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OLED takes centre stage at IFA 2015

Large area OLED TVs are the main attraction - especially the 110-inch dual-sided displays

6 Sep 2015 | Editor

The recently held IFA in saw a number of key OLED announcements that continues to place OLED technology as the future display technology for large area screens.

A number of news reports from the show had this to say about OLED technology:

Samsung is planning to launch large-area OLED TVs in 2017 - this will be driven by the falling costs of OLED materials which Samsung believes will accelerate their entry in the OLED TV market in 2016 with significnat volumes acheived in 2017.

Brian Daniels, senior vice president from performance materials-advanced technologies division at Merck, is reported to have said "I know Samsung doesn't want LG to gain more share in OLEDs. Samsung is more than just considering OLEDs, it's committed to producing them."

An unnamed source at Merck is reported to have said "The company is eyeing new mergers and acquisitions (M&A) opportunities for further growth - we will continue to work with small partners and if necessary, we may buy new ventures."

Merck is reported to have said that the company's head quarters it runs a huge OLED materials plant as part of its strategy to become the global leader in OLED materials by 2018. For the company, this new plant is one of the largest investments it has made at its Darmstadt site in recent years.

Panasonic took the opportunity to showcase the entry in the large area OLED TV market (see Panasonic announces 65-inch OLED at IFA)

Panasonic - TX-65CZ950 65-inch OLED TV<

Figure: Panasonic - TX-65CZ950 65-inch OLED TV

Inkjet printing as a deposition for OLED manufacturing offers many benefits - cost-effective, increased yields, and lower material wastage. The increasing interest can be seen by the number of TV manufacturers keen to join inkjet printing projects

LG Display shown several innovations - a 110-inch OLED TV - actually two 55-inch TV panels aside by side. They also showed dual-sided displays - which attracted much praised from delegates at the show.

LG Display - Three 55-inch OLED TV configured at one display<

Figure: LG Display - Three 55-inch OLED TV configured at one display

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