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Samsung Display is reported to be exploring the option to re-enter OLED TV display market

Samsung may be getting ready to adopt LG Display WRGB OLED technology

29 Mar 2015 | Editor

ET News has reported that at a recent Samsung Display business meeting the company is considering to re-start production of large-area OLED display panels for the premium TV market. This decision has been based on favourable conclusion of a recently commissioned management consulting research project.

The OLED device architecture will be different from that currently used to manufacture small size OLED panels. As it will use LG Display’s WRGB OLED technology.

The recently settled patent dispute may be paving the way for the two companies to share some aspects of OLED technology.

According to the news report Samsung Display is currently evaluating three investment options for their next OLED production:

  • Changing all the previous OLED panel production line (V1 line) to WRGB OLED
  • Total production in the new facility over at A3 line
  • Producing TFT backplanes in the Gen 8 LCD facility and metallizing at the A3 line

According to report industry experts are divided over how big or small the investment will be. Some industry analysis say that it is still early days and the investment will be modest, while other industry analysts are expecting the investment to be big as the company could attempt to regain manufacturing capacity leadership by investing heavily in Gen 10.5 production technology.

An unnamed official said, "It is hard to make great amount of profit with just the previous LCD panel business, according to the management group’s conclusion. That is why they decided to step in this higher value OLED panel business investment."
Another unnamed official is reported to have said, "The most important part is to plan avoiding collision with LG Display patent. But because main core researchers who had emphasized on white OLED technology development last year are gone, it seems it won’t be easy to obtain the technology."

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