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LG Chem announces the availability and pricing of plastic OLED and large area OLED panels

LG Chem have successfully maintained performance levels - efficiency, luminance, and CRI - and at the same time overcoming the key technical challenges of plastic substrates

27 Jan 2015 | Editor

LG Chem has announced that the company has achieved two important milestones in the development of OLED lighting products: the start of manufacturing of the 320 mm x 320 mm OLED light panel, currently the largest OLED panel available in the market, and the completion of the research and development phase for a new plastic-based OLED light panel.

The 320 mm x 320 mm OLED light panel is just 0.88 mm thick, has an efficiency of 60lm/W, a CRI over 90, and produces 800 lm at 8.5V / 600mA. The panel’s output can reach 1,200 lm which is similar to a standard 60-75 Watt incandescent lamp.

LG Chem has begun mass producing the 320 mm x 320 mm panels in January, and these can be ordered at US$ 680 per panel, with volume pricing available for larger orders.

LG Chem has completed their development of a flexible OLED light panel and engineering samples are now available. LG Chem’s current 'bendable' OLED panels (F6BA40, F6BA30) use thin-glass substrates these provide a limited bending radius of 75 mm. The new flexible OLED panels have greater bending radius to 30 mm because these panels use plastic substrate, these are also safer to use as they eliminates the danger of the glass panel shattering when excessive force is applied to the panel.

LG Chem - Plastic OLED

Figure: LG Chem - Plastic OLED

LG Chem have successfully maintain the performance levels of efficiency, luminance, and CRI. LG Chem has overcome the main technical challenges of plastic substrates and that is the ingress of oxygen and moisture by developing high performance barrier and encapsulation technology.

According to the specifications released by LG Chem their new plastic-based OLED light panels have 60lm/W efficiency, 75lm brightness, 3,000K in colour temperature, and CRI over 85.

Engineering samples are available at US$ 250 per panel. The mass production of the flexible panel is scheduled to begin in July 2015. The price will be adjusted accordingly once mass production starts.

These recently launched panels now available for purchase directly from the company.

LG Chem - OLED panel size comparison

Figure: LG Chem - OLED panel size comparison

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About LG Chem

LG Chem, located in Seoul, South Korea, is an OLED light panel manufacturer which provides OLED light panels in a variety of shapes and sizes. Nine different models are available with two different color temperatures (3,000K/4,000K), which deliver high color rendering levels (CRI>90) as well as achieving high luminance, high efficacy and long lifespan.

Source: LG Chem

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