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FlexEnable and CPT aim to acceralate the industrialisation of truly flexible AM-OLED displays

The manufactured glass-free, full-colour, flexible AM-OLED display is based on FlexEnable’s low-temp process for plastic transistors and CPT’s RGB OLED technology

2 Jun 2015 | Editor

FlexEnable has partnered with Chunghwa Picture Tube (CPT) to drive the penetration of truly flexible AMOLED displays. By building on a series of flexible AM-OLED demonstrators made previously by FlexEnable, the two companies have now manufactured a glass-free, full-colour, flexible AM-OLED display based on FlexEnable’s low-temperature process for plastic transistors and CPT’s RGB OLED technology. The display operates at full video-rate (60 Hz) and is only 125 microns thick.

FlexEnable - Flexible, plastic AM-OLED display

Figure: FlexEnable - Flexible, plastic AM-OLED display

The partnership demonstrates that the FlexEnable process - manufacturing truly flexible plastic AM-OLED displays - is compatible with current FPD factory equipment and techniques, requiring minimal modification.

Through FabEnable, a partnering package for manufacturers, FlexEnable provides services to assist ramp-up to volume manufacturing based on the team’s profound knowledge and experience of industrialisation techniques and processes.

Indro Mukerjee, Chairman FlexEnable said, "This display represents a fundamental breakthrough proving that FlexEnable’s OTFT technology can be combined with mainstream OLED manufacturing infrastructures to create the most flexible and cost-effective AMOLED display technology. Working together with display makers, FlexEnable supports the integration of our proven technology platform, enabling a full range of flexible display types, from conformable LCD and OLED to electrophoretic displays at lower cost."
Sheng-Chang Lin, President Chunghwa Picture Tubes said, "Truly flexible AMOLED panels are widely recognised as the most promising display infrastructure. CPT has over a decade of professional experience in the development of AMOLED displays from structural design, material allocation and process to equipment. CPT has shown a number of AMOLED displays at several major exhibitions as well as to potential customers. This demonstration clearly proves that the integration of both parties’ capabilities has the potential to drive the mass production of flexible AMOLED displays making truly flexible OLED a reality."

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About Flexenable

FlexEnable, based in Cambridge, UK, has developed the world’s first flexible transistor technology platform; the key to truly flexible and cost effective electronics over large and small surfaces. With over a decade of experience, IP development and technology awards, FlexEnable works together with customers to drive innovation across flexible sensors, smart systems and video-rate displays.

FlexEnable’s technology platform enables new mobile and wearable products as well as sensor arrays and structural electronics that bring an extra dimension to the IoT (Internet of Things). Customers include OEMs, component manufacturers and materials suppliers.

Source: Flexenable

About CPT

CPT, based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, was established in 1971 and began its TFT LCD business in 1997. Now CPT is a professional TFT LCD maker, focusing on panels in applications of mobile phones, tablets, and cars. Based on strong and concrete core foundation in display technologies, CPT offers advanced display solutions, including ultra slim, narrow border, transparent displays, and on-cell, in-cell touch solutions. Positioning as an innovator for optronic technology, CPT is dedicated to developing the next generation technologies, covering flexible displays, to provide its customers with high value-added products.

Source: CPT

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