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LG Chem announces major installation of OLED lighting for Seoul National University

University officials selected the OLED light panels because their slim and modern design conforms with the library’s cutting-edge architecture

5 Feb 2015 | Editor

LG Chem has announced what they claim is the world’s biggest building installation of OLED lighting at the inauguration ceremony for Seoul National University’s new main library. LG Chem supplied 1,100 OLED light panels for reading lights at the KwanJeong Library at Korea’s premier university.

According to the announcement Seoul National University (SNU) adopted OLED lighting for the library’s reading lights because it is energy efficient and is extremely comfortable to the eyes. OLED lighting comes closest of any lighting source to natural sunlight and does not emit UV, which increases eye fatigue, or produces blue light, which can cause eye damage.

University officials selected the OLED light panels because their slim and modern design conforms with the library’s cutting-edge architecture. OLED light panels are only the surface light source that is currently available, which makes them ideal for various design applications.

LG Chem -  SNU Library OLED lighting project

Figure: LG Chem - SNU Library OLED lighting project

The OLED light panels used at the SNU Library :

  • Measure 320 mm x 110 mm
  • Efficacy of 60 lm/W
  • lifetime of 40,000 hours

The brightness of the lighting is easily adjusted with a dimming control between 300lx and 850lx. The standard brightness for a reading light ranges from 300lx to 600lx, according to the Korean standard illumination index.

The thickness of the OLED light panel is 0.88mm, and even with an aluminum housing, it is still just 2.2mm, offering an ultra slim design.

Sung-Soo Park, Vice President of the OLED Light Business at LG Chem, said, "The adoption of OLED light panels at Seoul National University Library is a recognition of OLED lighting’s superiority." Sung-Soo added, "LG Chem plans to commercially market in March the OLED reading lights installed at the Seoul National University Library, in addition to its 'Frame', OLED lighting lamp, which is already being sold online. This is part of LG Chem’s efforts to create new consumer experiences with OLED lighting products." Sung-Soo concluded "The SNU Library OLED lighting project marks a significant milestone in the worldwide adoption of OLED lighting"
An administrator of the Seoul National University Library, said, "Lighting is the most important factor for a library facility since we want to avoid eye fatigue for our students." The administrator added, "OLED lighting is the best lighting option for the library’s study areas since it protects the eyes while offering a soothing and simple design, and we selected LG Chem’s lighting products because of the company’s technology leadership in the sector."

Sales of OLED lighting are set to grow rapidly to reach an estimated €2.3 billion by 2024, according to cintelliq Ltd, a OLED Lighting consultancy based in Cambridge UK.

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About LG Chem

LG Chem, based in Seoul, Korea, is a globally diversified chemical and materials group. It is the world’s largest OLED light panel manufacturer. Nine different models are available with two different color temperatures (3,000K/4,000K), which deliver high color rendering levels (CRI>90) as well as achieving high luminance, high efficacy and long lifespan.

Source: LG Chem

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