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LG Chem rumoured to invest US$ 184 million to build Gen-5 OLED lighting production facility

The manufacturing facility could begin production in 2017 and once operational is expected to drive the price of 100mm x 100mm OLED panels down towards US$ 5

28 Feb 2015 | Editor

According to an article on the Nikkei Asian Review website LG Chem is planning to build a new Gen-5 OLED lighting manufacturing line with the objective to enter production in 2017.

The news reports states that LG Chem will invest about 200 billion won (US$184 million) to install a Gen-5 manufacturing line.

The large-substrate (1250mm x 1100mm) production is expected to lower manufacturing costs by 90% enabling a standard 100mm x 100mm OLED panels to be sold for around US$5

LG Chem's current OLED production is based on Gen-2 substrates the new Gen-5 production facility should increase annual production capacity by a factor of 8 (7.9).

LG Chem is more vertically integrated that its competitors as it develops and manufactures in-house their own materials for part of the OLED device stack. This advantage and adoption of larger substrates is expected to enable LG Chem to drive the panel costs to a level that will accelerate the adoption of OLED lighting.

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