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New OLED Lighting Report

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16 Mar 2015 | Editor

cintelliq limited is pleased to pre-announce the release of their latest market report OLED Lighting: Products, prices, capacity, costs and forecasts 2015 - 2024.

Now in its 4th year of publication "OLED Lighting: Products, prices, capacity, costs and forecasts" report has become an essential reference for those seeking to understand the current and future evolution of the OLED lighting industry

According to cintelliq's analysis OLED lighting continues to show all the signs of becoming a strong competitor to LED lighting by 2016 one year earlier than previous thought. OLED lighting may have had a gentle start but it is now firmly gaining market traction as an increasing number of OLED panels and luminaires reach the market – with the efficacy and lifetimes of current OLED panels at a performance level to last more than ten years under normal operating conditions they are rapidly becoming an alternative to LED lighting.

Since the release of our last report there has been an increase in industry activity - most notable industry announcements include:

  • LG Chem rumoured to be considering investing in Gen 5 OLED lighting manufacturing facility
  • Konica Minolta show cases flexible colour OLEDs (output from new R2R factory)
  • Konica Minolta finalises ther R2R manufacturing facility
  • LG Chem announcing availability and pricing for plastic OLED lighting panels
  • Philips to spin-out OLED lighting business division
  • Sumitomo Chemical signs licence agreement for OLED Lighting with Universal Display
  • LG Chem shows novel mounting fixtures for OLED lIghting
  • OLED in auto-mobiles becoming a viable option
  • Kaneka ships their latest panels
  • LG Chem announces OLED Lighting performance reaches 100 lm/W
  • Osram launches portable OLED reading light for in-car illumination
  • Taiwanese companies form OLED Lighting commercialisation alliance

These announcements along with others are changing both the structure and competitive environment of the industry and its commercialisation.

With flexible OLED lighting panels are now entering the marketplace and offering new options for lighting designers to innovate. The industry is certainly gearing up to gain further traction in the lighting market.

Towards the end of 2014 panels pricing from LG Chem and Philips continue to fall. Further prices falls are expected as these leading manufacturers improve their yields, increase volumes and refine the device architectures especially their device stack.

All these changes that will have a direct impact on the products, prices, costs and capacity.

OLED Lighting: Products, prices, capacity, costs and forecasts 2015 - 2024 (2015 - Q2)

This 150+ page report analyses the OLED lighting industry to understand how current products, pricing, capacity, and costs will evolve in the future and how this will impact market forecasts.

cintelliq has compiled their annual report for the past three years. We watch closely the developments within the industry, and speak to leading OLED manufacturers, materials suppliers and luminaire manufacturers.

Each iteration of the report refines our understand of the industry along with a deepening understanding of how the future may play out.

The report is packed with product information, detailed analysis, facts and models that the reader of the report will find beneficial.

The report has fast become a must have purchase. Many of the leading manufacturers, material suppliers have purchased our report each year.

Pre-order, pay by 9th April and save 500 GBP:

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