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Merck confident about Samsung joining OLED TV race

Merck is clearly excited about the future of OLED technology and has invested havily in positioning the company as the main materials and process company

1 Jun 2015 | Editor

An interesting article appear on the news website Korea Times that essentially said that senior executive at Merck is confident that Samsung Electronics will enter the OLED TV market. The reason is simply that key raw materials prices are falling.

According to the news article Udo Heider, Head of the company's OLED business division, is reported to have said the following during an interview:

  • Samsung is now focusing on small sizes in OLED and this is because small-sized displays maybe have a higher value at the moment
  • Samsung will also start producing larger OLED displays
  • Udo is confident that Samsung will also jump into that market at some point
  • With the learning they have from the small size, they may also have some benefits for the large size
  • Costs, productivity and production yield (defect rates) are the main topics that OLED producers should address
  • We believe our printing method could be a good option - we started many years ago with the idea about how to print OLED displays
  • The collaboration with Epson was aimed at boosting its presence in materials, Merck needed somebody with expertise in printing to make sure that the whole industry will go
  • Merck's acquisition of AZ Electric Materials was also part of corporate strategy to strengthen its competitiveness in printing OLED technology
  • Merck's printing OLED technology is waiting for the timing of mass production
  • Now is an interesting time to see whether that can really be brought to any type of mass production technology
  • LG is now very strongly pushing for OLED TVs
  • We feel that LG is very committed to OLED technology - so are we,/li>
  • It's fully in line with our strategy
  • We've been continuously investing in OLED since a long time ago
  • Specifically, last year there was strong investment here in research as well as in production
  • Strong investment activities in Korea in the display industry, including OLED, are bringing many opportunities to the whole OLED environment, particularly to us
  • In the automotive field, OLED is a very nice technology
  • You could even imagine OLED is a type of merger between display and lightin
  • So you can do a different type of lighting in the car
  • You can use OLED on the one hand as a light source, and on the other hand as an information display
  • That's the future trend in the car industry - so it makes a lot of sense to combine OLED with the car interior
  • The lighting industry offers a lot of growth potential for OLED
  • I also believe that there will be a bigger opportunity in the lighting market
  • However, it will take time as the lighting market will be slower in adapting new technologies compared to display and electronics industries
  • That's why I believe LED and OLED will coexist in the market
  • Merck is interested in seeking additional acquisition opportunities after its top management was satisfied with the effects of its acquisition of AZ Electronic Materials

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