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Polyera to launch flexible watch product

Polyera has transformed itself into a product company with a clear aim to enable the production of flexible electronics products at scale

17 Aug 2015 | Editor

In case you haven't notice Polyera has transformed itself into to flexible electronics product company. The company initially started out making organic semiconductor materials for transistors which don't get any real mentioned on their new company website. What Polyera does states is that the company is borne out of over ten years of fundamental research in the chemistry and physics of flexible TFTs.

The key message is that Polyera has developed what the company is calling "Digital Fabric Technology" with one aim: To enable the production of flexible electronics products at scale.

The first product to be fully available in mid 2016 is the called the "Wove Band" which Polyera states will be the world’s first flexible display product you can wrap around your wrist. At the moment there is little in the way of technical details - the websites states that more information will be revealed on 29 September 2015.

Polyera - Wove - flexible watch<

Figure: Polyera - Wove - flexible watch

The company doesn't explicitly say what their technology is but offers the following explanation:

  • There have been other attempts to use novel materials that are more robust than traditional silicon, but these have required either building entirely new display fabrication plants, or significant investment to modify existing ones.
  • Polyera’s materials, however, can be easily used in existing display fabrication plants.

  • This means that display manufacturers can quickly start producing flexible displays with their existing processes and equipment–no new fabs need to be built, and existing production capacity can be used without costly modifications.

Source: Polyera


About Polyera

Polyera is a flexible electronics company. Founding in 2005, whose mission is to bring next-generation flexible electronics to the world.

Source: Polyera

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