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Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer develop bluelight-less OLED lighting module

The panel has a colour temperature of 1900K suitable for illuminating light-sensitive items such as paintings and antiques, as well for lighting of bedrooms and hospital wards

10 Aug 2015 | Editor

Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer (MPOL) have announced that they have successfully developed the first "bluelight-less" OLED lighting module made with a wet coating process for the light-emitting layer. Samples of the product has been available for sale since 1st August 2015.

The newly developed "bluelight-less" OLED lighting module does not use blue emitting materials in the OLED panel and the light from the panel contains a minimal portion of blue light (less than 1% of the amount in the 3000K-type OLED lighting module developed by MPOL).

The panel has a colour temperature of 1900K - candle-colour - which the company say is suitable for storage lighting of light-sensitive items such as cultural heritage and paintings, as well for illumination of bedrooms and medical practices.

MPOL - Bluelight-less OLED lighting modules<

Figure: MPOL - Bluelight-less OLED lighting modules

MCC and Pioneer started shipments of OLED lighting modules in 2012, and in 2014, started mass production of the OLED lighting module using a wet coating process for the light-emitting layer, which significantly reduces manufacturing costs. The addition of the bluelight-less OLED lighting module – which is surface-emitting, thin and lightweight – opens up a wide range of potential applications.

Performance indication

Product name Bluelight-less OLED lighting module produced with a wet coating process
Model No.OLE-P0909-C3S
TypeModule with integrated type (constant current circuit)
Max. luminance (cd/m2)3,000
Colour temperature (K)1,900 (candle colour)
Dimensions (mm)92.4 × 92.4
Light-emitting area (mm)≧76 × 76
Thickness (mm)4.3
Weight (g) 42

Blue light

Has a wavelength of 380-495 nanometers and is found in both natural light and artificial light sources.

It has the highest energy among visible light, enough to reach the retina at almost full strength. For this, it can cause eye fatigue, and receiving large amounts of blue light before bedtime can restrain the secretion of a hormone that controls sleep, which results reducing sleep quality, such as making it difficult for people to fall asleep and preventing deep sleep.

In recent years, the usage time of personal computers and smartphones, which adopt more blue light source, is becoming longer.

It calls for attention that people are exposed to blue light for long time.

Source: MPOL


About MC Pioneer OLED Lighting Corp (MPOL)

MPOL was established on June 3, 2013 as company selling OLED lighting panels and modules in a joint venture between Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Pioneer Corporation.

Source: MC Pioneer OLED Lighting Corp

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