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Xiaomi to receive production quantities of OLED displays from LG Display Q2/Q3 2016

LG Display is seeking to expand its OLED panle business and to relie less on parent company LG Electronics

10 Nov 2015 | Editor

According to various news reports LG Display is rumoured to be close to finalising discussions with China-based mobile phone vendor Xiaomi with a view to supplying OLED displays for high-end smart-phones.

Xiaomi has been receiving OLED displays from LG since 2014 and is reportedly aiming to expand its lineup of OLED smartphones heading into 2016.

The news reports suggest that the two companies have been deep in price negotiations for sometime, and the companies are expected to bring these discussions to a successful conclusion towards the end of this year. wrap up by the end of 2015. Xiaomi could start receiving initial deliveries sometime during the second quarter of 2016.

It would appear LG Display is aiming to reduce it reliance on orders from LG Electronics (its parent company) by expanding its customer to take up the recent announced OLED production expansion.

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