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DOE announces selections for OLED lighting awards

There are four projects focused on OLED lighting and five projects focused on LED lighting, with total DoE funding of more than US$ 8.2 million

11 May 2015 | Editor

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has announced the competitive selection of nine projects for solid-state lighting (SSL). There are four projects focused on OLED lighting and five projects focused on LED lighting.Total DoE funding for the nine projects is more than US$ 8.2 million and leverages a cost-share contribution from each recipient, for a total public-private investment of over US$ 11.5 million.

These one and two year projects will focus on the areas of Core Technology Research, which involves the application of fundamental scientific concepts to SSL technology; Product Development, which involves using the knowledge gained from basic or applied research to develop or improve commercially viable SSL materials, devices, or systems; and U.S. Manufacturing, which involves accelerating SSL technology adoption through manufacturing innovations and improvements that reduce costs and enhance quality and consistency.

The OLED selections are listed below:

Recipient: Acuity Brands Lighting (Berkeley, CA)
Title: OLED Luminaire with Panel Integrated Drivers and Advanced Controls
Summary:This project plans to develop an OLED luminaire that features DC current drivers integrated with each panel, and a base station that interfaces with user control input, provides power to the OLED panels, and translates the control input to desired functionalities of the panels. The goal is to demonstrate a luminaire with an efficacy of 65 lm/W and a luminous output of 4000 lm.
Funding:DOE Share: $455,131 | Cost Share: $151,710

Recipient:Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ)
Title: Stable and Efficient White OLEDs Based on a Single Emissive Material
Summary:This project will focus on developing an efficient and stable phosphorescent material, quick-screening it, and incorporating it into a state-of-the-art OLED. The goal is to develop efficient and stable white OLEDs employing a single emissive material.
Funding:DOE Share: $700,000 | Cost Share: $175,000

Recipient:Sinovia Technologies (Foster City, CA)
Title:Integrated Plastic Substrates for OLED Lighting
Summary:This project will combine a barrier film technology with a nanowire transparent conduction film to make a single substrate product that will improve light extraction and lower the cost of OLEDs. The goal is to demonstrate a substrate/encapsulation technology that is less than 1 ohm/sq. resistivity, greater than 50% light extraction, and under the target cost of $95/m2.
Funding:DOE Share: $1,326,170 | Cost Share: $1,327,310

Recipient: University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
Title:Stable, High-Efficiency White Electrophosphorescent Organic Light Emitting Devices by Reduced Molecular Dissociation
Summary:This project will focus on new strategies for increasing the lifetime of blue phosphorescent OLEDs (PHOLEDs). A computationally directed approach will be used to efficiently identify robust blue phosphorescent dopant and host molecular pairs. The goals will be to fabricate a white PHOLED on a size-scalable platform with 70 lm/W efficacy, at a color rendering index of 85 and a color temperature of 2750K.
Funding:DOE Share: $1,314,240 | Cost Share: $433,398

This is the tenth round of DoE investments in solid-state lighting Core Technology Research and Product Development, and the sixth round of DoE investments in U.S. SSL Manufacturing R&D. These efforts are part of DoE's initiative to accelerate the adoption of SSL technology through improvements that reduce costs while maintaining product quality and performance.

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