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OLEDWorks to bring OLED lighting to Wegmans' customers and employees

Wegmans has remodelled select areas at their Rochester headquarters and will install OLED in employee meeting and dining areas

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20 Sep 2018 | Editor

OLEDWorks has announced they are pleased their OLED lighting panels are being installed in select Wegmans stores and worksites.

For the Wegmans project, the Olessence OLED lighting fixtures in the vestibules of Pittsford and Henrietta stores are manufactured in the U.S. by Acuity Brands Lighting.

Wegmans has also remodelled select areas at their Rochester headquarters with a focus on employee meeting and dining areas. Architectural fixtures for these spaces include the Petal and Limit from Milwaukee-based Visa Lighting and the Trilia from Acuity Brands Lighting.

"We are excited to partner with a local company to bring new technology, first developed by Kodak engineers and Acuity Brands, to our customers and employees."

"This will give us the opportunity to test better-quality lighting that has the added benefit of not emitting heat."

Paul Stuart, Wegmans' Sr. Merchant construction/maintenance

"Wegmans just reached into their backyard to design a lighting experience that once again sets them apart."

"OLED was invented in Wegmans’ hometown, Rochester, New York. Wegmans recognized their unique position to explore OLED lighting, once again demonstrating leadership in the many touch points with customers and staff."

David DeJoy, Chairman of OLEDWorks' board


About OLEDWorks

OLEDWorks is a global leader in the development and production of innovative organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting solutions. Founded in 2010 in Rochester NY by many of the original pioneers in the OLED industry, OLEDWorks creates reliable, beautiful and cost-effective OLED light engines that inspire architects, designers and manufacturers around the world.

By producing the world’s best performing OLED light engines and combining rapid product innovation, OLEDWorks simplifies and enriches your illuminated space. Free from blue light hazards, OLED is the healthy and beautiful light solution. Sustainable and environmentally responsible, OLEDWorks’ Organic Light Engines enhance the well-being of our world and its inhabitants.

With production, research and development, at locations in Aachen, Germany and Rochester, New York, OLEDWorks is the only U.S. based OLED lighting manufacturer.

Source: OLEDWorks

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