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Samsung is reported to be starting production of transparent OLED panels this month

These large area transparent OLED display are reported to be heading to major US retailers and luxury hotels

10 Dec 2015 | Editor

It has been reported by various news websites (iNews24 and Digitimes) that Samsung Display is expected to begin mass production of transparent OLED displays during December 2015.

First customers are reported to be several unnamed retailers in the USA and it has been suggested that this could include Louis Vuitton.

The transparent OLED display are top be sited on retailers windows and be used for advertising the retailers products.

The initial display specifications are rumoured to be 55 inches AMOLEDs with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

As you would expect LG Display is also preparing to enter the market. However, their plans to begin production of transparent panels are most likely to be closely aligned to the company's plans for rolling-out AMOLED display products for such as televisions, refrigerators, cars and other related applications.

Unlike Samsung there are rumours that LG Display plans to produce AMOLED panels with a resolution of 4K.

According to IHS the market for transparent panels is estimated at $ 87 billion within ten years.

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