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Need to track your competitors - start collecting your patent datasets - 100GBP

Each week we will publish a new patent dataset - either a company or theme and prices start from 100 GBP for a single company dataset

19 Mar 2014 | Editor

cintelliq is pleased to announce the launch of the latest patent service - company and theme patent datasets. These datasets are aimed at business and technical analysts who need a comprehensive patent dataset to support their internal monitoring and analysis processes. These datasets are aimed at the researcher who wants to spend more time concentrating on analysis and understanding the patent landscape rather than searching for relevant patents.

Company patent datasets

Figure: cintelliq - Company patent datasets

Our first companies datasets cover - prices start from 100GBP:

  • Plextronics - 100 GBP
  • Novaled - 100 GBP
  • Plastic Logic - 100 GBP
  • Thin Film Electronics - 100 GBP
  • Kovio - 100 GBP

Note: Companies and themes that contain large number of patents may be split in to smaller datasets and sold individually.

Each dataset provides the following information for each patent:

data fielddescription
espacenetlink to the espacenet patent website for full patent details
patent_number patent number
title title of the patent
abstract abstract of the patent
assignee company/companies who own the patent
country_code country where patent filed
document_kind type of patent document
publication_date date the patent was first published
publication_year year of publication
family_id simple family - all the patents that have the same priority documents
priority_years list of priority dates from priority documents
classifications international patent classification
ipcr classification code - new integrated US/EPO classification
priority_claims priority documents - other patents
application_reference original application information
inventors inventors
is_granted is the patent granted/issued
is_correction is the patent a correction of an earlier document
earliest_priority_date earliest priority date of the patent
earliest_priority_year earliest priority year of the patent
pub_decade decade in which the patent was published
earliest_priority_decade decade in which the patent was originally filed

From each dataset you will be able to determine:

  • What patents filings has the company made?
  • What early IP has the company filed?
  • What areas of innovation are being pursued?
  • What is the rate of innovation?
  • Which countries has protection been filed
  • Who are the main inventors at the company?
  • Which other companies has the company filed patents with?
  • What patent families groups exist?

These patent datasets are supplied in an excel format spreadsheet.

Additonal products - purchased separately:

  • Summary report of the patent dataset these are provided in a presentation style format (pdf) - prices start from 50 GBP

Dataset review and report software - purchased separately:

  • review and analyse datasets ivia easy to use desktop application
  • organise and manage purchased datasets
  • links to espacenet for extended patent information
  • options to generate reports
  • options to review datasets

Patent dataset prices:

  • Patents datasets can be purchased individually
  • All dataset and reports products prices are for single user
  • Please add 20% for 5-user licence
  • Please VAT (20%) - UK companies only
  • For prices of software please contact us for further details

Save 40% - buy a full year's subscription

If you pay in advance to receive all patraent datsets produced for 12 months you only pay 3,000 GBP - a saving of upto 2,000 GBP if you had purchased all dataset for the year individually.

To subscribe for a full year's subscription please contact cintelliq -


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