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Belectric OPV and partners planning four organic pv building integrated installations in the South of France

Once feed-back from these communities has been made, follow-up projects in Ponson-Debats-Pouts, Pontiacq-Viellepinte and other villages will be carried out

1 Dec 2015 | Editor

Over the last decade the conventional photovoltaic market has been too a large extent ignored design and aesthetics, leading to photovoltaic installations that are either debatable in look or excluded from use in rural and inner-city environments alike. So as a way to reverse this trend Belectric OPV and its partners, the Communauté des Communes de Vic-Montaner (CCVM), Axess Tech, and the Institut des Sciences Analytiques et de Physico-chimie pour l’Environnement et les Matériaux (IPREM) are teaming together with the ambition to prove that photovoltaics operating as multi-functional components in new buildings and renovations while respectfully adapting to the needs of local aesthetics.

  • The CCVM is teaming up with local partners to explore the creation of local industries to deploy these new OPVs in a style that confirms and integrates seamlessly with local needs.
  • The teaming process was led by the IPREM, an institute run by the CNRS and the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, and involved in OPV research and development, and well placed through its coordination of European networks to access the right partners for this action
  • Axess tech will play a key role in ensuring the link between Belectric OPV and local artisans by providing advice and technical knowledge, facilitating a transfer of this advanced technology in conformity with French regulations
  • Belectric OPV will be responsible for OPV components and systems technologies

Four initial projects are being planned to be undertaken in the communities of Andrest, Pujo, Sedze-Maubecq, and Vic-en Bigorre. Once feed-back from these communities has been made, follow-up projects in Ponson-Debats-Pouts, Pontiacq-Viellepinte and other villages will be carried out.

The range of the projects from shaded walkways, church-yards, and public shopping malls, will demonstrate the way in which OPV can adapt to local aesthetics and needs.

Belectric OPV - Concept projects

Figure: Belectric OPV - Concept projects

All the projects, despite their being commercial in nature, will be used to train local partners in the deployment of OPV in integrated projects, setting the base for the subsequent creation of an OPV industry based on the distinctive advantages of Belectric OPV's technology based on a unique manufacturing process, combining printing, lamination and laser structuring technologies, allowing high scalability and the implementation of custom designs.

M. Jean-Louis Curret, the President of CCVM, said, "We are proud to be the first communities deploying OPV in integrated fashions in city-centre installations." M. Jean-Louis Curret, added "Moreover, with this first set of projects we are laying the ground-work for an upcoming OPV industry in our region, by means of training our local industries for this new technology."
M. Patrick Baylère, President for Renewable Energies at the CCVM, said, "It is remarkable that within a radius of several kilometres we have researchers that are actively giving their knowledge and savoir-faire for the local population and helping Vic-Montaner in becoming a first-class player in renewable energies in France. Accordingly, we are already in the phase of planning follow-up projects on an even larger scale."
Dr. Olivier Donard, Director of the IPREM, said, "Organic Photovoltaics is a key technology for our region and we support this move 200%. Having this technology on our doorstep confirms the IPREM's key role in OPV research and development."
Dr. Roger Hiorns, Chargé de Recherche, CNRS said, "We believe that OPV will play an important role in our energy sourcing of tomorrow. To have these installations near-by will allow us to strengthen our research and development base, testing our materials in a safe and in a real-life environment. This will be directly relevant for future projects and for the education of our students, giving them a good chance to develop high-tech jobs in this region. We’re looking forward to expanding our science education and outreach projects with local communities and schools."
Dr. Claude Viguier of Axess Tech said, "Axess Tech, with its understanding of the importance of new technologies, electrical installations, and artisanal work will provide a pivotal role in helping incorporate this renewable energy technology into a natural landscape, respecting French values, customs, and local legal needs. We will work closely with Belectric OPV and the IPREM and advise local artisans to ensure that this exciting new technology is implemented safely so that France has a strong implication in this technology."
Mr. Hermann Issa, Director of Business Development and Sales, BELECTRIC OPV, said, "After the installations in Milan and Addis Ababa we are now looking forward to the projects in Vic-Montaner region, showing OPV in direct placement in city-centre environments and in several very innovative integration forms, exemplifying the versatility of our technology. The initial projects with completely different OPV setups will be another proof of the endless possibilities OPV can offer,." Hermann added, "Furthermore the cooperation with the local partners creates the environment needed for follow-up projects and will be a good opportunity to make OPV installations more widely used in the coming years."

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