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LG Display planning to release 55-inch rollable TVs in 2016

The TV will come equipped with transparent OLED displays from LG Display and curved battery technology from LG Chem

15 Sep 2015 | Editor

According to unnamed industry sources LG Electronics is working on developing a rollable TV, based on an OLED panel of its subsidiary LG Display, and will unveil the 55-inch TV at the International Consumer Electronics Show (ICES) in January 2016.

Mass production will take more time, but the flexible TV is expected to be common in a few years at the latest.

The flexible display is indispensable to the rollable TV idea. LG Electronics considers OLED the most suitable material, since it doesn’t need a backlight and uses a flexible substrate

LG Electronics - Rollable OLED display<

Figure: LG Electronics - Rollable OLED display

A spokesman at LG Electronics spoke about this by saying, "We haven’t decided what products will be introduced at the 2016 ICES. So, it is difficult to say firmly that we will release the 55 inch rollable OLED TV at the exhibition."

In addition LG is also expected to go further aiming to release 60-inch rollable TVs in 2017, said the unnamed industry source.

Before you rush off and buy one it several supply chain sources said they think the technology will need another 4 to 5 years before full commercialisation is realised.

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