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Prelonic shows all printed EC displays on cardboard

Fully integrated and printed directly on to cardboard there is no need for any additional substrates – this is expected to enable mass production of low cost displays

21 Aug 2014 | Editor

Prelonic has announced they have successfully printed EC displays directly onto cardboard packaging. According to Prelonic at the moment printed electronics is dominated by hybrid printed electronics with functionalities comparable to classical electronics. However, to enable mass applications simpler printed electronic devices will be required and will represent a major part of the market in the future.

Packaging, magazines and newspapers are classical printed products offering highest volumes but at the same time challenging cost requirements. Besides cheapest functional printing pastes those applications would not allow additional substrates and assembly effort. Therefore, if printed electronics is to be adopted they will have to use the substrates which are already there – the paper and cardboard the products are made of.

Dedicated technology and product developments are required to fulfil these market needs. prelonic believes their recent developments now address this requirement - a top-indicative electrochromic display (EC-display) - which can be printed on every non-transparent substrate, fully printed and very a a lower cost.

prelonic - Fully printable solid state EC displays – low cost and top-emission

Figure: prelonic - Fully printable solid state EC displays – low cost and top-emission

Friedrich Eibensteiner, CEO of prelonic, said, "For the same reasons prelonic always focused to processes which need no clean room, we also target technologies which need no plastic substrates. And no additional substrate means also no additional assembly – that also reduces costs." Friedrich added, "Printed electronics has to move closer to the production reality. Printers, publishers and packaging producers don’t want clean rooms, new substrates and new processes. They like to use their common technologies to utilize printed electronics. We have to offer such developments, like a paper display."
Newest development: Fully printable solid state EC display – low cost and top-indicative Left side: directly printed on cardboard Right side: two digit 7-segment display


About Prelonic Technologies

prelonic technologies is developing integrated printed electronics products and processes therefore. The focus is on integration of different printed electronic elements via printing. The utilised printing technology is screen printing, but also gravure and flexo printing could be used. Such products are paper-thin, flexible, cheap and could be customised to every form and application.

Dr. Eibensteiner is founder of prelonic . He is an innovative entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in building up high tech companies. Prior to starting prelonic he was managing and growing high tech companies in the fields of printed electronics and transponder technology.

From 1997 to 2000 he ran his own consulting company (SYSAN – Systemic answers) in the technology segments Biotechnology and Systems Analysis, before he joined the Trierenberg Group and built up the Systems Integrator for Transponder Technology TRICON. Before founding prelonic he was CEO and Managing Director of the Nanoident Organic FAB GmbH.

Source: Prelonic Technologies

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