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Automotive OLED lighting enters production in 2016

BMW's new M4 GTS has two world-first technologies: OLED tail lights and a water-injected engine

2 Oct 2015 | Editor

BMW has announced their latest model BMW M4GTS will have OLED tail lights, it will be available in early 2016. The car may look like a racier version of the German brand's M4 coupe, but it boasts two production car world-firsts: a water-injected engine in the front and OLED tail lights in the rear.

The performance of the car will see the M4 GTS rocket from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds on the way to its top speed of 189.5 mph. All that power is routed to the rear wheels through the 7-speed M double-clutch transmission and the active M rear differential.

BMW will only be producing 700 examples worldwide, it will be rolling out 300 for the U.S. market first. So you don't have to be wildly lucky to get your hands on one, just well connected.

The M4 GTS can be bought for in Germany 142,600 Euros (the available units number is unknown at the moment). With only 30 units produced for the UK market, the new M4 GTS can be bought for £121,770, the equivalent of $186,000.

Just like the other markets, the UK cars will be available in Sapphire Black metallic, Mineral Grey metallic, Alpine White and Frozen Dark Grey Metallic.

BMW - OLED taillights on the M4 GTS<

BMW - OLED taillights on the M4 GTS<

Figure: BMW - OLED tail lights on the M4 GTS

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