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Blackbody and LG Chem collaborate on a major OLED lighting art installation in the UK

The installation at Central Saint Martins Art School - is described as mixing traditional British classrooms’ architecture and contemporary lighting

25 Sep 2015 | Editor

Blackbody and LG Chem have announced they have collaborated for the event of Design Junction, part of the London Design Festival, in a major art installation around LG Chem`s square OLED light panels called DISPERTION by Thierry Gaugain.

DISPERTION, on display for the first time at Design Junction, is lighting the entrance of the college, historical home of Central Saint Martins Art School. By mixing traditional British classrooms’ architecture and contemporary lighting, it demonstrates the OLED’s exceptional light quality.

DISPERTION expands upon Blackbody’s tradition of creating monumental pieces while illustrating the benefit of OLED lighting to the public, using well established 100mm x 100mm OLED light panels from LG Chem.

Blackbody / LG Chem - DISPERTION by Thierry Gaugain<

Figure: Blackbody / LG Chem - DISPERTION by Thierry Gaugain

Blackbody used 550 square OLED panels from LG Chem OLED to meet the design requirements of the DISPERTION art piece.

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About LG Chem

LG Chem, located in Seoul, South Korea, is an OLED light panel manufacturer which provides OLED light panels in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ten different models are available with three different color temperatures, which deliver high color rendering levels (CRI>90) as well as achieving high luminance, high efficacy and long lifespan.

Source: LG Chem

About Blackbody OLED

BLACKBODY is Located in Toulon, France, the company develops and manufactures innovative solutions based on the use of OLEDs in technical and residential lighting.

Source: Blackbody OLED

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