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OSA Direct Archive for 2011 - Volume - 9

Issue - 1 | Monday, 10 Jan 2011

Oxford University spins out new organic photovoltaic company

Oxford PV has developed technology to replace the liquid electrolyte with a solid organic semiconductor, enabling entire solar modules to be screen printed onto glass

Konarka seals distribution agreement with Kogent

Kogent will distribute Konarka's organic, flexible, thin-film solar material, with the objective to penetrate the electronics and the energy harvesting market in Japan

Vorbeck Materials receives more than U$ 2 million additional funding

Vorbeck will use the additional capital to expand sales of graphene based conductive ink for printed electronics applications

Thin Film expands executive management team

Thin Film Electronics appoints new Chief Financial Officer

Issue - 2 | Monday, 17 Jan 2011

Thin Film Electronics announces the completion of their addressable memory design

The design of the world's first printed rewritable memory array with logic circuitry is ready

RUSNANO finalises investment in Plastic Logic

Plastic Logic has received an initial investment package of $300 million, and up to $400 million additional equity and debt will be raised over the next few years

Issue - 3 | Monday, 24 Jan 2011

Cymer announces volume order of crystallisation systems to leading Taiwanese display manufacturer

The TCZ-900B is expected to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of the OLED manufacturing process, enabling more FPD manufacturers to enter the OLED market

Oxford PV developing hybrid organic photovoltaic technology

Oxford PV expects cell efficiency of about 8% within 18 months, and estimates a single layer cell should be able to achieve 20% efficiency

Tera-Barrier Films receives strategic investment from Kisco Ltd

Kisco makes strategic investment in the company’s series “A ”investment round and becomes the company’s exclusive distributor for Asia Pacific

University of Texas and Konarka partner in DoE and NSF supported research

Objective of partnership is to gain insights into the physical limitations of plastic solar cell efficiencies and an understanding of critical limiting processes

Samsung Electronics acquires Liquavista

Acquisition aims to expand Samsung's leadership in next generation display technologies by pioneering the application of electrowetting in e-Paper

Unidym acquired by Wisepower

Cash earn-out payments up to US $140 million, and up to 40% of licensing revenue from patents that have been generating increasing quarterly royalties

PragmaticIC Printing acquires printed electronics business of Nano ePrint

Research and development centre relocated to Cambridge

Issue - 4 | Monday, 31 Jan 2011

Ossila announces availability of new organic photovoltaic material

UK start-up brings low-cost solar electricity a step closer

Issue - 5 | Monday, 07 Feb 2011

Moser Baer Technologies and Universal Display announce technology & licensing agreement for white OLED lighting

The establishment of white OLED lighting pilot manufacturing facility is key to providing OLED lighting panels to luminaire manufacturers to help seed the market

Konarka, DuPont and University of California file IP infringement complaint against Plextronics on the use of conjugated polymers and C60 for organic photovoltaics

The combination of conjugated polymers and C60 has been widely used for research, the outcome of this complaint will be of great interest to the wider OPV community

Thin Film Electronics launches demo game powered by printed memories

Thinfilm's printed electronic memories enable interactive games and card-based online monetisation

Verbatim announces the launch of the world’s first mass-production of a colour tuneable OLED Lighting panel

Colour tuneable and dimming (intensity and saturation) allow designers to create lighting to match the changing seasons and time of day

Victrex enters into a multi-year partnership in the Holst Centre shared research program on Patterning for Flexible Systems

Early evaluation of Victrex high-temperature resistant polymer film shows potential for flexible electronics

Issue - 6 | Monday, 14 Feb 2011

Kaneka announces availability of OLED Lighting panels in Japan during March 2011 and in Europe during April 2011

First company to make available OLED lighting panels in distinct five colours - warm white, red, orange, blue and green

C3nano closes US$ 3.2 million series-a funding to develop and commercialise ITO alternative

Proprietary hybrid carbon nanotube electrode material poised to challenge ITO for display, solar and OLED industries

Issue - 7 | Monday, 21 Feb 2011

Molecular Vision receives further investment and appoints Dr Chris Hand as CEO

Imperial Innovations has increased its stake in the Molecular Vision by committing a further £750,000 of investment

AUO to make additional investment in Singapore-based AFPD

AUO continues to accelerate its AM-OLED LTPS production facility

Nitto Denko expands research focus in Singapore and opens prototyping centre in IMRE

Nitto Denko Asia Technical Centre (NAT) wants to explore the application of a range or low-cost, easy-to-use, home-based consumer biosensors

Issue - 8 | Monday, 28 Feb 2011

Aixtron reports financial results for Q4 2010

Sequential growth in Orders, Revenues & EBIT as LED lighting continues to gain greater momentum

Thin Film Electronics appoints Jennifer Ernst as VP for North America

Appointment to focus on accelerating commercial development in North America

CVD Equipment and Graphene Laboratories expand CVDGraphene products and services

These materials and services should accelerate the development of novel Graphene enabled products that are compatible with standard semiconductor processing

Thin Film Electronics reports financial results for Q4 2010

Costs and losses remain steady, no significant revenues, cash position steady

Osram announces OLED lighting product expansion

The company will continue to develop further prototypes in order to provide designers with the greatest possible creative freedom

Issue - 9 | Monday, 07 Mar 2011

The Centre de Recherche Public – Gabriel Lippmann and Aixtron cooperate to explore novel markets witj advanced polymer thin films

This cooperation will enable the development of advanced nanomaterials for highly promising and challenging applications in medical, environmental and consumer markets

Mitsubishi Chemical announces an organic photovoltaic cell with 8.5% conversion efficiency

The development program aims to increase OPV efficiency to 10% during 2011 with full-scale manufacturing operation beginning in 2015

Issue - 10 | Monday, 14 Mar 2011

Universal Display reports financial results for Q4 and full year 2010

Development contracts behind growth in revenues, cash position remains strong

Fluxim releases new software version 3.2 for OLED and OPV simulation

Simulation software is being used to gain further insight into device operation enabling improved optimisation of device performance

Universal Display acquires 74 OLED patents from Motorola

Acquired patents cover not only OLED device structures, but also early IP on encapsulation of OLEDs

Solar Press awarded 10,000 euros by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation

The company has been awarded €10,000 in recognition of its innovation, entrepreneurial passion and business acumen

Issue - 11 | Monday, 21 Mar 2011

eMagin posts record earnings in Q4 2010 and enters full-year profitability

Revenues of $30.5 million driven by higher product and contract revenues through our ongoing business, improving profitability and winning of new contracts

Universal Display goes to the market to bolster its cash reserves and readies itself for the next phase of OLED commercialisation

Estimated net proceeds from offering, before offering expenses, will be between $217,350,000 and $249,952,500 dependant if over-allotment option is exercised in full

Universal Display phosphorescent patent claims may be ruled invalid in Japan

Japanese Patent Office ruling over validity of key phosphorescent patents is expected in the near future, an invalid ruling could change the dynamics of the OLED market in Japan and Korea

Organic photovoltaic start-up Eight19 appoints first CEO and announces senior management team

Senior management team takes shape as Eight19 begins its transition from university research to commercial device development and early prototypes

Issue - 12 | Monday, 28 Mar 2011

Universal Display complete offering 5,750,000 shares and raises $249,952,500

No specific use of the funds has yet been announced

Osram announces its preparation for an IPO later in the year

Osram forms new management team to lead the company

Panasonic Electric Works and Idemitsu Kosan announce OLED Lighting joint venture

OLED Lighting industry continues to gather momentum

Issue - 13 | Monday, 04 Apr 2011

Lumiotec steps-up its presence in Europe

OLED market expected to expand faster in Europe than elsewhere

Thin Film Electronics and Parc extend commercialisation agreement

Mutual goal is to reach the printed addressable memory prototype by the end of this year

Lumiotec steps-up its presence in Europe

OLED market expected to expand faster in Europe than elsewhere

OLED100.eu presents large-area OLED lighting panel measuring 33cm x 33cm

Fraunhofer IPMS developed a screen printing technology for substrate patterning as a cost-effective alternative to lithography

Solvay makes offer to acquire Rhodia

Solvay extends its investment portfolio of organic semiconductor companies as Rhodia was an investor in Eight19

Issue - 14 | Monday, 11 Apr 2011

Cymer announces volume order of TCZ's Gen 5.5 crystallisation system to leading Asian display manufacturer

TCZ-1500B system is expected to reduce the complexity of the manufacturing process, making it easier for new FPD manufacturers to enter the OLED market

Henkel joins Holst Centre research network on flexible electronics

Partnership to focus on electrically conductive and moisture barrier technologies for organic electronics

Verbatim launches world's first commercially available colour tuneable OLED lighting panels

Full-scale production of OLED lighting panels will start in July 2011

Gold plated window electrodes for organic photovoltaic devices offers alternative to ITO

Researchers at the University of Warwick have developed a gold plated window as the transparent electrode for organic solar cells

Issue - 15 | Monday, 18 Apr 2011

Novaled announces 2010 Financial Results

Revenue growth a result of successful introduction of materials into mass production

Universal Display opens subsidiary in Japan

New office to provide enhanced technical support to the OLED display and white lighting industries using the company's phosphorescent technologies and materials

Philips quietly launches 45lm/W OLED lighting panel

New OLED panel developed in collaboration with Konica Minolta using Universal Display phosphorescent materials

Universal Display announces single-layer encapsulation technology for OLED and other thin-film devices

Approach relies on a single, hybrid organic-inorganic layer that is applied using a cost-effective process to create a very strong permeation barrier

Osram presents new OLED lighting luminaire at Euroluce and wins Red Dot award for product design

The product is available in the stores from July, price not yet published

Issue - 16 | Monday, 02 May 2011

Aixtron reports financial results for Q1 2011

Order intake remains high for Q1-2011, driven by a continuing high level of demand for LED deposition equipment, 65% of Q1-2011 orders for new-generation systems

Organic semiconductor materials start-up SmartKem receives further investment

SmartKem will use the investment in formulating organic semiconductor inks, scaling up market testing and accelerating the commercialisation process

Konarka appoints Dr. James R. Buntaine as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. James R. Buntaine, technology veteran of Kodak, brings 30 years of technology expertise and product commercialisation experience

Universal Display and Plextronics continue to advance solution processible phosphorescent materials systems

Universal Display reports progress in solution processible phosphorescent OLED material systems incorporating Plextronics hole injection layer materials

Jusung Engineering announced large area OLED lighting panel and plans to enter production

Availability of large area manufacturing equipment could accelerate the volume market for OLED lighting

CDT signs IP agreement with National University of Singapore Organic Nano Device Laboratory

IP agreement covers polymer organic devices including OLEDs, transistors and photovoltaics

Konarka names new Vice President of sales, marketing and business development

Kenneth McCauley, AT&T/Lucent executive, brings broad-based worldwide sales, marketing and business development experience in thin film solar and BIPV

Universal Display establishes new state-of-the-art chemistry lab in Hong Kong

New facility further expands company’s footprint in Asia and adds complementary materials development capabilities for OLED lighting and displays

AMOLED revenues for mobile phone displays forecasted to reach $4.0 billion in 2011 and $6.4 billion in 2012

AM-OLED revenues to account for more than 28% of the mobile display market and shipments to account for nearly 12% of the mobile display market

Eight19 hopes to secure funding of £10million by end of 2012

Funding to help Eight19 tap into potential $500m market for off-grid charging in India and Africa

Eight19 hopes to secure funding of £10million by end of 2012

Funding to help Eight19 tap into potential $500m market for off-grid charging in India and Africa

Issue - 17 | Monday, 09 May 2011

Eight19 and University of Cambridge sign IP licensing deal

In addition to core IP license the company has acquired the right for a defined period to exclusively license patents created by key researchers

Plextronics appoints Sanyo Chemical to distribute Plexcore in Japan

The agreement is expected to enhance Plextronics’ ability to work with key OLED lighting developers in Japan

Thinfilm reports financial results for Q1 2011

commercial interest conitnues to gather although revenues remain small while operating losses grow

Thin Film Electronics receives orders for engineering prototypes from leading toy manufacturers

Thin Film Electronics believes cost-sensitive consumer applications are the right proving ground for printed electronics.

Novaled develops novel outcoupling method that realises 36 lm/W high efficiency fluorescent white PIN OLED devices

Novel outcoupling increases light emission by more than 80-percent, maintains good colour rendering, and reduces angular dependence of the light emitted

Thinfilm Electronics awarded funding to develop next generation printed memory

Printed memory products can be integrated with other printed elements to create fully printed systems, such as ID tags, smart sensors, and disposable price labels.

Acuity Brands commits to commercialisation of OLED lighting based luminaires

These OLED based luminaires are designed to be suitable for indoor ambient applications in office, retail, hospitality and restaurant settings

UDC announces first quarter 2011 financial results

Continued growth in AM-OLED displays drives revenues every higher, losses higher than expected due to cash loss on stock warrant liabilities

Samsung Gen 5.5 AM-OLED production facility two months ahead of schedule

OLED technology gets closer to becoming a real competition to LCD technology

Issue - 18 | Monday, 16 May 2011

Mitsubishi and Pioneer announces high efficient 52lm/W OLED panel using novel coating process for deposition of emitter layer

Researcher demonstrate solution processing is capable of achieving high performance OLED lighting devices

Ignis Innovation demonstrates amorphous silicon AM-OLED using proprietary compensation technology

Amorphous silicon is used to make most of the world's LCD displays, and represents 95% of the world's manufacturing capacity for displays

Philips Lighting invests 40 million euros to extend OLED manufacturing in Aachen

The investment is being used to extend the existing pilot line facility in readiness for initial commercial production in 2012

The Flexible Display Center and Universal Display demonstrate flexible AM-OLED

Flexible OLEDs have the potential to open up a vast array of product opportunities in the commercial and consumer sectors in the foreseeable future.

WAC Lighting launches hybrid OLED and LED luminaire

More luminaire manufacturers begin to supply OLED lighting

AM-OLED display revenues expected to grow to more US$ 3.6 billion by 2015

The adoption of AM-OLED based displays is being propelled by increasing manufacturing capacity from leading supplier Samsung Mobile Display

Universal Display announces an all phosphorescent white OLED lighting panel with 58 lumens per watt and lifetime of 30,000 hours

The panels achieved a three times greater operating lifetime compared to similar panels introduced in 2010

Issue - 19 | Monday, 23 May 2011

Sony demonstrates organic TFT driven flexible ePaper

Organic transistors are ideally suited as backplane drivers for e-paper applications

Acuity Brands wins top product honours for its OLED luminaire Revel

The Revel fully embodies the simplicity, beauty, and utility of OLEDs as a light source

Molecular Solar seeks further investment of £5 million

Additional funding to be used for establishing facility for technology development

Issue - 20 | Monday, 30 May 2011

Philips lowers the cost of OLED panels

New pricing aims to encourage greater experimentation with OLED panels

PolyIC to begin development and production of organic photovoltaic devices

PolyIC expands it interest in organic semiconductor technologies beyond organic transistors

Toshiba develops portable OLED lamp and donates up to 150 to quake-hit areas of Japan

Portable OLED lamps to be used primarily as reading lamp and produce about 53 lm at full brightness

Issue - 21 | Monday, 06 Jun 2011

Konarka installs largest organic photovoltaic (OPV) and first semi-transparent OPV BIPV curtain wall

Transparent OPV films are ideal for glass curtain walls because of their superior low light sensitivity, and performance over a wide range of sunlight angle of incidence.

Thin Film Electronics opens office in Japan

Thinfilm has a unique memory technology and memory is an essential part of most electronics

US Dept of Energy awards nearly US$15 million for next generation lighting

Investments in solid-state lighting to save energy and create new manufacturing jobs

Issue - 22 | Monday, 13 Jun 2011

RiTdisplay expected to start production of a-Si AM-OLED panels

a-Si productions costs are expected to be competitive to LTPS backplanes

OLED luminaire wins Salone Satellite Award 2011 in Milan

Such creative solutions will pave the way for future applications of the OLED technology in the lighting industry.

Osram achieves 87 lm/w for white OLED lighting panel

OLED lighting moves closer to replacing fluorescent lamps

Issue - 23 | Monday, 20 Jun 2011

Blackbody announced a new OLED lighting luminaire called the Helix

Blackbody continues to expand its range of OLED based luminaires

Ledon OLED Lighting announces high brightness large OLED lighting module

High brightness, large area OLED lighting modules suitable for professional applications

Issue - 24 | Monday, 27 Jun 2011

Researchers at IMRE and University of Michigan prove high efficient fluorescent blue OLED materials is achievable

Efficiency of fluorescent blue OLED devices can reach 9.4%, beating the current theoretical limit for OLED external quantum efficiency by nearly a factor of 2

NikkoIA signs exclusive licence to Siemens photodetector imaging technology

NikkoIA to use Siemens innovative photodetector technology to produce near infrared image sensors

Thin Film Electronics launches higher capacity printed memory

Higher capacity memory more suited for secure documents and high-volume consumer applications

LG Display starts to provide OLED panels to Nokia

LG display is only supplying sample quantities, overall production at the Paju plant is expected to ramp-up in the coming months

Fujifilm Dimatix launches large-format industrial inkjet printer DMP-5005

New industrial inkjet with 1-picolitre drop volumes very suited to fabricating organic transistors

Recent start up Nanomatch aims to optimise molecules for OLEDs through simulation

A novel approach to simulating highly specific material compositions using quantum mechanic calculations to predict charge transfer of unknown material classes

Wintek and Tianma ready to enter production of AM-OLED based touch panels

Gen-5.5 production of AM-OLED panel is scheduled to begin in 2012

Issue - 25 | Monday, 04 Jul 2011

Researchers develop single polymer that can be used to fabricate both organic solar cells and transistors

Novel material POD2T-DTBT has high mobility and high power conversion efficiency – 6.3%

Southwest Nanotechnologies receives grant to commercialise single-walled carbon nanotube transistors

Carbon nanotubes may have inherent properties that make them uniquely suitable for the printing of high performance and low-cost TFTs

Beneq launches roll-to-roll Atomic Layer Deposition system for wide flexible substrates

Designed to meet the growing need for high-quality moisture barriers in the flexible electronics industry

Pragramtic Printing partners with Holst Centre on printed logic technology and applications

Novel device architecture coupled with novel materials opens possibilities for Adoption in flexible OLEDs and epaper

Issue - 26 | Monday, 11 Jul 2011

eMagin and University of Rochester Partner on U.S. DoE OLED Lighting Grant

Three-Year Research Program to Develop OLED Lighting Technology for New Generations of Efficient Lighting Systems

MIT researcher fabricate organic photovoltaic devices on paper substrates using vapour deposited PEDOT

The paper-printed solar cells have an efficiency of about 1 percent, but the researchers believe this can be increased significantly with fine-tuning of the materials

Konica Minolta to enter OLED Lighting market with high efficient 45 lm/W panels

These OLED lighting panels are to be produced by Philips at the production facility in Aachen, Germany in late 2011

DisaSolar appoints new CTO

Production of organic photovoltaic modules by ink-jet process expected to lead to low-cost devices

Novaled develops 60 lm/W white PIN OLED using commercially available fluorescent blue emitter

Power-efficient white PIN OLEDs are ideally suitable for OLED lamps and luminaires for general and design lighting

Issue - 27 | Monday, 18 Jul 2011

Novaled expands its local presence in Asian and opens office in Korea

The Korea branch office will accommodate technology support service, aimed at providing in-depth and fast technical assistance to customers

AIST research team develop method for printing single crystal organic semiconductor transistor

This novel technique for printing single crystals of C8-BTBT yields organic thin-film transistors with average carrier mobilities as high as 16.4cm2/Vs

Universal Display renews licences with Samsung and LG Display

These time limited technology and materials licences may be largely due to the ongoing patent opposition in Japan, Korea and Europe

New research on organic semiconductor materials aims to improve performance of next generation of organic photovoltaic devices

Assembling new materials by controlling both molecular scale ordering and nanoscale organisation will be beneficial for a broad range of polymer-based electronics - such as - organic photovoltaics, OLEDs and organic transistors

Issue - 28 | Monday, 25 Jul 2011

Solvay continues to support Plextronics' growth by commiting 10 million Euros in a new funding round

Funds to be used for scale-up manufacturing capability to support customers, expand product offering, and ongoing operations

Lumiotec introduces two OLED luminaires and steps up marketing and sales activities in Japan and Europe

Lumiotec aims to establish new “full-fledged” mass-production structure and a worldwide marketing sales network

Merck and Nano-C jointly develop next generation materials for organic photovoltaic applications

Novel material expects enable power conversion efficiency values in excess of 10%, thereby creating new and broader market interest in organic photovoltaic devices

Cambrios and Hitachi Chemicals collaborate on development and production of conductive film

By using a simple light exposure and develop process, eliminates costly process steps, yet still provides high resolution patterning capability

Issue - 29 | Monday, 01 Aug 2011

AUO believes OLED TV panels will be cost competitive by 2014

Adoption of larger substrate and higher prodcess yield rates expected to be achieved within next few years

Aixtron reports financial results for Q2 2011

Growing LED lighting demand fuels strong order intake, although revenue and margins impacted by currency

Researchers at Rice University develop hybrid metal grid and graphene based electrodes

Graphene film are a strong candidate to replace indium tin oxide (ITO) as a transparent, conductive coating

Issue - 30 | Monday, 08 Aug 2011

LG Display announces plans to invest US$2.83 billion in OLED panel production

To test the market LG Display will manufacture 55-inch AM-OLED panels on existing AM-OLED production facilities

Visionox announces it commitment to Gen 4.5 AM-OLED production

AM-OLED production line is expected to begin operation in 2013

Universal Display Corp announces financial results for Q2 2011

Increasing AM-OLED adoption continues to be the driving force in revenue growth

Inktec opens dedicated production facility for printable memory

The new, upgraded facility has a production capacity of 10 million tags of per month, and will support production of passive array memory

Issue - 31 | Monday, 29 Aug 2011

Konarka settles its patent lawsuit with Plextronics

No disclosure of the terms of the settlement with Plextronics were made public, resolution was to mutual satisfaction

Universal Display announces technology and materials licence agreement with Panasonic Idemitsu OLED Lighting

License agreement enables PIOL to manufacture and sell OLED products for lighting applications

Samsung Mobile Display and Universal Display enter into long term OLED patent licence and materials purchase agreements

SMD prepares to launch new AMOLED display products using Universal Display's green and red phosphorescent technology and material

Universal Display announces technology and materials licence agreement with Panasonic Idemitsu OLED Lighting

License agreement enables PIOL to manufacture and sell OLED products for lighting applications

OLED Lighting Patent Filings Continues Explosive Growth

More than 90% of the 2,760 OLED Lighting patents have been published since 2002

Universal Display reports technical performance of white OLED that exceeds DoE lifetime targets

Stacked OLED design delivers enhanced lifetime compared to a single RGB design but at the cost of increased number of layers

Universal Display announces technology and materials licence agreement with Panasonic Idemitsu OLED Lighting

License agreement enables PIOL to manufacture and sell OLED products for lighting applications

Konarka names new director of Business Development to focus on customer development and revenue growth in North America

New hire brings more than 20 years of business development experience in construction and renewable energy markets

AM-OLED manufacturing capacity forecast to increase nearly three-fold in 2012

The Samsung A2 factory is expected to reach maximum capacity of 80,000 substrates per month by the end of Q1-2012

Osram announces launch of their OLED lighting production facility

OSRAM has set an important milestone on the road toward volume manufacturing.

Universal Display announces technology and materials licence agreement with Panasonic Idemitsu OLED Lighting

License agreement enables PIOL to manufacture and sell OLED products for lighting applications

Issue - 32 | Monday, 05 Sep 2011

Panasonic Electric Works sets new OLED efficiency record

Using a semi-spherical highly-refractive lens to enhance light extraction, and an OLED device measuring just 2mm x 2mm a luminous efficiency of 128lm/W was achieved

Konarka and Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe enter into joint development agreement

Joint developments aims to develop solar steel roof, facades and other construction elements for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) in Germany

Plastic Logic appoints Indro Mukerjee as CEO

Headquarters is once again located in Cambridge along side the Technology Centre, while product development remains in California

Innovative organic photovoltaic cell architecture achieves 6.9% power conversion efficiency

Inverted bulk-heterojunction architecture coupled with new buffer layer that optimises light management were key to device performance improvement

Issue - 33 | Monday, 12 Sep 2011

New Renaissance Institute sells graphene/nanotube nanoelectornics patents to undisclosed purchaser

These patent assets relate to creating complex electronic circuits on a single grapheme ribbon, carbon nanotube, or semiconducting polymer strip or region therein

Plastic Logic announces availability of the Plastic Logic 100 for education

Selected as a vendor by the Federal Institute of Development of Education (FIRO) for participation in the electronic textbook program, Plastic Logic will supply the product to selected Russian school regions

Organic photovoltaic printed on paper substrates show surprisingly good efficiencies and lifetimes

All paper solar cells could eventually have the edge over current PV technologies due to the efficient production and lower material costs

Novaled launches luxury luminaires under the band name Liternity

The initial product will be a desk lamp called 'Victory' that according to Novaled is the first to combine OLED light and space-age carbon fibre base to create a “unique light-art masterpiece”

Organic photovoltaic metrology breakthrough

A new type of atomic force microscopy that can 'see' down into a working organic photovoltaic cell and relate its three-dimensional nanoscale structure to its performance

Issue - 34 | Monday, 19 Sep 2011

nTact joins Holst Centre partner network for innovations in roll-to-roll coating

Selective area coating is a promising technique that could fulfil the needs of roll-to-roll production of large area organic devices

US Department of Energy commits more than US$ 3,720,000 in funding on three key organic photovoltaic research programmes

US research on organic photovoltiacs starts to focs on higher efficiency for low-cost devices

Issue - 35 | Monday, 26 Sep 2011

Eight19 launches affordable organic photovoltaic solar electricity for the developing world with Indigo pay-as-you-go

Customer trials are now underway in Kenya, with Zambia, Malawi and the Indian sub-continent over the next 3 months. The commercial roll-out will start early in 2012

Universal Display and PPG Industries announce new OLED supply and service agreement

Agreement extends partnership for the manufacture of high-performance, phosphorescent OLED materials for the growing OLED display and lighting markets

Samsung Venture invests in Novaled

Investment in Novaled is consistent with Samsung's strategy to work closely with established market leaders

Issue - 36 | Monday, 03 Oct 2011

UK Government to invest GBP 50 million to establish Graphene research and technology centre at the University of Manchester

As the UK's leading centre for graphene research, the creation of the Graphene Hub which will help to stimulate the economy, create jobs and new business opportunities

Pioneer licenses OLED lighting technology from Universal Display

Pioneer has developed and marketed passive-matrix OLED products for automotive, consumer electronics and other applications for many years and is now well prepared to take the next step into OLED lighting

Mitsubishi Electric exhibits large area semi-spherical OLED display

Passive-matrix OLED panels creates opportunities to develop large-area non-planar displays

Issue - 37 | Monday, 10 Oct 2011

Universal Display awarded US DoE SBIR phase II contract for white OLED lighting

This follow-on program will focus on extending white phosphorescent OLED lighting panel operating lifetime with novel thermal management techniques

Merck opens OLED application development laboratory in Korea

Local applications lab to focus on the synthesis, purification and chemical analysis of OLED materials tailored to customers' requests

Konica Minolta starts selling OLED lighting panel sample kit and launches new brand name Symfos for its OLED products

Konica Minolta considers OLED lighting as one of the most promising environmental and energy conscious new businesses

Issue - 38 | Monday, 17 Oct 2011

Konarka Technologies and Webasto announce collaboration for organic solar application in the automotive industry

The main task of the collaboration will be increasing the efficiency of the solar cells to magnitudes suitable for automobiles

Thin Film Electronics unveils scaleable printed CMOS memory

The combination of printed rewritable memory and organic transistors enables low-cost, printed integrated systems for the "Internet of things"

eMagin announces share repurchase program

Tactically this is a tool that may allow eMagin to take advantage of market volatility to grow future earnings per share

WAC Lighting announces commercial debut of OLED chandelier

Another OLED products enter the market place, although expensive compared to LED it does demostrate OLED has commercial appeal

Issue - 39 | Monday, 24 Oct 2011

Idemitsu Kosan establishes OLED materials manufacturing facility in South Korea

Rapid expansion of OLED display and lighting drives the need for increased local production of materials

Aixtron reports financial results for Q3 2011

Unscheduled demand slow-down does not derail LED lighting vision, Aixtron will exercise operational business flexibility in response to market weakness

EU FP7 project aims to develop efficient, low-cost tandem organic solar cells

The X10D project aims to bring organic photovoltaic technologies (OPV) towards introduction into the competitive thin-film PV market

Issue - 40 | Monday, 31 Oct 2011

DuPont signs technology licence agreement with leading unnamed Asian AM-OLED manufacturer

DuPont has developed a proprietary solution-based printing technology that efficiently dispenses liquid OLED materials developed to optimise display yields and performance

Panasonic Electric Works cooperates with National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto (MOMAK) to develop next generation lighting for exhibits

OLED lighting modules have been attracting a great deal of interest among museum officials as they offer high colour rendering, and emit very little UV and IR rays

AU Optronics (AUO) demonstrates 4-inch flexible OLED panel based on an oxide transistor backplane

AUO uses a bottom emission OLED architecture, with an amorphous IGZO (In-Ga-Zn-O) TFT backplane

EU project IMOLA starts R&D on large-area, intelligent OLED lighting

The project’s goal is to make large-area OLED-based lighting modules with built-in intelligent light management

Labme makes creative use of 1,400 OLED panels

OLED panels presented at leading furniture and design trade sho

Issue - 41 | Monday, 07 Nov 2011

Samsung to spend up to another 7 trillion won (US$ 6bn) on OLED manufacturing capacity

Increase in spending on OLED displays signals confidence in the technology and potential for future business

Organic photovoltaic company Eight19 appoints head of business development

Eight19 expands management teams and continues focus on commercial adoption of their technology

Universal Display reports financial results for Q3 2011

Company achieved profitability in Q3, forecasts revenues to be US$58 - US$62 million for full year, and US$90 - US$110 million for 2012

LG Display to launch large area OLED TV in 2012

LG Display focuses on large area OLEDs in 2012, but does not rule out manufacturing smaller sized OLED displays in the future

Osram announces a flexible OLED on steel substrates with efficiency of 32lm/W

Osram considers this to be an important milestone on the road to widespread application of OLED lighting technology

Osram IPO stalls

The anticipated Osram IPO has been put on hold due to uncertainty and market volatility

eMagin reports financial results for Q3 2011

Revenue achieves $8.3 million for Q3

Issue - 42 | Monday, 14 Nov 2011

Thin Film Electronics and Inventables offer Arduino-powered development kit

Thin Film's printed electronic memory now available to Inventables' community of technology innovators

Thin Film Electronics reports interim financial results for Q3 2011

Thin Film Electronics demonstrated addressable organic memory - a significant milestone towards printed integrated systems - and opened a new production facility

sim4tec releases new version 4.0 of its OLED simulation and organic material characterisation software SimOLED

The new software tool allows scientists to specify organic material parameters, explore new domains, make predictions and prove or disprove hypotheses.

Issue - 43 | Monday, 21 Nov 2011

University of Cambridge researchers produce inkjet printed graphene transistors

Researchers breakthrough offers a clear route to all-printed, flexible and transparent graphene devices on arbitrary substrates

AM-OLED market forecasts expected to reach as much as US$12.8bn by 2015, with shipments up 55% year-on-year

Samsung continues to dominate the market, but is expected to lose marketshare as competitors gain a foothold in the market for AM-OLED display

Issue - 44 | Monday, 28 Nov 2011

Aneeve Nanotechnologies inkjet printing carbon nanotube transistor circuits to drive OLED pixels

Researchers in California are reported to have used inkjet printing to make the first fully printed carbon-nanotube-based electronic circuits

Reseachers succeed in developing biocompatible graphene transistor array capable of reading living cells signals

This research opens the feasibility of using graphene-based bioelectronics such as neuroprosthetic implants in the brain, the eye, or the ear

Thin Film Electronics and Polyera partner to bring printed CMOS memory to market

Joint development of organic semiconductor inks for high-volume printing of Thin Film Electronics’ addressable memory, integrated systems, and 'smart' tags

OLED100 EU funded project concludes and celebrates achievement of OLED lighting

OLED100 eu has played a vital part in ensuring that Europe will play a leading role in OLED technology for lighting applications

OLED100eu EU funded project concludes and celebrates achievement of OLED lighting

OLED100eu has played a vital part in ensuring that Europe will play a leading role in OLED technology for lighting applications

Issue - 45 | Monday, 05 Dec 2011

Heliatek achieves world record for organic photovoltaic with a certified 9.8% cell efficiency

In 2012 Heliatek plans to raise €50 million in new capital to expand production capacity with additional manufacturing lines

Global OLED Technology and OLEDWorks sign patent licence agreement

OLEDWorks to focus on manufacturing OLED lighting panels

OLEDWorks plans to rapidly expand during 2012 supported by tax credits and private investors

OLEDWorks expected to double the number of people, and more than 50 people within 2-to-3 years as the company ramps-up manufacturing output

Issue - 46 | Monday, 12 Dec 2011

Organic semiconductor pioneers win German President’s award for technology and innovation

Pioneering work on small molecule organic semiconductor has created several spin-out companies, and a growing technology cluster in Dresden

Vorbeck Materials receives completes $10 million series three financing round

Vorbeck will use the financing to expand sales of graphene-based conductive ink for printed electronics

Imec, Polyera and Solvay achieve certified 8.3% efficiency for organic solar cell with inverted device architecture

Researchers announce this as the highest certified efficiency reported to date in the world for inverted polymer cell architectures

Issue - 99 | Monday, 11 May 2015