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LG Display to invest in Gen 6 OLED panel manufacturing for flexible displays

G Display’s investment will help the company to push ahead with display technologies such as foldable displays and large-area displays for the automotive sector

23 Jul 2015 | Editor

LG Display has announced that it will invest US$894 million (KRW1.05 trillion) in a Gen 6 flexible OLED display production line as part of its efforts to secure a lead in the flexible OLED display market, which has emerged as an attractive new display market.

The new E5 Line is located at the Gumi Plant in Gyeongbuk Province, Korea, which will produce 7,500 input sheets per month using a Gen 6 size substrate sheet of 1,500 mm x 1,850 mm. The new line is scheduled to start mass production in the first half of 2017.

The Gen 6 line will able to produce more than 200 - 5.5-inch panels from a single substrate, which is nearly four times the production efficiency of a conventional Gen 4.5 line, which uses 730 mm x 920 mm substrate sheets.

LG Display’s investment will help the company to push ahead with display technologies such as foldable displays and large-area displays for the automotive sector. The main advantage of a flexible OLED display is the screen’s bending feature that is achieved by the use of a plastic substrate instead of a glass substrate as in a conventional OLED display.

LG Display sees three important markets for expansion of flexible OLED technology: smartphone, automotive and wearable device displays.

LG Display lays claim to being the company that introduced the era of large-sized OLED panels :

  • 2013 - January - the world’s first 55-inch OLED TV panel
  • 2013 - October - world’s first plastic substrate-based 6-inch flexible OLED display for smartphones
  • 2014 - September - the world’s first 1.3-inch circular flexible OLED display

In addition, LG Display signed a MOU on OLED investment and administrative support with the Gyeongbuk Province and Gumi City governments on July 23, with the company having been promised to receive administrative service support from the local authorities. The additional investment of KRW1.05 trillion in the flexible OLED line is expected to create jobs and promote regional economic growth by creating synergies between the production of LCD and OLED displays.

LG Display has invested approximately KRW 14 trillion in Gumi facilities since the start of mass production at P1 in 1995, including an investment of KRW3.7 trillion for the integration of the IT and mobile display facilities over three years starting from 2008, and KRW2.05 trillion for enhancing technology for small-medium size displays from 2012.


About LG Display

LG Display Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading innovator of display technologies including thin-film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD), OLEDs and flexible displays. The company manufactures and provides display panels in a broad range of sizes and specifications primarily for use in TVs, notebook computers, desktop monitors, and various other applications including tablets, mobile devices. LG Display currently operates fabrication facilities in Korea and China, and back-end assembly facilities in Korea, China, and Poland.

Source: LG Display

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