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LG reported to be increasing development of OLED monitor displays

First products could hit the market towards the end of 2016

9 Dec 2015 | Editor

According to a number of news websites (Digitimes and ET News) LG Display is reported to be considering ramping up the development of OLED panels for companies such as LG Electronics and others product manufacturers who are looking to release OLED displays for both monitors and laptops.

The reports did not specify any specific time frame for when the OLED displays could be available, but industry opinion is that towards the end of 2016 is probably when the first OLED monitors may hit the market.

LG is also reported to be considering incorporating OLED panels into notebooks further down the road but is still mainly focused on bringing down costs while increasing production for smartphone and TV panels.

LG is currently putting significant efforts in creating a more diversified OLED product lineup. Within this remit the company has been improving burn-in issues as well as blurred images associated with images appearing on OLED monitors when used with different sizes and frequencies.

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