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Ignis Innovation secures US$14 million in financing

The financing will be used to support product development using True Vision Display Technology

25 May 2015 | Editor

Ignis Innovation (Ignis) has announced it has secured US$14 million in financing to accelerate the product development using its True Vision Display Technology (True Vision).

Ignis said that the company has engaged with partners to develop market ready products with True Vision Display for wearable, smartphone, automotive, tablet and TV applications. These products will hit the market in 2016 and will define a new standard for displays and a new era for user experience.

Ignis has developed industry leading technologies for emissive displays that dramatically increase yields and lifetimes while enhancing the viewer experience. This has been thoroughly tested and proven on different backplanes (Metal-oxide, LTPS, a-Si), various OLEDs (printed, RGBW, RGB, etc.) and other emissive devices.

True Vision products offer users an unparalleled viewing experience that is not available on the very best of today’s displays.


About Ignis Innovation

IGNIS Innovation is an emissive display technology company that provides total solutions for high quality emissive displays.

Source: Ignis Innovation

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