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LG Display rumoured to be considering acquiring Global OLED Technology

To remain competitive in the OLED space LG Display beleives it is important to hold key OLED patents in house

2 Apr 2015 | Editor

According to a Korea Times news report LG Display is in talks to merge with its Global OLED Technology (GOT) - the company set up to acquire and hold Kodak OLED patents. The purpose for the acquisition is to strengthen LG Display's OLED patent portfolios in the wake of growing demand for premium OLED TVs as the company facing increasing competition from high-end LCD televisions.

Unofficially the company is expected to make a final decision by June 2015.

Recently, LG Display announced they intend to establish an OLED alliance to product OLED as the next generation of TV technology.

GOT was co-founded by LG Display, LG Electronics, Idemitsu Kosan of Japan and LG Chem in 2009, with stakes of 33, 32,7, 32,3 and 2 percent, respectively.

An unnamed company official is reported to have said that they plan has been approved by the board committee.

An LG Display spokesperson said, "LG Display is in discussions to acquire a 100 percent stake of Global OLED Technology (GOT) in the United States, in line with LG Group-wide strategy to promote OLED TVs globally." The spokesperson continued, "The key issue is how LG Display best fits patents into new OLED TV sets."

GOT is the owner and licensor of a portfolio containing approximately 2,200 OLED patents and patent applications worldwide. The technology claimed in those patents has many applications in the display and lighting industries.

Source: Global OLED Technology

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