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Cynora announces record results for high-efficiency blue OLED emitters

Cynora plan to commercialise their highly efficient blue emitter by the end of 2017, a green emitter by 2018 and a red emitter by 2019

22 May 2017 | Editor

Cynora has announced they have reached new performance records with the company's newest blue emitter material. With the current performance, the company is getting close to commercialisation of its first product by the end of 2017.

According to Cynora despite urgent requests by the OLED display panel manufcturersfor a high-efficiency blue emitter material in the last few years, no material supplier has yet been able to produce such a material. High-efficiency blue emitters are needed to reduce power consumption and increase the display resolution further. At SID 2017, CYNORA will now present a blue emitter with a performance that is very close to the requirements of the panel makers. Using TADF technology, the company has achieved 15% EQE at 1000 cd/m2 with an emission peak at < 470 nm and a LT97 of > 90 hours (at 700 cd/m2) on a device level.

Thomas Baumann, CSO, Cynora, said, "Our latest patent-protected materials show a performance in the range of the customer´s specifications for blue." Thomas added, "This is the best overall performance of a high-efficiency blue emitter so far from what we have seen. In the finalization of our product development, we will now focus on moving the emission peak slightly towards 460 nm."
Andreas Haldi, CMO at Cynora, said, "Our progress in the last few months makes us very confident that we can commercialize our first highly efficient blue emitter by the end of this year, as planned." Andreas added, "But our goal is to become a leading OLED material supplier by providing emitters of all display colors. Therefore, we are planning to follow up on the blue emitter with a green emitter by 2018 and a red emitter by 2019."


About Cynora

Founded in 2008, CYNORA is a leader in TADF technology. The company's focus is currently on high-efficiency blue OLED emitter systems, which will enable a significant reduction of the power consumption in OLED devices. With a multidisciplinary team of more than 90 employees, CYNORA is highly focused on meeting the customers’ requirements. CYNORA has established representation in Korea and China and is working closely with its customers on material and device development. The company owns a broad IP portfolio with over 100 patent families.

Source: Cynora

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