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Thinfilm announces partnership with Xerox for mass production of printed memory labels

By partnering with Thinfilm, Xerox are leveraging their manufacturing expertise and ability to scale globally, and at the same time move into emerging new markets

21 Jan 2015 | Editor

Thin Film Electronics (Thinfilm) has announced a strategic partnership with Xerox. As a core element of the agreement, Xerox has licensed Thinfilm's proprietary technology to manufacture Thinfilm Memory labels - which - according to ThinFilm - are the only printed, rewritable memory commercially available today. Xerox will develop a marketing strategy targeted to key customers.

Peter Fischer, chief product officer for Thinfilm, will lead the technology transfer initiative. To produce the memory labels, Xerox will modify a production line in one of its existing facilities in Webster N.Y.

Davor Sutija, Thinfilm's chief executive officer, said, "This partnership with Xerox - a technology pioneer with a deep history of innovation and thought leadership - marks a critical milestone in Thinfilm's strategic roadmap." Davor added, "We're pleased that Xerox shares Thinfilm's vision regarding the future of printed electronics, and we look forward to working alongside them in delivering cost-effective, scalable intelligence to the market."
Steve Simpson, vice president, non-Xerox Supplies Business, said, "The demand for low-cost, non-conventional electronic solutions is real and it's growing." Steve added, "By partnering with Thinfilm, we are leveraging our deep manufacturing expertise and ability to scale globally in order to participate in exciting new markets adjacent to our core business"

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