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Thin Film Electronics and Ypsomed to deliver new generation of 'smart' medical devices

Ypsomed will invest more than US$ 51,200,000 in the coming years in the research and development of a new generation of injection and infusion systems

3 Nov 2015 | Editor

Thin Film Electronics (Thinfilm) has announced a partnership with the Ypsomed Group (Ypsomed), through the partnership, the companies will collaborate to incorporate Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense technology in the YpsoMate autoinjector as a means of improving patient self-care compliance.

Ypsomed will be investing over 50 million Swiss francs (approx. US$ 51,200,000) in the coming years in the research and development of a new generation of injection and infusion systems. These systems support the administration of medications with intelligent electronic and software-based additional functions.

YpsoMate autoinjectors are disposable 2-step injection systems that house pre-filled glass or polymer syringes, and are triggered by push-on-skin activation. Patients use autoinjectors to self-deliver periodic injections for the ongoing management of chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or cardiovascular indications, making compliance a critical factor in their treatment plan.

Through the combination of the NFC OpenSense tags and a custom mobile app, patients will be able to receive valuable compliance assistance such as adherence history, injection reminders, usage guidelines, refill instructions and authentication. In turn, doctors will be able to track whether or not patients are adhering to daily self-medication requirements.

Thin Film Electronics / Ypsomed - YpsoMate autoinjector

Figure: Thin Film Electronics / Ypsomed - YpsoMate autoinjector

NFC OpenSense tags are thin, flexible labels that can detect both the state before and after injection of YpsoMate Smart autoinjector, wirelessly deliver content to patients through the simple tap of a smartphone, and record patients’ interactions with the YpsoMate Smart device in the cloud. Each tag contains a unique identifier that makes it possible to track every YpsoMate Smart to the individual-item level.

In addition, the tag remains active even after the factory seal has been broken, enabling an extended dialogue between patients, doctors and brands.

Simon Michel, CEO of Ypsomed, said, "As a leader in innovation and quality, Ypsomed is constantly looking for new ways to improve its product platform offering." Simon added, "We believe Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense can be of significant value to YpsoMate users across the globe, and we look forward to leveraging this next-generation technology to help improve patient adherence."
Davor Sutija, Thinfilm’s CEO, said, "Ypsomed is at the forefront of self-medication delivery systems, and it’s clear that a focus on user-friendly products and the patient experience has played a key role in their success." Davor added, "We’re pleased to be working with Ypsomed and look forward to helping them connect YpsoMate Smart to the digital world."

Click here to view Ypsomed’s 2015/2016 Semi-Annual Report. The Thinfilm / Ypsomed collaboration is referenced on pp. 5-6.

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About Thin Film Electronics

Thinfilm is a leader in the development and commercialization of printed electronics and smart systems. The first to commercialize printed, rewritable memory, the Company is creating printed systems that include memory, sensing, display, and wireless communication (NFC), all at a low cost unmatched by traditional electronic technologies.

Thinfilm’s roadmap integrates technology from a strong and growing ecosystem of partners to enable the Internet of Everything by bringing intelligence to disposable goods.

Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm) is a publicly listed Norwegian company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway; product development and production in Linköping, Sweden; product development, production, and business development in San Jose, California, USA; and sales offices in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Source: Thin Film Electronics

About Ypsomed Group

The Ypsomed Group is the leading developer and manufacturer of injection systems for self-medication and a renowned diabetes specialist with 30 years of experience. Founded in 2003 from the well-known company Disetronic Medical Systems, today it offers insulin pumps and injection systems as well as pen needles for the treatment of diabetes, growth disorders, infertility, autoimmune diseases, oncology and other therapeutic areas.

Ypsomed is regarded as a leader in innovation and technology and is the preferred partner of pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the self-medication field. Ypsomed has its headquarters in Burgdorf in Switzerland and owns several manufacturing sites in Switzerland and in the Czech Republic. Ypsomed has its own subsidiaries throughout Europe and works with leading, independent marketing partners worldwide.

Source: Ypsomed Group

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