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LG Display seeks to set up OLED alliance

Motive behind the alliance is to secure LG Display's position as the leading supplier of large-area OLED panels

9 Mar 2015 | Editor

According to news reports LG Display is in discussions with other leading television manufacturers in Japan and China to establish an OLED Alliance. It aims to accelerate the adoption of OLED displays and establish LG Display as the leading OLED panel manufacturer.

At present there are no specific details of the alliance although this is expected to emerge over the coming months.

It seems that LG Display is seeking to secure its current and future position as the largest suppler of OLED panels for large-area TVs to major Chinese TV manufacturers, LG Electronics, Sony and Panasonic of Japan.

It is not too clear how LG Display's competitor Samsung Electronics will respond as they are currently focused on supplying small sized OLED panels with the majority of this production destined for use in the company's own Galaxy handset series.

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