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Philips to spin-out their OLED Lighting Business

Philips timing for a divestment may be ideal as the market for OLED lighting is gathering momentum, and looks set to become a lighting technology with a long-term future

27 Jan 2015 | Editor

Philips have announced to staff that the company intends to divest its OLED lighting business activity to focus its business and resources on LED based connected systems and services.

With this measure Philips will be able to focus its resources and be better positioned to capitalise on the fundamental changes taking place in the lighting industry, where value is shifting from individual products to systems and services.

Currently, Philips is searching for a buyer for its whole OLED business activities based in Aachen, Germany.

The announcement comes at a time when Philips has optimised its OLED capabilities, and has realised a manufacturing line producing high-performing and cost-attractive BRITE OLED functional Lighting panels. This makes the activity optimally prepared to be taken forward by a potential buyer/partner, focusing on component production and capacity growth, at the onset of the OLED functional lighting market development.

The announcement went on to say that the LED market is sizeable and growing. Philips is leading the lighting transformation and aims to further build on its market leadership in LED lamps, luminaires, connected lighting systems and services to deliver new lighting experiences and improving business outcomes.

We understand that staff in the OLED Lightign business see this as a positive move, and will enable the technology to receive further investment and have a single focus.

Editor notes: Our view is that this is a positive move that should be welcomed by the industry. It will enable OLED lighting to secure a stronger position in the emerging market for efficient and innovative lighting, and to become a serious challenger to LED lighting. We are very optimistic about OLED lighting and are confident about the future role of OLED lighting in the marketplace. Spinning-out the OLED Lighting business will ensure that it receives the necessary investment it needs to support the growing product range being developed. Philips timing for a divestment may be ideal as the market for OLED lighting is gathering momentum, and looks set to become an established lighting technology with a long-term future.

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