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ITRI showcases new OLED Lighting applications

ITRI featured a variety of innovative OLED lighting applications, with the aim to make the application of OLED lighting, practical and fun

25 Mar 2015 | Editor

At the recently held Taiwan International Lighting Show 2015 held in the Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taiwan. Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) organised the "OLED Lighting Theme Pavilion" in the show, featuring a variety of innovative OLED lighting applications, with the aim to make the application of OLED lighting, practical and fun.

ITRI in cooperation with the Taiwan Lighting Association set up the "OLED lighting Theme Pavilion", and took the opportunity to showcase 37 different OLED luminaires, this was announced as the biggest commercialisation exhibition of OLED lighting in Taiwan.

ITRI - OLED lighting mirror luminaire

Figure: ITRI - OLED lighting mirror luminaire

Liu Jun-Ting, director of Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Institute of ITRI, said, "More than 90% of body of OLED lighting device is luminous parts, plus bendable capability and microtherm, can combine with house decorating materials directly, provide designers to have more flexibility to create more situational lighting applications." Lui added, "OLED and LED are complementary, both have their advantages. LED is a centralized lighting source, whose light beam illuminating is very focus, is more striking when used in outdoor environment. It is suitable for partial lighting, advertising signs, traffic warning signs. The OLED is a planar lighting source, soft, can be looked by the naked eye, not dazzling, very ideal for indoor lighting."
Liu said, "My prediction is that OLED lighting products will be applied first in the decorative lighting market.

Last July, ITRI has founded the OLED Lighting Commercialization Alliance (OLCA) in Taiwan, for the purpose of integrating the Taiwanese lighting industry supply-chain to accelerate innovation in applications, light engines, equipment, materials and other critical technologies of OLED lighting, and also completed a verification platform for small production of OLED lighting.

The light engine modules of the OLED lamps - exhibited in the OLED Lighting Theme Pavilion - were by:

  • co-developed/supported by ITRI
  • designed by YACG, Top Fancy, Lei Yueh, META Design, Bueno Optoelectronics and JF Lighting


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