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Osram presents OLED-LED hybrid rear light combination

The OLED-LED hybrid rear light combination has four basic functions - stoplight, reverse light, indicator, and rearlight

9 Jan 2015 | Editor

At a recently held exhibition Osram and Automotive Lighting Italia showcased a hybrid rear combination lamp demonstrator featuring Osram’s OLED and LED technology. For the first time, the demonstrator gave a sneak preview into the future of lighting in automotive applications since the benefits of the two solid state lighting technologies OLED and LED are combined in a perfectly styled complementary setup.

Osram - OLED-LED hybrid read light fixture

Figure: Osram - OLED-LED hybrid read light fixture

The demonstrator rearlamp designed and produced by Automotive Lighting in cooperation with Osram utilises two different circular designs of OLED tiles. Red OLEDs lighting up in a double concentric ring structure – each ring individually addressable – and yellow OLEDs designed as broader mono-rings are used to represent the taillight and turn indicator function. The centre of both OLED types is designed as a transparent area. This transparent area enables the surprising use of LEDs for the reverse light and stop light function.

For the reverse light function six white power LEDs are placed behind the six look-through areas of the yellow turn indicator and red power LEDs are used in a similar way to create the stop light function by shining through the transparent centre of the ten red OLEDs. Additionally, LED lightguide enhancement is used for the stop light function, but also for the turn function.

Since all OLED segments and also most LEDs are independently addressable, also dynamic effects such as wiping indicators or welcome scenarios can be realised.

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