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Idemitsu Kosan opens Shanghai Office for OLED materials business

Shanghai has a well-developed national transportation network enabling the company to easily access OLED panel manufacturing and R&D facilities across China

8 Oct 2015 | Editor

Idemitsu Kosan has announced the company has officially opened its Shanghai Office as a base to support OLED panel manufacturers in China and gather information about the development of the Chinese market.

Idemitsu decided to open its Shanghai Office for OLED materials business to meet increasing sales of OLED materials due to the expansion of the industry in China. Shanghai has a well-developed transportation network that extends across the country, enabling the company to easily access OLED panel manufacturers’ manufacturing and R&D facilities in other areas of China.

The Shanghai Office is Idemitsu’s third overseas base for the OLED materials business, following those in South Korea and Taiwan. The company will further improve customer services by enhancing the customer-oriented sales system. In order to respond to customers’ needs, Idemitsu will establish solid manufacturing and sales systems, aiming to strengthen and expand the business as a global manufacturer of OLED materials.

According to Idemitsu China has robust capital investments in mass-production equipment for OLED panels that will be the next generation of displays, mainly by major liquid crystal panel manufacturers, becoming the center of attention as a region of significant growth in the manufacture of OLED panels.

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Addess - Shanghai office

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Electronic Materials Dept.

2818 Huai Hai Plaza,

No.1045 Huaihai Zhong Road,




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