbon nanotubes based films and inks in Korea

Focus is to expand business in touch panel and display industries

AUO reported to start OLED production in 2011

OLED production capacity set to grow rapidly

Chi Mei, Innolux, and TPO merger completion delayed

Overseas regulatory approval cited as the cause of the delay

Issue - 6 | Monday, 08 Feb 2010

Cambrios Technologies licences processing IP from University of Washington

Nanostructure formation and shape selection manufacturing scale-up

Petec and the Flexible Display Centre collaborate to develop technology for flexible displays

Collaboration aims extend knowledge of integration and reliability issues

All “organic” lighting emitting devices utilise graphene based cathode

Metal free devices one-step closer to environmentally friendly electronics

Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer collaborate to develop OLED Lighting products

Mitsubishi Chemical to begin mass production of OLED lighting in 2011

Issue - 7 | Monday, 15 Feb 2010

PureDepth announces acquisition of patent for multi-layer OLED displays

OLED technology to be used for novel 3D displays

Sony calls an early end to OLED TV sales in Japan, but will continue in overseas markets

Plans to continue development of OLED for large area TV and other applications

Arrowhead Research reports financials for Q1-2010

Continues to restructure to reduce cost base and Unidym revenues steady

Nonacene shows promise for organic electronics

Newly created organic semiconductor material

Issue - 8 | Monday, 22 Feb 2010

AIST develops large area (A4) OTFT backplane

Backplanes fabricated using micro-contact printing

Organic and inorganic hybrid solar cells shows promise

Treating the surface of nanoparticles increases organic solar efficiency

Issue - 9 | Monday, 01 Mar 2010

Thinfilm reports financial results for Q4 2009

Costs and losses continue to reduce, cash position steady

Konica Minolta makes $20 million strategic investment in Konarka

Konarka and Konica Minolta sign R&D and business collaboration agreement

OLED100.EU wins EC award for best ICT energy efficient project

OLED lighting technology should lead to highly innovative energy-saving solutions

Issue - 10 | Monday, 08 Mar 2010

Bayer MaterialScience acquires Artificial Muscle, Inc.

Bayer continues to broaden is product offering into new market sectors

Issue - 11 | Monday, 15 Mar 2010

University of Michigan, GPEC and South Korean organisations partner to develop organic photovoltaic devices

Universal Display academic partner Dr. Stephen Forrest will play key role

Plastic Logic delays the launch of QUE until summer 2010

No tangible technical reasons cited just product features and aesthetics

Universal Display reports financial results for Q4 and full year 2009

Development contracts behind growth in revenues, cash position remains strong

Issue - 12 | Monday, 22 Mar 2010

EU funded FP7 project PLACE-it gets underway

Consortium aims to deliver technology platform for lightweight, stretchable and flexible

Graphene discoverers Geim and Novoselov ranked 3rd and 5th in list of world’s “hottest” researchers

Thomson Reuters names the 2008-2009 hottest researchers and research papers

Holst Centre extends roll-to-roll line with new sintering tool

Low-temperature curing of printed conductive structures

Novaled receives Clean Equity award 2010

For excellence in the field of “Environmental Technology Development”

Arrowhead Research gets an additional 180-day grace period to regain NASDAQ compliance

Company must comply with NASDAQ's $1.00 minimum bid requirement

Issue - 13 | Monday, 29 Mar 2010

eMagin posts record earnings in Q4 2009 and enters full-year profitability

Growth driven by demand, operational efficiencies, and prudent financial management

Novaled to introduce OLED luminaires at Light + Building fair

Exhibiting futuristic OLED luminaires, artistic light sculptures and signage

Universal Display Corporation added to the NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index

OLED technology gains acceptance as clean energy technology

Issue - 14 | Monday, 05 Apr 2010

OLED 2009 revenue growth continues achieving $826 million, with AMOLED annual revenues overtaking PMOLED

Increased AMOLED demand for mobile phone main displays was the key driver of the growth in 2009

Cambridge Display Technology and Conductive Inkjet Technology demonstrate ITO free OLED lighting panel

Project NOMAD shows potential for patterned metal tracking using electroless metal deposition as a replacement for ITO

PPML to show two OLED demonstrators at the Light and Building Fair

OLED lighting continues to spark design creativity

Issue - 15 | Monday, 12 Apr 2010

Novaled and Ingo Maurer cooperate on transparent OLED lighting lamps

Growth driven by demand, operational efficiencies, and prudent financial management

H.C. Starck Clevios and Agfa-Gevaert resolve outstanding intellectual property dispute

H.C. Starck Clevios establishes cross-licensing agreement covering PEDOT:PSS with Agfa-Gevaert

OLED lighting patent filings see explosive growth since 2000

Growth coincides with increasing Government funding of OLED lighting

Cambrios Technologies awarded DoD contract for flexible solar cells

Cambrios partners with Ascent Solar to improve cell efficiency

Universal Display awarded SBIR phase II contract for novel encapsulation technology

Research focused on single-layer barrier film that has the potential to be cost-effective in volume manufacturing

Gerd Günther is appointed member of the Novaled Management Board

Since 2005 Gerd has demonstrated his capability to develop the business of the company

Merck and Plastic Logic to jointly develop next generation of organic semiconductor materials

The production and launch of these new materials are planned for 2011

Issue - 16 | Monday, 19 Apr 2010

Heliatek and IAPP achieve record efficiency levels of 7.7% for organic solar cells

This surpasses the company's previous highest certified efficiency of 6.1% set in 2009

IPMS and FEP manufacture flexible OLED using roll-to-roll production equipment

Development of integrated device fabrication and encapsulation paves the way towards lower cost oled and opv devices

New start-up demonstrates digital-on-demand plasma printing

PlasmaPrint enables software patterned surface functionalisation, etching and deposition of functional coatings on plastic substrates.

Solarmer and Joel Berman Glass Studios jointly develop an organic solar panel featuring textured glass

Organic photovoltaic devices offer option for attractive, decorative building-integrated photovoltaics

NeoDec enters Holst Centre partner network for Roll-to-Roll flexible electronics

Novel technique for cost-effective patterning of highly conductive metallic structures

Issue - 16 | Monday, 19 Apr 2010

LG Display to invest $226 million in OLED technology

New investment expected to triple production

Issue - 18 | Monday, 03 May 2010

Fluxim releases version 3.1 of OLED and OPV device simulation software SETFOS

New steady-state numerical algorithm enables faster calculations

Novaled demonstrates OLED devices on metal substrates

Metal substrates offer excellent barriers and thermal conduction properties

Issue - 19 | Monday, 10 May 2010

OLED Lighting enters the luxury lighting market

New product based on Osram OLED panels

Advantech Global received $14 million investment from Pan Family and Shanghai Ventures

Capital to be used to build an inline Thin Film Transistor (TFT) production line

Plastic Logic eReader Que expected to be available in June 2010 after overcoming manufacturing problems

The change of manufacturing process is cited as the cause of the delayed product launch

Issue - 20 | Monday, 17 May 2010

Universal Display awarded $4 million contract to support establishment of OLED lighting manufacturing facility

This award is considered to be an important step towards establishment of high-volume manufacturing of white OLED lighting panels in the U.S.

eMagin shares to be listed on NYSE Amex Stock Exchange

The Company's shares will continue to trade under the ticker symbol, EMAN

Sunic Systems and the Flexible Display Centre enter into a strategic partnership

Partnership aims to develop advance flexible colour OLED technology

eMagin reports financial results for Q1 2010

Net income more than doubles on revenue and margin gains

Issue - 21 | Monday, 24 May 2010

Arrowhead Research reports 2nd qtr 2010 financial results

Operating expenses down more than 50%, net losses reduced by more than 50%, and revenues down slightly

QD Vision acquires Motorola quantum dot patent portfolio

QD Vision acquires Motorola quantum dot patent portfolio

Unidym and Guardian Industries form partnership to develop and commercialise carbon coated glass products

Unidym will supply electronic inks to Guardian for the manufacture of coated glass

Sumitomo Chemical exhibits prototype 6.5 inch polymer AM-OLED display

Panel produced by Sumitomo’s recently formed Device Development Centre

Novaled demonstrates high efficient top-emitting white OLED

This device achieves 30 lm/W and five years of continuous operation

Issue - 22 | Monday, 31 May 2010

Sony demonstrates rollable 4.1 inch AM-OLED full-colour display driven by an OTFT backplane

The development of integrated gate drivers using organic transistors is a major milestone

Cymer Inc sells laser crystallisation technology to unnamed Korean company for OLED manufacturing

New laser crystallisation technology expected to lower the manufacturing cost of AM-OLED displays

OLED continues to gain greater presence coupled with increasing market acceptance

Flexible OLED displays are expected to account for majority of mobile displays

Graphene Laboratories Inc signs exclusive distribution agreement with CVD Equipment Corp

CVD grown Graphene is well positioned to address growing market demand

Universal Display develops all phosphorescent white OLED for niche lighting market

This 15 cm x 15 cm white OLED lighting panel incorporates the recently launched light-blue phosphorescent emitter system

Universal Display introduces new light blue phosphorescent emitter material

This new phosphorescent emitter system is expected to enable both a significant reduction in power consumption and extended operational lifetime in OLED devices

Sony demonstrates rollable 4.1 inch AM-OLED full-colour display driven by an OTFT backplane

The development of integrated gate drivers using organic transistors is a major milestone

Universal Display develops novel four-colour sub-pixel AM-OLED architecture

The novel architecture enables an all phosphorescent OLED display to be commercially viable

E Ink and Chilin Technology announce joint partnership to accelerate adoption of electrophorectic displays

Partnership to focus on building low-power electronic paper displays suited for industrial and specialised applications

Rambus acquires display and backlighting IP from Uni-Pixel

Rambus continues to build its lighting and display technology business

Issue - 23 | Monday, 07 Jun 2010

Unidym and Tokyo Electron establish joint venture to development equipment

The joint venture aims to manufacture equipment for carbon nanotube based displays and solar cells

Plextronics announces novel low-temperature processing of OPV inks

Proprietary lower temp annealing process is expected to lower product costs

Idemitsu Kosan acquires stake in LG Group OLED patent business

Acquisition seeks to secure Idemitsu’s position as a key provider of OLED materials

Organic photovoltaic inks offer performance advantage for indoor applications

Solar cells made using these inks show improved power density and higher performance across broad range of indoor lighting conditions

World’s first application of flexible OLEDs on foil put to the test during 24 hours Le Mans race

The results of this integration project is expected to yield valuable information on OLED device operating in harsh environments

Graphene based ink enables the flexo-graphic printing of highly conductive material

This is expected to provide a cost-effective solution for high-speed roll-to-roll printing of electronics

Solvay and Thin Film Electronics sign commercial agreement

Agreement aims to strengthen materials supply-chain and accelerate market adoption

Visionox begins trial production of AM-OLED

First AM-OLED production facility in China

Issue - 24 | Monday, 14 Jun 2010

Universal Display awarded DoE grant for OLED lighting development

Project aims to evaluate the effects of operating temperature on the performance of large area white OLED lighting panels at high luminance levels

New UK based organic photovoltaic company start-up

Carbon Trust continues to bet on organic photovoltaic technologies

Prime View colour e-paper technology may be ready by the end of 2010

China expected to account for 20% of e-Reader shipments in 2010

Issue - 25 | Monday, 21 Jun 2010

Thin Film Electronics share capital increase registered

Additional monies to be used supporting commercialisation activities of the company’s polymer memory

French consortium launches new organic photovoltaic project

Market ready devices for low cost application to be ready by 2014

Thin Film Electronics receives EU certification that product is safe for toys and games

Approval opens the way for increased adoption of printable memory in toys and games

Universal Display awarded DoE Phase I contract for lighting efficacy

Project to use novel outcoupling technique that performs as well as macro-extractors or outcoupling blocks, but is significantly thinner

Arrowhead Research raises $8,650,000 through sale of shares and warrants

Proceeds to be used for additional investments in current subsidiaries, new investments, and operating expenses

Issue - 26 | Monday, 28 Jun 2010

Photonis Technologies acquires 51% stake in MicroOLED

Acquisition of major stake in MicroOLED aims to strengthen Photonis in the global night vision digital market

Plastic Logic delays the launch of the QUE again

The company has not made any public commitment on availability of QUE

AUO to begin trial production of AM-OLED panels

Initial production of small and medium size displays by end of 2010

Prime View International (PVI) changes its name to E Ink holdings Inc

E Ink is now the world's largest supplier of displays to the eBook market.

Samsung Mobile Displays announces new OLED production line

Gen 5.5 production facility to start in the middle of 2011

Tokki Corp. to become wholly owned subsidiary of Canon Inc

Tokki's core organic EL and solar cell manufacturing equipment business is considered essential to the future growth of Canon's industry equipment business

Issue - 27 | Monday, 05 Jul 2010

E Ink announces next generation of electrophoretic displays

Pearl, the next generation imaging film, enables easy-to-read electronic paper display with high contrast and sunlight readability

Thin Film Electronics names Dr. Davor Sutija as new CEO

Sutija sets strategic focus on commercialisation of memory for games and toy market

Issue - 28 | Monday, 12 Jul 2010

Bayer MaterialScience joins Holst Centre

Bayer considers this an excellent opportunity to improve their functional films

Heliatek and FHR co-operate on construction of first vacuum coating plant for organic photovoltaic units (OPV)

Manufacturing facility completed by mid 2011, and first products expected by beginning of 2012

Bayer Technology Services collaborates with the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

Two million Euros for basic research in the field of high-performance materials

Thin Film Electronics registers share capital increase

Thinfilm's registered share capital is NOK 25,963,522.64 divided into 236,032,024 ordinary shares

Issue - 29 | Monday, 19 Jul 2010

GE and Konica Minolta announce 56 lm/W flexible white OLED lighting devices

The two companies have plans to introduce their first flexible OLED lighting product in 2011

Dow Electronic Materials opens new facility to serve fast growing OLED market in Korea

The new facility will produce emissive materials for OLED displays

Philips opens the Lumiblade Creative Lab

The Lumiblade Creative Lab aims to bridge the gap between creativity and advanced OLED lighting technology

Issue - 30 | Monday, 26 Jul 2010

LG Display plans for AM-OLED aim to produce OLED TV panels by 2012

AM-OLED battle for large panel size heats up

Solarmer Energy achieves record efficiency of 8.13% for organic photovoltaic device

Polymer based solar cells have the potential to be competitive in the marketplace

Issue - 32 | Monday, 09 Aug 2010

Plastic Logic cancels QUE ProReader

Plastic Logic plans to refocus, redesign and retool for next generation ProReader

UDC announces financial results for Q2 2010

Increasing AM-OLED adoption continues to be the driving force in revenue growth

eMagin commits to new manufacturing facility

Next generation OLED deposition machine aims to increase effective manufacturing process

Aixtron reports financial results for Q2 2010

Increasing volumes and operating leverage are the key factors driving profitability

Issue - 32 | Monday, 09 Aug 2010

eMagin reports financial results for Q2 2010

eMagin Posts Record Revenues of $8.3M, an Increase of 41%

Issue - 34 | Monday, 30 Aug 2010

Heraeus to acquire Clevios from H.C. Starck

Clevios is considered an essential component in the long-term expansion of Heraeus

Shanghai Tianma to invest in Gen 4.5 AM-OLED pilot line

The leading Chinese passive LCD manufacturers see AM-OLED as an important technology

Darmstadt University and Heidelberg extend joint research agreement until 2012

The project is to develop new applications for the print media industry

LG Display shows 31-inch 3D OLED TV

Large format OLED TV supports active shutter 3D but no confirmed launch date

Issue - 35 | Monday, 06 Sep 2010

Philips demonstrates world's first mains-powered white-light OLED module

This innovation makes OLED lighting more attractive for mass-market general illumination applications

sim4tec releases enhanced OLED simulation software

Providing users with faster calculations, improved module integration and improved graphical interface

Solvay invests US$4 million in Polyera

This investment is being made under Polyera's series B financing, prior investors are also participating

Issue - 36 | Monday, 13 Sep 2010

Cambridge University organic photovoltaic spin-out company Eight19 receives £4.5 million investment from the Carbon Trust and Rhodia

This latest funding will enable the project to enter a “commercial phase” and develop organic photovoltaics prototypes

Coherent and Holst Centre cooperate on smart-foil integration research

Selective removal and deposition of thin layers is an important research challenge for future flexible-electronics applications

Fraunhofer IPMS recently demonstrated large organic photovoltaic modules based on small molecule organic semiconductors

The simple fabrication process and the use of reasonably priced materials should enable a very cost-efficient production of organic solar cell modules

Kyushu Institute of Technology develops air stable n-type organic semiconductor

Novel n-type organic semiconductor shows little degradation over 120 days

Mitsubishi Electric launches world’s first large-scale OLED modular based screen

Module-based, scalable screen allows flexible applications in size, shape

DoE funds more OLED lighting projects

US Government funding of OLED for lighting continues

Issue - 37 | Monday, 20 Sep 2010

Recent start-up Graphene Devices secures funding to optimise novel graphene production process

Graphene coatings and solutions can enhance the strength, electrical and thermal properties of composites including plastic and inks

Merck officially opens new material research centre in Darmstadt, Germany

The new research centre consolidates three different sites: Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Mainz

Issue - 38 | Monday, 27 Sep 2010

Armstrong World Industries and Universal Display Corp demonstrate high efficient white OLED lighting ceiling system to Dept of Energy

Conclusion of this two-year DoE project seen as an important milestone towards the commercialisation of efficient OLED lighting systems for commercial applications

Thin Film Electronics announces intent to raise further funds via private placement

Shortage of working capital and operational expenditure reason behind private placement

Issue - 39 | Monday, 04 Oct 2010

Merck installs 100 inch OLED screen in the recently open research centre

Simple passive matrix OLED display panels connected together produce an outstanding large area screen

Roth & Rau MicroSystems joins Holst Centre research programme on barriers for flexible electronics

Moving organic based electronics from lab to market requires reliable barrier and encapsulation technologies, they are essential for long life products

David Fyfe appointed to the board of directors at Konarka

Dr. David Fyfe brings substantial experience and knowledge of commercialisation polymer based organic semiconductor technologies

Toshiba plans to put on hold mass production of OLED panels

OLED production has been frozen and no commitment on future plans

Arrowhead Research readies Unidym for financial independence and seeks to realise value for shareholders

Arrowhead is moving toward becoming a focused nanomedicine company and as such Unidym no longer fits with that strategy.

Graphene discoverers Geim and Novoselov awarded Nobel Prize in Physics 2010

Award given to scientists who used “sticky tape” to peel off layers of graphite to produce graphene

Issue - 40 | Monday, 11 Oct 2010

Universal Display deliver eight fully functional wrist mounted OLED display to US Army for field trials

Flexible and light weight displays have the potential to provide soldiers with advantages in the battlefield

Universal Display present improved solution processible phosphorescent OLED materials

Solution-processing of OLED fabrication is considered to be a viable option for future large area displays

Heliatek and IAPP set new world record of 8.3% efficiency for organic photovoltaic cells

First products are expected to enter the market at the beginning of 2012

Thin Film Electronics private placement raises NOK 18.7 million

Private placement oversubscribed 3.5 times

Issue - 41 | Monday, 18 Oct 2010

Fraunhofer IPMS develops Tabola OLED lighting for customer evaluation and to showcase foundry capabilities

Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden (COMEDD) provides technologies and foundry services for the development of customer specific OLEDs

Moser Baer Technologies, Universal Display and CNSE announce their partnership to build pilot production for OLED lighting facility in New York State, USA

$20M public-private investment will enable development of pilot production line for OLED lighting panels

Issue - 42 | Monday, 25 Oct 2010

NanoIntegris and Unidym sign global distribution agreement for HiPco carbon nanotubes

NanoIntegris intends to be complementary to Unidym’s strategy by focusing on manufacturing and supplying nanomaterials

Plastic Logic and IPF extend their cooperation for the development of polymer based electronics

Joint Development Project has been extended for three additional years

Ledon OLED lighting to ship evaluation kits available in November

The Luceos OLED module combine planar lighting, a slim form factor, excellent optical properties and flexible control

Issue - 43 | Monday, 01 Nov 2010

Nano-C receives EPA approval to manufacture and sell fullerenes and derivatives

EPA clearance for PCBM manufacture and sale is the final step toward its commercial application in OPV and other devices

Thin Film Electronics launches ASIC controller for printable memory device

The release of the memory controller enables toy manufacturers to design smaller, more cost effective reader/writer units, increasing the value of interactive games

Universal Display and Acuity Brands collaborate on US$ 2 million DoE project

Projects fundamental objective is to develop an economically viable, energy-efficient, near-term commercial product to compete directly with linear fluorescent technology

Plextronics announces next generation OLED hole injection layer ink

Inks to be made more widely available in 2011 and ink-jet formulated inks to be available for sampling in early 2011

Issue - 44 | Monday, 08 Nov 2010

OSRAM announces commercial availability of designer OLED luminaire – PirOLED

The PirOLED is one of several luminaire models that Osram has developed in recent months and the first step towards its own OLED luminaire family.

Rusnano makes strategic investment in Plastic Logic and agree to establish 2nd production facility in Russia

The significant investment will enable volume production capable of producing hundreds of thousands of units a month.

Lumiotec to start selling OLED lighting panels in January 2011

Five shapes and sizes in two colours available

First order for Thin Film Polymer memory controller

A major Asian toy manufacturer has ordered the newly developed Thinfilm Memory Controller.

Konarka and Nu Energy announce commercial partnership

Partnership will enable Konarka to supply products into the Australian commercial and residential solar markets

Issue - 45 | Monday, 15 Nov 2010

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q3 2010

Finances appeared to be stabilizing, toys and games remain an important market, and next generation memory products will be see greater integration with other fully printed electronic circuit elements

Aixtron reports financial results for Q3 2010

Sequential growth in Orders, Revenues & EBIT continues as LED lighting gains greater momentum

Universal Display opens subsidiary in South Korea to better support current and future customer base

Continued growth of OLED industry and demand for energy efficient display and lighting products has been catalyst for opening subsidiary

Aixtron reports financial results for Q3 2010

Sequential growth in Orders, Revenues & EBIT continues as LED lighting gains greater momentum

Cambrios Technologies and Plextronics collaborate on DoE funded project to improve transparent electrodes

This is DoE program focuses on optimising two technologies to meet the DoE’s OLED lighting roadmap for performance and cost

Tokyo Electron and Epson agree to joint development of OLED display manufacturing equipment

Volume production of OLED displays can only become a reality once manufacturers have developed next generation efficient based on inkjet technology

Aixtron reports financial results for Q3 2010

Sequential growth in Orders, Revenues & EBIT continues as LED lighting gains greater momentum

Aixtron reports financial results for Q3 2010

Sequential growth in Orders, Revenues & EBIT continues as LED lighting gains greater momentum

Universal Display reports financial results for Q3 2010

Revenues continues to increase as displays manufacturers add capacity to keep up with the demand for brighter, longer-lasting, and highly energy-efficient OLED displays

AUO steps up their involvement with OLED displays and OLED lighting

At the recent FPD International conference and exhibition AUO took the opportunity to demonstrate the company’s renewed interest in OLED technology.

Issue - 46 | Monday, 22 Nov 2010

eMagin reports financial results for Q3 2010

Record shipment of oled microdisplays and substantially higher contract revenue drove revenues to $8.3 million

eMagin reports financial results for Q3 2010

Record shipment of oled microdisplays and substantially higher contract revenue drove revenues to $8.3 million

BASF joins Holst Centre partner network on flexible electronics

The cooperation is expected to accelerate the development of innovative organic semiconductor materials for high-end flexible electronic applications

The Flexible Display Centre and AUO enter into a strategic partnership to accelerate flexible AM-OLED development

Partnership will focus on development of mixed oxide thin film transistors to accelerate the commercial availability of flexible AM-OLED displays

eMagin reports financial results for Q3 2010

Record shipment of oled microdisplays and substantially higher contract revenue drove revenues to $8.3 million

Issue - 47 | Monday, 29 Nov 2010

Polymer Vision rejoins the Holst Centre with an extended and expanded research contract

Research focus will include organic and oxide transistors, as well as electrodes and barriers

Konarka achieves 8.3% efficiency for polymer organic photovoltaic device

Single junction polymer photovoltaic is certified by National Energy Renewable Laboratory

Cambridge NanoTech awarded research grant from FlexTech Alliance to develop high-speed ALD systems

Coating technology is expected to enable high volume manufacturing of large-area and flexible substrates for use in organic electronics, photovoltaics and displays

Thin Film Electronics launches toy development kit

Cost-effective memory technology connects the playground to the online world and powers interactivity that has so far been restricted to online games

PARC and Soligie to commercialise printed electronics technologies

By working together PARC and Soligie together can now offer fully integrated services providing support to companies from concept to product launch

Issue - 48 | Monday, 06 Dec 2010

OLED lighting used to illuminate the world’s most expensive Aston Martin

OLED panels designed into novel illumination artwork

Versatilis acquires the assets of Nanometrix

A unique technology for manufacturing large area, flexible solar cells and solid state lighting panels

Issue - 49 | Monday, 13 Dec 2010

Polyera awarded $2 Million TIP grant for OPV Project

Polyera will develop cost-effective, high-yield synthetic methods to enable the large-scale manufacturing of high-performance OPV materials

Sony appoints Professor Ei-ichi Negishi, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry as Executive Research Advisor in the field of Organic Electronics

Sony aims to stimulate its researchers in their organics electronics research and development, and accelerate their R&D processes as a result.

Arrowhead CEO provides supplementary information on $4.5 million alliance between Unidym and Samsung Electronics

Arrowhead prepares Unidym for independence and possible acquisition target

Thin Film Electronics increases share capital

Thin Film Electornics registered share capital is now NOK 30,648,904.66 divided into 278,626,406 ordinary shares